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This product is ready for distance learning. Check out the TpT Digital Activity button. I have already created a student-friendly digital activity with directions and answer boxes that can be used through Google Classroom. This scavenger hunt introduces students to information about Water Cycle. T
Animal Habitats - Great addition to a Habitat Unit with activity pages, writing ideas and pages to complement a zoo field trip. Polar, Ocean, Forest, Rain Forest, Desert and Grassland Habitats Includes Informational handout Label the zoo map (Color cut and paste) Complete the sentence with visual
Planet Report: A cute planet report mini-book. Students use their research skills to complete each page of their planet mini-book report. Planet Report Includes: Cover page Location: Where this planet is located within the Solar System Description: The planet size, colour and more Features: Things
This weather booklet is a great introduction and study guide for a weather unit. It includes the weather predicting instruments rain gauge, hygrometer, barometer, wind vane, anemometer, and thermometer. It also includes diagrams of cloud types and the water cycle.
Learn how clouds form and about the different cloud types with this All About Clouds mini-unit. This product can be used as a stand alone to teach the beginning basics of clouds or can be used to supplement your existing weather or science curriculum. Please note before buying that this is included
Pollution and Conservation Unit contains over 120 pages of material that will last 2 weeks specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism. This unit on pollution and conservation addresses the problems of pollution and importance of conservation in a simplified bu
Ecosystems Bundle contains over 300 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism. This unit on ecosystems addresses the characteristics of saltwater and freshwater in a simplified but rigorous way for students with diverse learning needs to mak
Quickly engage your students with this fascinating ocean unit! From animals to coral reefs, this unit has it all. Topics included are: ocean zones, tides, waves, tide pools, coral reefs, shells, trenches, plants, and animals. There are seven reading passages with two follow-up worksheets and/or
Integrated Mini-UnitWhy do integrated units work? They activate learning on multiple levels. The teacher saves time by teaching science along with literacy and math practice that reinforce student learning. These units give Kindergarten students a basic understanding of a science topic with charts s
Thanks for checking out this product! This is my Landforms unit. In this product I cover landforms and bodies of water for: glacier, valley, plain, canyon, plateau, volcano, lake, river, mountain, hill, peninsula, bay, island, cape, ocean, isthmus, coast, continent, gulf, mesa, archipelago, water
This unit is created as a no-prep resource. Simply print, supply your student with an atlas, and with little or no help from you the student should be able to complete the entire unit. This unit includes 9 lessons, each lesson is 3 pages, as well as an end of the unit test. Each lesson starts wit
This engaging inquiry-based mini-unit helps students develop a conceptual understanding about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Here's what's included:Activity 1: The Water Cycle Game: Students move around the room and simulate the movement of a water molecule through the water c
This 94 slide presentation with moving backgrounds and vivid animations includes all of the weather standards for South Carolina. Included is a menu slide with hyperlinks to each weather topic. No need to view the whole powerpoint searching for one topic! Hyperlinks have also been included throug
Volcanoes! eBook is a thematic science unit on volcanoes that can be taught in the classroom and/or posted on a teacher website for the students to download at home. This unit includes key vocabulary words, key concepts, an investigative journalism writing assignment, a pre and a post test.
This mini course includes an informational handout with comprehension questions. There are also two simple activities in which students simulate a tsunami.
Learn about the continent of Asia, The Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, the Gobi Desert, the Tibetan Plateau, the Caspian Sea, Mount Fuji, the Arabian Peninsula, animals of Asia, the Yangtze River, and Russia: The Biggest Country in the World. Short informational reading followed with fill-in-the
Trash to Treasure is a STEM PBL lesson plan designed for use in K-2 classrooms. This packet contains a full two-week lesson plan, complete with daily activities that cover engineering and environmental awareness, book overviews, writing lessons, and classroom challenges. Using the 7E system for full
This is a unit plan designed for kindergarten that addresses the Next Generation Science Standards for this grade level.
A 6-week lesson plan for K-3rd grade - learn about all the parts of a plant.
All 5 of my units bundled into one! This 217 page document contains all of the research pages, answer sheet and questions key needed to teach the entire unit on Earth and Human Activity!Next Generation Science StandardsEarth and Human ActivityTeacher’s EditionBy Brenda LantingaJune 27th 2016Unit 1
This is an outdoor mini unit about conifer and deciduous tree. It is a hands-on activity that involves art and science. There are lots of opportunities for young learners to use their artistic abilities in learning about leaves. There is leaf prints, drawing, stamping, story cards, diagrams of a flo
Next Generation Science Standard 5-ESS3-1 for 5th grade. Students will be self directed to obtain and combine information about ways individual communities use Science ideas to protect Earth’s resources and Environment. Students will go on a learning quest to find out more information about invasiv
Orienteering is a hands-on unit study that provides ample opportunity for students and their families to develop navigational skills using a simple compass. This short unit study provides detailed instructions on how to use a compass, set up a simple compass course, and expand on this new skill wit
-This is the first presentation of the water cycle on a concrete level and is followed by two more presentation to move to an abstract level gradually.

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