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Dr. Jean and I had fun putting together this unit that includes everything you need to teach your students about Bugs and Insects, and we hope you enjoy using it to teach your students! The packet begins with a quick overview about insects. It includes a Bug and Insect Prezi with videos, stories, s
We are so excited about this packet! This packet provides many fun, hands-on, educational STEM activities and lesson plans, as well as pictures to help teach your students about birds and bird nests. Included is a link to the Bird Nest Prezi, perfect for teaching or reviewing lessons; writing prompt
This study guide and test set is the perfect way to wrap up your biomes, ecosystems, food chains, and food webs unit! Both study guide and test cover vocabulary, abiotic and biotic factors, relationships in ecosystems, producers, consumers, decomposers, food chains and food webs, adaptations and ext
In this capstone project, students are challenged to take on the role of entrepreneur, trying to convince the "sharks" (classmates) why their renewable energy is the most sustainable.
Science Question Stems to get students thinking about scientific method This resource provides you with question stems you can use to embed the scientific method in class investigations and experiments (science process standards). You can use the stems before, during, and after investigations to
Dr. Jean and I had fun putting together this unit that includes everything you need to teach your students about Going Green, and keeping our earth healthy and clean. This packet includes a Prezi that's great for introducing and reinforcing lessons, anchor charts, lesson plans for lots of STEAM acti
This Prezi covers the difference between Endangered, Extinct, Threatened, and Thriving Animals. It includes a video about how to keep our environment thriving at the end. It gives examples of each type of animal, has links to interactive activities, and goes well with another one of my listings, End
This Prezi presentation covers all types of severe weather in the United States. The Prezi type of presentation flows fluidly through the slides to draw in the students attention, in preparation of where the slides are going to take them. This presentation has many notes, questions, and visuals to
Dr. Jean and I had fun putting together this unit that includes everything you need to teach your students about Water, The Water Cycle, and Clouds! This packet includes a Prezi that is great for introducing and reinforcing lessons; anchor charts; lesson plans for lots of STREAM activities; writing
This Prezi contrains 15 information slides covering the Science standards cross cutting concept of structure and function • The shape and stability of structures of natural and designed objects are related to their function(s). (1‑LS1‑1). Students will learn about how humans have mimicked the effici
A Prezi that goes into how mountains are formed and the different types of ways they occur. It also relates the concept to plate tectonics and how all of them are linked
This presentation discusses the uses of topographic maps and how to read/create them.
This lab will “WOW” kids, it’s one of those activities that astonishes the students and really helps them understand the properties of the atmosphere, air pressure, how to calculate pressure and how air pressure changes with elevation. You could easily relate this lab to weather as well. I’ve includ
Value For Money!This is a bundle of my following products:Earth’s Systems (NGSS)Body Systems (Elementary)Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals and plantsInheritance and Life Cycles (NGSS)Food Chain (Pre-K, K, Grades 1-8) - To Brainstorm - For thinkersLight and Sound travel as Waves! (N
Weathering, Erosion, Deposition and the Rock Cycle everything you need to know in an easy notes sheet with an easy-to-follow, interactive presentation. Videos embedded.
Aligned to the Georgia State Standards Each category includes what students MUST know based on state standards Students chose one menu activity per topic Any option can be switched to a Prezi Presentation
This colourful and engaging 72+ page unit includes everything that you will need to teach your students about water systems on Earth. This unit covers water, quality of water, glaciers, polar ice caps, environmental effects, pollution, water sheds, and water management. Specific Lessons Include: •
Presentation covers the layers of the Earth, their densities, composition and thickness. It also discusses how scientists have used seismic waves to learn about the layers of Earth. It goes over P, S and L waves; how they move, they layers they can travel through and their speed.
This iPad centered project uses a combination of traditional and technology resources. Students are challenged to research a specific endangered species and create a Prezi all while using their iPad. This project includes NETS and CCSS alignment for grades 2-8, student resources and step-by-step pro
A prezi over volcanoes that introduces the causes and effects of volcanoes around the world. It has lots of visuals and links to videos that show how powerful and devastating volcanoes can be
This fun press presentation explains the rock cycle of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. There is a YouTube video in the introduction to capture the students attention.
A great prezi teaching the water cycle. Complete with links to youtube songs and videos.
Presentation discusses both chemical and mechanical weathering, agents of erosion and types of deposition. It compares and contrasts constructive and destructive forces on Earth.
A prezi that goes into lots of detail about the history, types and results of plate tectonics. Great visuals & information provided throughout the presentation!

showing 1-24 of 56 results

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