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Lots of downloads, are there any comments or votes for me? :) Type in the daily temperature on your computer with your students and it will automatically graph it for you as you type. You can pre-print the monthly graph for everyone in your class and they can follow along and graph with you. I us
This is a card game for students to understand balanced and imbalanced ecosystems. Directions for preparing the game and playing the game are included. It is a Microsoft Excel file.
Welcome to my Excel Project about weather. I always do a theme for the year in my computer classes and last year it was weather. Our Excel project was creating spreadsheets to compare the predictions of 3 local TV station's weathermen to what actually happened according to The Weather Channel or w
This STEM product addresses Next Generation Science - Common Core Standards with a study of wind energy, its environmental benefits, and the challenges wind energy faces to become a supplier of electricity.The product contains a 17 slide power point presentation, a student worksheet, extension proje
Graphing Activity on excel or paperThis is part of a 5E Science Unit on Weather and Air Masses.In this activity students collect weather data on Excel (or you can copy it to another spreadsheet like Google Sheets), and then graph and analyze it. I use it as a summative evaluation piece of the 5E pr
Students will be engaged in collecting local weather data with this printable, ready to use weather log. Teachers can record several classes of data as a whole group to compare changes from hour to hour and day to day. Individually, students will analyze data from your favorite weather website or c
Per a few requests, I have added the capability to graph the low temperatures as well as the high temperatures. Type in the daily temperature on your computer with your students and it will automatically graph it for you as you type. You can pre-print the monthly graph for everyone in your class
Students will match the vocabulary word with definition with the picture and definition. Another way students may use these cards it a Memory Card Game. Students place all cards face down and choose two cards, trying to match the vocabulary word with the picture and definition, perfect for review
Fun easy way to track the temperature of the day. As you add the temperature the graph automatically shows the information. Great for temperature observations. CLICK PREVIEW to watch a short video explaining the spreadsheet. If you like this please follow us or tell a friend.
climate study lab or activity that uses excel graphing to plot temperature data for specific cities in the united states for about 150 years. My students have no idea how to use excel in graphing so this activity will walk them through the process. Some minor changes will be needed to start the st
This is an excel spreadsheet that allows the student or class to log the temperature, precipitation amount and type, cloud cover, wind direction and wind speed. The class can spend five minutes every morning to check for weather data and fill in the chart (in their own books or as a class).
Lays out Units, Subtopics, and Objectives for a high school Botany and Zoology course. Can insert personalized dates to use as a pacing guide. Assumes a Fall semester of Botany and a Spring semester of Zoology. There are four main units for the Botany semester including; 1 Plant Basics and Field Wo
Completely original Crossword Puzzle, with 29 clues & a complete Word Bank. This will take Middle Schoolers 1-2 class periods to complete. You get the fully-editable Excel file, including KEY. WORD BANK: alternative energy, California, conclusion, constant, cooker, diffuse, direct, effect, equa
Weather is an awesome way to teach Excel Functions! Weather changes all the time. This lesson can be repeated since winter weather temperatures are much different than the spring or fall.This lesson plan teaches:• Using the weather website• The Excel Functions of count, minimum, and maximum• Creat
Fourth Grade FL Science Standards Mastery Checklist is so you can track which standards you have covered and dates of when your students have mastered those standards. It's an excel spreadsheet and set up to fit 22 students. It contains all the Florida Science Standards and cognitive levels for each
NOTE: Written using 5E Model - with NGSS Connections. Using real-world data, students explore changes in CO2 concentrations over time and graphs can be used to tell a story. INCLUDES: • A four-page student worksheet. • A teacher guide with background information on CO2 concentrations, methodology,
The documents describe various scale models that I have discussed with students in my classes. The models are the Solar System, the Earth, Milky Way, the Universe and the Atom. In each case, it turns out that it is impossible to create a scale model, as distances and sizes are out of proportion to e
Self grading excel spreadsheet over parts of a seed.
*Editable resource*Link provided to easily copy to Google DriveObviously field study is preferred as the most effective form of research although lack of travel funds and time may not allow field study in every area of study. Use this online virtual interactive lab to study the biodiversity of macro
This is a download of a Google Slides document with instructions and work space for students. Students analyze colored maps of El NIno, La Nina, and normal conditions, and record temperature from those maps along the equator. On the provided Google Sheets data sheet, students enter those numbers. Th
Teaching the standard MS-ESS3-3 or HS-ESS3-2 becomes so much more meaningful when the students survey their own habits and lifestyle. The premise behind this activity is that the students track their family car for a week, with privacy measures in place, recording their trips and approximate mil
For 9th-12th grade Florida State Science Standards. There is physical science, Earth Space Science, and others divided into the individual strands. This does not contain Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Each document has tabs to break up the clusters in each strand. There are 5 columns for teachers
spreadsheet to record trials in the wind turbines lab
Students brainstorm common materials used frequently

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