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Reader's Theaters are a fun way to get your kids reading. This activity is set up as a mock trial of Alexander T. Wolf. This drama is a spin-off of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. This Reader's theater script is an idea based on the book "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs". This script is for upper elementary (3rd, 4th, & 5th). This is also available for use with Google Classroom™ and is included using TPT's new digital tool!After you download the resource, click the red Create Digi
Serial Podcast Season One by Sarah Koenig is a fantastic way to teach literary nonfiction, rhetoric, and bias using real-world examples. This podcast is so engaging that even your most reluctant students will be enthralled with the true crime content! This Serial unit plan will provide you with literary nonfiction activities that help students analyze the production of the podcast, discuss bias from multiple angles, examine rhetoric from a real-world perspective, and so much more. All of these S
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a fun activity to help students analyze a classic short story and practice using logical evidence and reason in persuasive writing and speech. NOTICE that this "Insanity Plea" activity is included in the Psychotic Short Stories unit, so don't purchase both as you'd be paying twice for the same thing! One of the most fascinating aspects of Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story, "The Tell-Tale Heart," is the fact that the narrator insists so adamantly that he is NOT insane while explaini
CSI Forensic Science - Be a detective and use science to figure out who stole the jewels from the town hall. Print Version + Boom Card Version + Google Slide Version!This pack now includes a print version a google classroom & a BOOM card version for distance learning with your students! With the google classroom and Boom Card version your students can fill in editable textboxes and move images to complete the activity online!Your students will love doing this activity, suitable for both midd
This is my favorite lesson for teaching about Ancient Rome, and it's the favorite of many other teachers as well. You receive a four-six hour unit plan for studying ancient Roman law through engagement and interaction between the teacher and the class and classmates themselves. More importantly, it is a complete set of plans for active and exciting learning that involves creating a mock Roman courtroom in your classroom (based on historical fact) and judging up to THREE real court trials from
Use this Reference Poster when you are teaching about the Bill of Rights! It lists all 10 amendments on 1 page. You can blow this up to poster size, have students put in their folders or notebooks, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO GET TPT CREDITS ON FUTURE PURCHASES: -Go to MY PURCHASES page. - You will see a PROVIDE FEEDBACK button. - Please leave a star rating and a comment. This will help lower the cost for a future purchase. Remember to click the GREEN STAR
Save time and energy with this print and digital FORENSIC SCIENCE CURRICULUM bundle! It includes all of the lessons, notes, labs, activities, mock crime scenes, case studies, practices, worksheets, projects, quizzes, review games and exams you need to teach an entire year of FORENSICS. Need a digital option? No problem!I have included both a print and digital version of the curriculum, making it perfect for:✅distance learning✅flipped classrooms✅online courses✅homeschool co-horts✅traditional clas
This lesson will provide students with an introductory framework from which to understand the judiciary process. Students will delve into the fundamental aspects of a courtroom such as: the basic structure and lay-out of a courtroom, the function of different roles (judge, jury, defense, prosecutor), and the common procedures and language used in a courtroom environment. Students will also explore the importance of how to create an opening and closing statement, the legal grounds of when to obje
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This is a bundle of 12 chapters of Forensic Science Notes Handouts. Each chapter has a student version with fill in the blank spaces and a teacher version with the answers filled in. Some of the notes are followed by short activities for students to complete with a partner.Comes in both PDF and editable Word (.docx) Files.Topics include:1- Intro to Forensics2- The Crime Scene3- Hair as Evidence4- Fiber Evidence5- Fingerprints6- Blood and Blood Spatter7- DNA Fingerprinting8- Toxicology9- Handwrit
This is a mini unit for Police Appreciation week or Thank a Police Officer Day. Items included in this product are, a sentence strip hat, a badge and handcuffs to look like a police officer.An Anchor chart activity, with anchor chart pieces included. A book to make with your students to send to the police station.A poem to include if you want to send gooodies to the hard working police officers.And a Craft to make to send to the police officers.I have a blog post on this, that I would love for y
Students love CSI Activities and Hands-on Investigations. These popular C.S.I. activities are a great way to teach inference, logic, analysis, and critical thinking.Looking to go DIGITAL in the CLASSROOM or Distance Learning Mode?Check out the C.S.I BUNDLE below which includes this Printable Resource as well as a Digital Format Link for each activity... C.S.I. for Kids Bundle - digital and printableGo 100% paperless with these C.S.I. ActivitiesC.S.I. Activities for Google ClassroomBy purchasing
Grammar Court is an interactive activity that will add excitement and interest to any English class session. You'll select 5 students in your class as the "suspects" in a pretend crime - in this case, a stolen mandolin! The rest of the class becomes the "court" - needling the suspects with questions. Students enjoy getting into the roles, with the "court" sternly demanding answers of the "suspects" - who are provided with a simple line to read and display to the class. The class must determin
In this engaging resource on Sharecropping following the Civil War, students analyze a sharecropping contract that was offered during Reconstruction and examine the unfair clauses to showcase just how unfair life was for sharecroppers during Reconstruction. Students can work individually or in teams to dissect the sharecropper contract, but the overall goal is the same, to showcase just how unfair these contracts were for the freedmen. Once finished, students produce a short writing piece to ex
This Forensic Science Crime Scene Test contains: • 8 matching questions • 20 multiple choice questions• 23 this or that evidence questions• 13 Fill In and Short Answer questions worth 34 points• Worth a total of 85 points * Includes a 4-page student test and a 4-page teacher answer key.* Includes a modified version for students on IEPs* Includes a link to an auto-graded digital version of this test* Comes as both PDF and .docx files. (EDITABLE!)This test complements my other Forensic Science Cri
Hair as Evidence PowerPoint Presentation includes 49 PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format, and covers the following topics:• Hair as class evidence• Secondary Transfer• Collecting hair evidence • Function of hair• Structure of hair• Cuticle, Cortex, Medulla• Differences in Hair• Hair from Different Part of the Body• Life Cycle of Hair• Distal Tips• Treated Hair• Racial Differences• Animal Hair vs. Human Hair• Microscopy• Testing for Substances in the Hair Shaft• Testing for the Hair F
The Forensic Science Questioned Document (Handwriting Analysis, Forgery, and Counterfeit) PowerPoint Presentation includes two versions of PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format and covers the following topics:• Document analysis• Questioned document vs. exemplar• 12 major characteristics of handwriting• Handwriting analysis• Tools used• Forgery• Fraudulence• Fraud checks & tickets• Fraudulent literary documents• Types of forgery• Four ways to alter a document• Handwriting analysis
Students will have a blast with this Investigative Processes Classroom Escape Challenge! Students will use their knowledge of the Crime Scene Investigation to make their classroom escape! Students are required to answer station cards and use a decoder to get the code that will break them out of the digital room. There are 5 stations with 4 questions per station (20 total review questions). The digital lockboxes mean you do not have to purchase locks/boxes AND ⚞NO GRADING⚟! The digital lock grade
This Hair as Evidence Review Worksheet contains a Crossword Puzzle with 37 questions and 2 Short Answer Questions. Includes a 2-page student worksheet and a 1-page teacher answer key.* Comes as both PDF and editable .docx files.* It also includes a 1-page PDF with links to the Google Doc version of the worksheet and a link to an interactive website so students can complete the crossword puzzle on the computer and submit their answers to you via Google Classroom.----------------------------------
This toolbox gives you all the tools and handouts you need to run a great mock trial in your classroom! The tools are all classroom-tested and can be tailored to your needs. 12-19-13 I added 3 more great resources to this popular product based on teacher requests. Enjoy!Toolbox for Teaching with Mock Trials by John Oneill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Want a great way for students to engage in a group activity while they examine eyewitness testimony, artifacts, primary sources, and solve a historical mystery? Download The Abraham Lincoln Assassination CSI! This exciting activity can be used to challenge individual students or to encourage collaboration in groups of up to five. Students form CSI teams and examine real evidence from Ford's Theater to determine what happened to President Lincoln and who was responsible. While it is easy to det
Are you looking for forensic science curriculum resources? This growing bundle includes all of my current and future forensic science products at a HUGE discount. Topics include fingerprints, blood, eyewitnesses, working crime scenes, ballistics, DNA fingerprinting, arson, hair & fibers, toxicology, and documents. I am a high school forensic science teacher and everything that I create for my class will end up in this bundle. This is not a complete curriculum, but a compilation of all of
Your purchase includes 45 PowerPoint slides, in both .pptx and .pdf format. The Other Evidence PowerPoint Presentation covers the following topics: • Tool Marks • Tool Mark Evidence • Tool Mark Database • Impression Evidence • Shoe Impressions • Tire Impressions • Dental Impressions • Glass Evidence - Also includes links to video clips relating to the various topics.
Need a fun, fast way to make judicial proceedings come alive? Want students to be motivated to do cross curricular writing? Try this set of three scripts based on familiar childhood fairy tales that teach about the judicial system. The Three Bears vs. Goldilocks reader's theater script is written at a 4.3 reading level, this 8 page, 4 scene script (with 2 optional scenes) also includes writing assignments so students determine the outcome of both the civil and criminal trials. . Ms. Piggy v
5th - 11th
Teach the 7 Steps of Crime Scene Investigation to your Forensics students with this ultra-engaging lesson & jigsaw activity! This lesson & activity bundle places the responsibility of learning on the students, making you available for more of a facilitator role. Need a digital option? No problem! Each resource in this bundle includes both a PRINTABLE & DIGITAL version, making it perfect for flipped classrooms, distance learning, online courses and traditional classrooms. *Note: the

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