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#1 seller!! Check out what teachers are saying about this product! This download includes the first edition of my no-prep H.O.T.S reading response sheets. The activities are designed to encourage your students to understand, create, evaluate, and analyze text on a deeper level. They are aligned to
Use these 32 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion. Each card features three related sentences. Students must select which one is either a fact or an opinion. The multiple-choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. If you want your students to go a litt
This highly engaging activity will teach your students how to distinguish between fact and opinion by becoming observant text detectives! They will read each story along with the witness statements to determine which clues are facts and which are just opinions. Next, students record the clues in the
What is See Think Wonder Write?Are you ready to ignite learning and engagement within your classroom? In this BIG versatile and integrated pack, photographs are used to spark thinking, questioning, analyzing, evaluating, describing, inferring, and meaningful writing! Students will also learn through
Attn: Click here to get Shades of Meaning Volume 2 - NOW AVAILABLE. I created this 21st century vocabulary center to give my students a meaningful opportunity to work independently with others in a cooperative, collaborative and critical thinking setting, without me to work on and increase vocabula
This download includes the first and second editions of my no-prep H.O.T.S reading response sheets. The activities are designed to encourage your students to understand, create, evaluate, and analyze text on a deeper level. They are aligned to the Common Core Standards and can be used over & ove
Add depth and complexity to your instruction with these Critical Thinking Task Cards for Literature! These tasks cards allow students to deeply analyze any fiction reading material through 11 topics of critical thinking: Big Ideas, Rules, Trends, Patterns, Language of the Discipline, Ethics, Relatio
Each of these 30 Dictionary Dig cards requires students to find a word in the dictionary that fits the given clue (Please note that you will need a hardcopy dictionary as this activity will not work with an online dictionary). The clues are open-ended, so there will be several possible answers for e
I made these reading strategy cards based on my all-time favorite professional development book; Strategies that Work, by Harvey and Goudvis. These cards can be used in multiple settings (e.g., Guided Reading, Shared Reading, etc.) and with any level text. I print them on colored card stock, lamin
Use these 32 multiple choice cards to practice word root meanings. Each card features two words with the same root and a choice of meanings. Students must use their knowlege of the word meanings to infer the correct answer. A student answer sheet for students to record their answers is included alon
These 72 Analogy Task Cards are divided into 3 color-coded sets of 24 cards each. Students can solve the analogies orally in groups or use the included answer sheet to record their answers. There are also answer keys for each card set so that your students can check their work. Analogy Task Cards ar
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate is one of the greatest novels I have ever read to my students. It not only brought us closer together as a class, it generated many wonderful, rich conversations. Somehow, this text is both simple and complex and I think that’s why it appeals to student
Incorporate Depth and Complexity into your next novel study! Take your students’ learning to new “depths” with this Critical Thinking Literary Response Booklet. This open-ended resource can be used with any piece of literature in a variety of grades (4-8+). This kit comes with everything you need t
Use this low prep activity to help your students improve their inferencing skills while also building compassion and empathy for others. These 20 task cards contain short fiction texts with clues about how a character is feeling. Students must use those clues to make inferences about the character
Read the blog post below for a DETAILED explanation of this pack!http://www.creeksideteachertales.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-puppy-filled-past.htmlThis activity was created for students to practice reading for the purpose of gaining specific information, compiling that information, analyzing that infor
Save money with this discounted bundle! Each of the three multiple choice synonym task card sets is labeled by number and color coded so you won't get them mixed up. You can use the same included answer sheets for all three sets, just make sure students fill in which set they have completed in the b
Fairy Tales are always such a fun unit to teach! Enjoy 50 pages worth of fun graphic organizers and written responses to your favorite fairy tales! This package is common core aligned for 2nd grade and includes various comprehension strategies! STRATEGIES- -retelling -Making connections -visualizi
Grow your students with this Early Finishers & Extension Choice Board! These activities are perfect in challenging your students in higher order thinking skills! These are great Early Finisher Extensions for students who complete work early or need the extra boost in Extension activities! Challe
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to reinforce synonyms. A student answer sheet for students to record their answers is included along with an answer key for self-checking. There is also a Challenge Card that can be used in conjunction with any other card to extend the activity. These task car
Brainamin is a challenging educational game for little learners! While playing the games included in the Short Vowel Bundle, students will work on important skills including phonics, fluency, word recognition, and critical thinking. Students must quickly put their “reading brains” to work by being
THIS UNIT HAS EVERYTHING, BUT THE KITCHEN SINK ITSELF! It's Packed FULL of Simple Experiment Station Cards and Student Recording Sheets. There are loads of things to add to your interactive notebooks, a file folder game, study cards, and some posters for your bulletin board. Page 4 - 3 States Of
Use these 42 Generalization Cards for discussion or writing prompts. These cards are meant to be used as supplementary activities once students are familiar with the concept of generalizations. These will work well with the whole class, with small groups, or as individual writing activities. Extend
Boost Vocabulary with little prep work! Use the Mystery Word of the Week clues to spark discussion of words in a few minutes per day. Each of the 90 Mystery Word of the Week has 4 daily clue posters and the "answer" poster for Fridays. Daily clues include synonyms, antonyms, using the word in a sent
Working on prefix and suffix? Need a fun activity that your students will beg to play?This "I Have... Who Has..." game works to practice the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes: un, re, pre, -able, -ful, and -less. This prefix and suffix game is great to have on hand as an extension activity fo

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