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The Tides Station Lab takes students through eight student-led science stations, each with a different learning style. Students begin with four input activities where they read articles, explore hands-on demos, research online, and watch videos all about tides. They then complete four output activit
Studying natural resources? This file includes some great activities to help your students better understand natural resources. Includes: * 2 natural resource definition poters * 7 example of natural resource posters * 2 man-made resources definitions (Includes 11 posters total) * Natural Resourc
Earth’s Spheres Walkabout Earth Day or Everyday! This Earth's Spheres lesson includes 1-2 class periods teaching material including notes and an interactive walkabout activity that gets kids moving and thinking about the interdependence between Earth’s 4 Spheres- The biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosp
This set now available in a Big Science Bundle. I have enjoyed getting fluency centers up and running in my classroom so much, that I have decided to try making some of my own fluency resources...although there are a lot of great fluency center resources out there. This packet includes a sheet on
This Rock Cycle Bundle is also found in my 20 Bundle SET BIG SAVINGS of 25% OFF at $99! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Included in this Bundle: • Directions on how to use this Bundle • One large PDF with a table of contents with hyperlinks for easy acc
Looking for activities to supplement your science curriculum and review key concepts? Well, I have States of Matter Task Cards that will do just that! This document contains 20 task cards that ask the students questions about states of matter and how to matter changes states. Some of the questions
This rocks and minerals pack includes all the assessments you'd need for your rocks and minerals science unit, plust a task cards/scoot set & 2 foldables/graphic organizers...and study guides. Included: ***Minerals Vocabulary Quiz ***Minerals Quiz & Study Guide ***MOHS Scale of Hardnes
Parts of the Water Cycle Task Cards includes two levels of task cards with a total of 32 printable task cards and 32 task card images. These task cards show examples of water cycle concepts in everyday life. A teacher's guide with tips and strategies is included. This task cards are a part of my Wat
Thank you for your interest in this product, Task Cards and Scoot Activity for Weathering, Erosion, Deposition & Earth’s Landforms! Two for one low price! This set of task cards can be used in several ways: Differentiated Practice (You work with one group, and another group works with the car
Heat Transfer task cards include 12 task cards with different heat transfer scenarios. Students will read the scenario and determine if the heat transfer described is caused by radiation, conduction, or convection. Bright background AND black and white options included! Would work as a great enric
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 40 Task CardsReduce, Reuse, Recycle Task Cards are a great way to familiarize and strengthen your class' knowledge about how to effectively recycle, compost and use the black bin. The task cards are great for Earth Day, teaching students about how to care for the environment
This set now available in a Big Science Bundle. Are your students learning about insects right now? Then, these cards are a perfect addition to your content area studies. I have enjoyed getting fluency centers up and running in my classroom so much, that I have decided to try making some of my o
Now you can add an interactive layer to this PDF and assign it to your students through Google Classroom!This PDF includes 36 task cards to help students demonstrate mastery on predicting the sequence of events in the lunar cycle and modeling how the tilted Earth rotates on its axis causing day and
This versatile and engaging task card set will challenge your students to learn the basics of Sun, Earth, and Moon interactions including seasons, tides, eclipses, and moon phases! This set includes 40 different questions. Use this activity in your classroom for review, partner work, rotations/stati
This HUGE, 3-week rocks and minerals unit includes everything you need to teach your upper elementary students (or children if you're homeschooling) about rocks and minerals in an engaging and hands-on way. Whether you're a rookie that doesn't know the difference between a rock and a mineral, or a v
This is a sorting game for your students to practice sorting natural vs. man made pictures. Also included is a black and white sort that can be used as an assessment for this activity. I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine did. Please e-mail me if you have any questions! Thank you! *UPDATED
Test Prep Task Cards for moon phases and the lunar cycleMoon Phases Task Cards Includes:• 28 task cards about characteristics of the moon, identifying moon phases, and predicting moon phases• Recording Sheet• Answer Key• Ideas for Use• Questions set up in Google Forms for auto-gradingTopics Addresse
Alternative Energy Resources - 54 Task Cards Six Question Types for Differentiated Learning: True or False Behind the Word Multiple Choice Graphic Organizer Free Response Research ReportAlso Included:Answer Sheets Answer Key Students explore various alternative energy resources to fossil fuels
Reinforce key science concepts ALL YEAR! This Quick Check Spiral Review features 30 short review sheets (with answer keys!) that are aligned to the 4th Grade Ohio Model Science/NGSS standards! Tasks are content rich and performance focuses on the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy as kids apply, a
This engaging weather task card set will challenge your students to learn the basics of weather instruments, fronts, key vocabulary, and much more. This set includes 40 different questions. Use this activity in your classroom for review, partner work, rotations/stations, and independent study. Inclu
Parts of the Water Cycle Task Cards Bundle includes two sets of water cycle task cards, a water cycle sorting activity, and a short quiz. These resources can be used to study states of matter, and water cycle concepts like precipitation, condensation, evaporation, transpiration, and accumulation. Pr
This activity was designed to help students meet the following Georgia Performance Standards for fifth-grade science: S5E1. Students will identify surface features of the Earth caused by constructive and destructive processes. a. Identify surface features caused by constructive processes. • Depos
Plate Tectonics task cards includes 16 colorful task cards with graphics that review the following earth science concepts: *Layers of the Earth (Crust, Mantle, Inner/Outer Core) *Plate Boundaries (Divergent, Convergent, Transform) & Faults *Lithosphere & Asthenosphere *Alfred Wegener, Cont

Also included in: Plate Tectonics BUNDLE

This interactive science task card set challenges your students to learn the basics of plate tectonics including layers of the Earth, plate boundaries, and more! This resource contains 32 different cards. These cards are great for review, rotations, partner work, or independent study. Included in

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