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Natural Resources - Information, Sorting Cards & Control Chart - This set includes 13 natural resources: animals, forest, soil, plants, fossil fuels, geothermal, rocks & minerals, water, tides, solar, nuclear, air, and wind.Includes:title cards13 picture and information cards4 basic informat
Geography folder for all seven continents and 3 part continent cards. Great for the Montessori classroom.This resource contains: 1) 3-part cards with the 7 continents;Continent Picture Cards of the 7 Continents (Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, North America, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania, Ocea
Volcano Nomenclature Book illustrates and describes 11 parts of the volcano: volcano, magma chamber, conduit, side vent, parasitic cone, crater, lava flow, ash cloud, cone, topsoil, and crust.Includes:book cover11 picture cards11 description cardsPages are approx. 3¾ x 5".You may be interested in:Vo
Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic Rocks? - Sorting Cards & Charts - This work includes the 3 major rock groups: igenous, sedimentary and metamorphic.The following 18 rocks are included: andesite, basalt, gabbro, granite, obsidian, rhyolite, breccia, conglomerate, limestone, rock salt, sandston
There are 12 extreme weather and effects of extreme weather cards in this set - blizzard, drought, firestorm, floods, avalanche, hurricane, mudflow or mudslide, hailstorm, tornado, ice storm, lightning storm or electrical storm, sand storm.1. Print and use as flash cards / control cards.2. Print ou
Types of Mountains: 3-Part Cards & Chart - These information and photographic cards will help children learn to classify 5 types of mountains: fault-block mountains, fold mountains, volcanic mountains, dome mountains, and plateau mountains.This work includes:1 page outlining the importance of mo
There are 24 landform cards in this set. They include - desert, mountain, valley, plain, hills, canyon, forest, grassland, cave, mesa, butte, cliff, dune, oasis, river, lake, pond, plateau, glacier, marsh, swamp, creek/stream, waterfall, rapids.Be sure to check my other landform cards: Landforms 2 -
Montessori Great LessonsThis Montessori Great Lesson bundle includes each Great Lesson story in a child-friendly format along with accompanying follow-up activities for further exploration into the concepts introduced by each impressionistic lesson.TABLE OF CONTENTS:Great Lesson OverviewThe Coming o
I created this file for our geography and animal studies at home. We use this to study the different biomes (habitats) of the world and the animals that thrive on it. This printable is suitable for SORTING ACTIVITIES as well. The pictures I provided are big and clear enough for classroom discussion
There are 20 Coastal & Oceanic Landform cards in this set. They include - island, peninsula, delta, beach, cove, cape, archipelago, isthmus, atoll, sound, strait, bay, gulf, fjord/fiord, estuary, lagoon, tidal pool, coral reef, sea cliff, sea cave.Be sure to check my other landform cards: Landfo
Plate tectonics Montessori Nomenclature Book that can be used in book or card format to help teach about the vocabulary of the earths tectonic movements. It illustrates and describes 6 features of plate tectonics: Earth's layers, tectonic plates, convergent boundary, divergent boundary, transforming
Montessori Nature Printable with 49 sorting cards featuring real photos of the wonders of nature.Fascinating and incredible natural places on earth categorised by location - the seven continents. This set of cards represents the diversity of natural wonders across the seven continents. The printable
Simple Land and Water Forms: Photo Book - Describes 10 simple land and water forms with photographic images: island, lake, peninsula, gulf, isthmus, strait, archipelago, system of lakes, cape, and bay.Includes:book cover10 photographic cards10 description cardsPages are approx. 3¾" x 5".You may be i
There are 16 Volcanic Landform in this set. They include - caldera, crater lake, geyser, lava dome, lava flow, lava lake, lava plain/lava field, lava tube, fissure vent, volcanic plug, volcanic crater, volcanic cone, stratovolcano/composite volcano, shield, volcano, cinder cone volcano, volcano.Be s
Montessori introduces Life Sciences in the Early Childhood classroom with three key lesson:Living / Non-LivingPlant / AnimalInvertebrates / VertebratesI created this plant / animal sorting activity as a shelf work to be used either stand alone or with concrete objects for the child to match to the c
Your students will enjoy assembling this Layers of the Earth Flipbook. Students color and cut out the Earth cover page, and interior flipbook pages for the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. Using external sources, such as science-related nonfiction books or Montessori three-part cards, st
Hands-on way to teach your students the difference between natural items and the man-made items we create from them.
Introduce the causes of habitat destruction and explore the changes that must occur to protect the earth. Extend thinking with writing activities, habitat studies, or research projects.
Set of 56 different rock and mineral cards with nomenclature. Includes labels for 'rock' and 'mineral'. No control is included with these cards. To make a control, print PDF twice, and cut away picture from name only once. Cards should be printed onto card stock, cut, and laminated prior to use.
I happen to teach a science class in my preschool classroom this school year. Each Thursday afternoon, I prepared and presented a science experiment that could be easily done with ordinary household items. Beside one experiment that calls for dry ice, you can find what you need for these experiments
This a great sorting activity that gives students practice identifying structural (physical) vs. behavioral adaptations. Reuse this activity in a review station later in the unit, or before semester, end-of-course or annual state tests. Students need repetition to aid retention of key concepts; I r
Nature journaling is a great tool to get your students observing, recording, and artistic. Many teachers find it hard to engage all of their students when introducing nature journaling. This journal takes any guess work out, it is completely structured for 30 days of nature journaling. Included s
Enjoy these 8 lessons with details materials and resources about the deciduous forest. Simply print, laminate, and cut! *Welcome to the Deciduous Forest *Forest Adaptations *Forest Food Web *Preparing for Winter (migration, adaptation, hibernation) *Forest Facts *Types of Deciduous Trees *Fundamen
Teaching a unit on the desert? You'll find everything you could need for mini-lessons, centers, and student research projects. Print, laminate, and cut out these 7 activities focusing on the desert: facts, fundamental needs, water cycle, life cycle of reptiles, and much more!

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