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Completely EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation including content and review questions on... The Sun The Stars Characteristics of Stars The Sun's Energy (heat and light) Using a Telescope to See Stars There are also animations on each slide, so you can walk through the PowerPoint one line at a time.
Latitude and Longitude PowerPoint helps students discover the secrets of parallels and meridians. Students learn to understand the latitude and longitude lines running across our maps and globes. An overview of latitude and longitude is presented along with Where On Earth Are We?, The Prime Meridi
There are 15 slides in this PowerPoint which include information on the following: Forces/Gravity Gravity Examples Examples of Opposing Gravity Fun Facts/Review There are also animations on each slide, so you can walk through the PowerPoint one line at a time. Check out the preview for a look at it
Symbiosis - Symbiotic Relationships PowerPoint. Colorful graphics and animated slides explain the differences between the three types of symbiotic relationships that exist in ecosystems: commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. Nice addition to your ecology unit with an expository writing prompt to
This lesson teaches students how we measure the age of rocks using relative and absolute dating. Students will learn about superposition, fossil locations, and radiometric dating. Video links and fun hands-on fossil activity link included. Included in your purchase is:- 18 slide powerpoint or SMART
This is a fossils presentation that can be used to introduce fossils! This presentation includes information on paleontologists, paleontologist tools, fossil vocabulary, fossil facts, how fossils are formed, and fossil types. This is a ZIP file that contains both a PDF document and a PowerPoint p
Soil Powerpoint - erosion, weathering, types (13 slides)
This foldable covers the material of TEK 4.3.7 A over soils. Students will learn about the physical properties of soils such as color and texture along with the soil's ability to retain water and to support plant growth. The students really enjoy the sample cards that go with this foldable.
VolcanoesThis 18 slide PowerPoint presentation and 4 pages of fill-in-the-blank student note sheets were created for a middle school earth science classroom. Volcanoes are introduced: how they form, where we find them, types of magma (and why), and types of volcanoes. An explanation on how we get
This huge interactive Elementary Science PowerPoint product includes 25 of the most important topics in Science! (38 files!) Students will love the custom animations and graphics! The individual Power Point lectures are designed to be done entire group with or without an interactive whiteboard, but
Make crystal structure fun! Who knew?! Students will take notes with this 23 slide PPT and student fill-in the blank notes. Students then draw the crystal shapes given descriptions (descriptions for drawing given in both traditional and INB form, in case you do interactive notebooks.) Students then
This lesson includes a full presentation that addresses the characteristics, general locations, plants, animals, and specific location examples of the 5 major climate zones (polar, temperate, tropical, dry, highland). Students can fill out the included chart as you go over the presentation and a fol
A great Power Point presentation with LOTS of visuals and detailed explanations of the different processes involved in the rock cycle and the three categories of rock that are a part of that cycle! Includes great videos with a geologist who cooks up different food in the kitchen to relate them to th
A comprehensive, colorful, and engaging 48-slide PowerPoint presentation exploring the various environmental and socio-economic consequences and effects of global climate change. Clear, objective with easy-to-follow text, explanations, photos, and videos.Climate change topics include: rising sea lev
This is the ultimate natural resources bundle! You will find lessons to teach about renewable and non-renewable resources, natural v. man-made, and the importance of water as a resource.The following four products are included in this bundle:Natural Resources PowerPoint and Worksheet -Natural Resour
This is a comprehensive power point that explains the properties of minerals (such as cleavage, streak etc. ) and the difference between minerals and rocks. The power point is written in a student-friendly language and contains tons of pictures to help the kiddos grasp the difficult concept of min
This lesson covers the vocabulary and parts of fresh water. There are questions throughout the lesson to check on the students' understanding and a critical thinking debate at the end of the lesson. The topics in this powerpoint are: Where on Earth fresh water is found -surface water -ground water
Volcanoes: This PowerPoint on Volcanoes can be used for any Late Elementary (If modified), Middle, or Early High School science class/grade. The purpose of this PowerPoint is to summarize key facts and information about the different types of volcanoes and lava. On average this presentation on Vol
The preview does not include all power point sides. Relationships Among the Sun, the Moon, and Earth powerpoint. day and night explainedwhy we have seasons the phases of the moon and how it controls oceanseclipse explainedwhy it is different times all over the earth at the same timeI used the powerp
Investigate life in the desert with this Desert Adaptations PowerPoint. Strategies that plants and animals use to survive in the extreme conditions of the desert, including examples of some specific animal and plant adaptations to the desert habitat. 18 slides. © Deborah Hayes aka HappyEdugator.
This PowerPoint is designed to teach middle school students about the three types of rocks. The information covered goes into depth and will give students more information than what they learned in elementary school. Included in your purchase is an 82-Slide PowerPoint, full of colorful illustration
Great PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the Electromagnetic Spectrum, each type of EM wave, includes real life examples of each and include a video link! A culminating activity is also included at the end of the PPT. Great for middle and high school physical science!
PROCEEDS BENEFIT "REACH INC."-EMPOWERING ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES http://www.reachinc.org -Southern Science Specialists - Chapel Hill, North Carolina- Unbelievably LOADED Weather PowerPoint! Great for middle school, high school, college, adult education, weather hobbyists, and home schooling! Pa
Animal and Plant ClassificationThis is an interactive PowerPoint that focuses on the following standards:SC.3.L.15.1: Classify animals into major groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates and invertebrates, those having live births and those which lay eggs) accordin

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