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This set of Landforms Clipart is perfect for your classroom creations! INCLUDED IMAGES (50):1 Beach1 Butte1 Canal1 Canyon1 Cave1 Cliff1 Delta1 Glacier1 Gulf (or can be used as a bay)1 Hills1 Island1 Isthmus1 Lake1 Mesa1 Mountains1 Oasis1 Ocean1 Peninsula1 Plateau1 Pond1 River1 Sand Dunes1 Valley1 V
This set contains all of the images shown: pictures connected with Earth Day including children with globes, children with recycle/reclaim/reuse/reduce shirts, tree, plant, flower, word art sign and recycling bins45 images. (23 in color and 22 in B&W)The collection includes both color and black
This set of Biomes Clipart is perfect for your classroom creations! INCLUDED IMAGES (30):1 Arctic1 Arctic with water and iceberg1 Beach1 Cave1 Desert2 Forests (2 Types)1 Mountains1 Ocean1 Pond2 Prarie/Plains (2 Types)1 Rainforest1 River1 Savannah15 BlacklinesThis clipart set is a collection of high
Enhance your geography or science resources with these Landform clip art graphics. The images would look great on posters around your classroom. You could also use them to create task cards or a matching activity. Students would enjoy coloring the black and white versions as well! The set includes
This clipart package is a set of 26 original colorful .png files and 26 black and white line art digital stamp .png files. All of the clipart was drawn by me using online tools. There are 2 Oregon state landmarks featured in this set. They could also be used generically. The landforms included in
This HUGE 64-image set is a must-have for creating your science resources! Included are 39 vibrant, colored images and 25 black and white versions. Looking for other school subject clipart? Check out my bundle of sets for math, science, social studies, reading and writing at a discount! SCHOOL SUB
All the clip art you need to create things for your study of the continents and world. Use these images to creat worksheets, classroom maps, journal pages...This clip art package includes: earth globe world map compass rose 7 continents oceans and continents labels (made with fonts by: www.kevinand
This is a collection of five sets of clip art. The sets in this collection are crystals, rocks and minerals, fossils, paleontology, rock cycle. The images in each set are: CRYSTALS agate, amber, amethyst, carnelian, Chrysocolla, clear quartz, diamond, geodes, gypsy rosum, hermatite, kyanite crysta
Water cycle clip art that includes the water cycle stages as well as a girl in the rain and a boy with a rain gauge. This water cycle clipart set contains 36 images, which includes 18 color and 18 black & white images in png. All clipart images are 300dpi for better scaling and printing.The wate
Rock cycle clip art that includes rocks, geologists and more. This rock cycle clipart set contains 30 images, which includes 15 color and 15 black & white images in png. All clipart images are 300dpi for better scaling and printing.The rock cycle clip art set includes:* Boy geologist* Girl geolo
Rock around the rock cycle with this set of Earth Science clipart images including black and white, transparent, and color PNG line art images of the following: volcano, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, sediment, magnifying glass, geologist (girl and boy), straight arrow, curved ar
Jewels and Gems Clip Art: Express to your students that they're such a gem to have in class with this sparkly pack of clipart. Design award tags featuring these gem clipart graphics. Create science lessons focused on learning about gemstones. Decorate your classroom door with a pirate theme making t
Students learn about the water cycle. There are diagrams to fill in and even a simple project to do. Matching pre-assessment included.
Create a great earth science / geology resource with this 29 piece Rock Cycle clip art set. Includes a Rock Cycle diagram, and multiple sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. This clipart pack includes 14 color and 15 blackline / grayscale PNG versions of the same illustrations. These are high
This Earth Day bundle contains 6 sets. All images will be 300dpi png in both color and black & white. The following sets are included:Earth Day KidsReduce, Reuse and RecycleRecyclingWaste Management:Air, Land, and Water PollutionWays We Use the Earth *********************************Summary of T
This is for a set of 31 clipart pertaining to biomes, ecosystems, habitats, and landforms.There are 16 colored graphics and 15 blacklines:1. Artic2. Beach3. Cave4. Coniferous Forest with River5. Deciduous / Evergreen Forest6. Cactus / Canyon-like Desert7. Sandy Sahara-like Desert8. Freshwater / Pond
This weather clip art set includes 66 high-quality, transparent, PNG images. The following items come in full color and lineart: - anemometer - barometer - thermometer - wind sock - weather balloon - compass rose - isobar US map - blank US map - cold front symbol - warm front symbol - stationary fr
This soil clip art set contains 22 image files, which includes 11 color images and 11 black & white images in png. All images are 300dpi.The soil clip art set includes:* Clay* Loam* Sand* Silt* Soil* Layered humus, topsoil, subsoil, parent material, bedrock* Layered clay, silt, sand* Boy inspect
Weather Clip Art: Explore the water cycle with your budding science students using this pack of clipart. Teach your students about the weather and climate and how to prepare for it. Create a bulletin board display to chart the conditions for the month using this weather clipart. Design science cente
Here's a tree for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall for you to use in your creations. Please follow me if you download these. Thank you! Blacklines are also included. Visit my blog at thelibraryfox.blogspot.com The LibraryFox (c)2014
This set includes: A labeled and unlabeled picture of earth's Internal Structure (colored and line art) Plate Tectonic Movements (Convergent, Divergent, Transform)(colored and line art) An Image of Fault Lines (colored and line art) A simple map of world showing plate boundaries (colored and line ar
A collection of images to illustrate the rock cycle. The images in this set are: Arrows, earth core, earth cross-section, examining rock, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, girl and boy looking at rocks, magma, metamorphic rock, mountain cross section, rocks, sedimentary rock, volcano, rocks showing ce
This 28 piece Earth Science Weathering and Erosion clip art set features erosion due to wind, water, and glacial action, plus mechanical, chemical, and biological weathering. Includes particle creep, saltation, and suspension. The set includes 14 PNG color illustrations, and 14 PNG black line
This is a collection of fossil images. The images in this set are: Fish, dinosaur, insects, plants, footprint fossils. 24 images (12 in color and the same 12 in B&W) This set is also available (at a discount) as part of the EARTH SCIENCE-ROCKS & FOSSILS CLIP ART BIG BUNDLE This set contain

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