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This zip file contains a set of 9 emergent readers on the following habitats: ocean forest mountain desert wetlands arctic antarctic rain forest grassland Each book is about 12 pages long and includes a few dominant characteristics of each habitat as well as a few animals that live in each habitat
This mini-bundle is the perfect addition to any fossil unit. Six different fun and engaging fossil activities are included for students. These activities were created to meet 4th Grade NC Essential Standards, but can be used with any study of fossils and earth surface/history.*Note: The first reso
TOTALLY UPDATED WITH A GREAT NEW LOOK! This packet colorfully explains the processes of erosion, weathering, and disposition. page 2- researching landforms page 3- landform examples page 4- graphic organizer for note-taking as you read page 5- nonfiction page on weathering page 6- nonfiction p
This download contains 2 mini books written and illustrated by Carrie Hanson. "What is a Thunderstorm?" --A thunderstorm has very big clouds that are full of water. --Rain falls from the dark gray clouds. --Lightning shoots from the thunder clouds. It makes flashes of light in the sky. --Thunder i
This pack includes 6 reading passages on the following habitats: GrasslandsForest Arctic TundraDesertWetlandsOceanEach passage includes follow-up comprehension questions, a poster and a blank fact sheet as well!
The downloadable Bodies of Water text provides student friendly information on lakes, rivers, and oceans. The text focuses on freshwater and saltwater as well as the physical description of each type of body of water. A comprehension worksheet is also included.
This is a bundle pack of all five of my Georgia regions printable books. Regions included are Swamp, Ocean, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountain. Each book is complete with eight half pages of information with a summarizing activity at the end. Save money by buying the whole bundle!
Earth's Spheres Research Flip-Book and Banner will provide a graphic organizer students can use while researching about the Earth's Spheres. Students will collect information on hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and geosphere in their flip books. Students can also display their research on a Ear
This is a unit based on the book "The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes by Kenneth Libbrecht. This nonfiction text contains science concepts as well as beautiful photography that your students will find fascinating and engaging. This download integra
I love combining nonfiction research with math... especially if it has to do with animals!This packet gives information on the tracks of 8 animals. There are also life-size pictures of 8 animal tracks. Students work in groups to measure (in INCHES) each track and list their characteristics. Then t
Planet Report: A cute planet report mini-book. Students use their research skills to complete each page of their planet mini-book report. Planet Report Includes: Cover page Location: Where this planet is located within the Solar System Description: The planet size, colour and more Features: Things
Life cycle of Apple This pack contains: ♥7 graphics with facts about apples (could be used as posters) ♥10 vocabulary word task cards and definitions ♥2 different MY LIFECYCLE BOOK differentiated for high and low students. Each book contains 9 half pages of facts at each stage of the apple lifecyc
This pack includes 2 emergent readers and 3 colorful vocabulary cards (Precipitation, Temperature, Storms). The first book covers different kinds of weather in kid friendly language (sunny, rainy, windy, snowy, stormy, cloudy). It has predictable text and a sight word fill in the blank "what" on mo
The Great Fire by Jim Murphy: A Nonfiction Book Study will help you guide your students through The Great Fire (Scholastic, 1995; Scholastic Paperbacks, 2010) as they read about this exciting event in American history. Murphy's book, The Great Fire is a nonfiction account of the October 1871 fire
In this research book students can record what they have learned about the ocean habitat and the animals that make their home in it. This booklet covers 9 different animals and provides a unique recording sheet for each one. The animals in this book include: coral fish sea stars octopuses sea anem
I use this weather guide as a writing and research activity when my students are studying weather. They use books and/or the Internet to find information on the various types of clouds. We put the pages into 3 prong folders and the students work on them whenever they have time in the classroom (gr
Volcano Research Differentiated Writing Assessment RAFT Writing Rubric Included. This document allows students to research a volcano of their choice using the Internet, nonfiction books, and encyclopedias. Also, there is a differentiated Writing Assessment (RAFT) with a Writing Rubric Included
This unit contains the following: Optional cover (to make a booklet out of all of the sheets in this unit) Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagram, Bubble Maps, Science Vocabulary Sheets, Rainbows Form/Have/Are/Can, Rainbows Can/Have/Are Prism Project Rainbow Facts Recording Sheets ABC Order Spectrum colo
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ROCKS! Engage your inspiring geologist to ‘dig deeper’ with informational close reading passages, writing pages/organizers, and a rock sorting activity that is ready to go! (color and black & white versions included)All set for distance learning!What's included:♥Close reading
Choice boards are a wonderful way to offer students a "choice" in their work, as well as to differentiate instruction. This choice board goes along with a unit study on Rocks, Minerals, and Soils. It includes: 1 - Rock Cycle Activity 1 - Three Types of Rocks Activity 1 - Soil Comparison Activity 1
This is a great book to use with your science Animal Unit. It includes pages for students to define what the adaptation is and also to list the animals that use that adaptation. There is also a blank page at the back for an additional adaptation. Students can also draw pictures throughout the book.
#thirdgradetribeIn this lesson, students will participate in an active viewing or reading of The Magic School Rocks and Rolls. The plot movie centers around the theme of rocks and erosion. Students will fill in this companion guide consisting of both pictorial and written answers as they watch the
Seasons -This pack is a bundle of 4 TPT products: All About Fall, All About Winter, All About Spring, and All About Summer. Please check out each link below to see what you're getting! All About Fall All About Winter All About Spring All About Summer
Fly Guy Presents: Insects by Tedd Arnold ~comprehension questions from the book ~drawing and insects with the three body parts ~completing the insect life cycle ~insect cafe is for writing the food the insect eats ~creating a glossary for the book by pasting the definitions next to the entry word ~d

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