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This is a one week unit on soil, designed for first grade but applicable to 2nd or 3rd. You can use each sheet individually or print into a booklet! There is also an assessment at the end. Goes together with the soil Power Point presentation. Page 1 - Booklet Cover Page Page 2 - What is on the Eart
Habitat Printables and Worksheets ********************************** Updated February 2018 ********************************* Here is a printable pack for you to use during a Habitat Unit. ******************************************************* Included in the new Habitat Printable Pack *********
This 29-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 2nd grade in Earth's systems: processes that shape the Earth. It covers the following principles: what is the earth made of, what is a landform, what is a body of water, slow vs. fast changes to the Ea
Students are required to decide how the Earth's surafce is changing in each of the 15 examples provided. Is it weathering, erosion or deposition? I have used this as a worksheet, a student guide and an assessment.. whatever your needs are.
About the Product• This a stand-alone resource that blends science, literacy and coloring. • Reading passages provide a foundation and complete explanation of difficult science concepts. • Literacy tools help students extract, organize and summarize important facts from the readings.• Coloring pages
This 33-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd grade in Earth's Systems (3-ESS2) & Earth and Human Activity (3-ESS3).It covers the following principles: what is weather, what is a climate, what is a meteorologist, what do meteorologists do,
This 41-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 4th grade. This booklet covers 4-PS3 (energy) and 4-ESS3 (earth and human activity).It covers the following principles: what is energy, how does energy work, different kinds of energy, potential &
The Interactive Habitats of Georgia Notebook guides your students through your Georgia Habitat Unit! It allows your students to stay organized while focusing on the key concepts aligned to the third grade Georgia Performance Science Standards. The notebook is made of ten pages with an additional s
Use this interactive notebook to you teach Common Core Standard 4.L.1.1: Give examples of changes in an organism’s environment that are beneficial to it and some that are harmful. Included in this notebook you will find: Flip books, Quiz, and answer keys. You will also receive "Teacher Pages" with
This bundle consists of all four of my year 1 science packs that have been aligned with the Australian curriculum! Each pack includes a mini book, worksheets and simple investigations or projects. The four packs included are: Pack 1 - Biological Sciences. - 'Life and Living' Mini Bo
Types of Rocks Science Mini-Book (Earth Science) Check out the preview for a look into this mini-book! There are 11 pages of content in this mini-book reader, each which has a blank illustration section for students to draw and show knowledge of the content provided! This is a great way to informal
The Interactive Rock, Mineral, and Soil Student Notebook provides a MEANINGFUL way to cover the earth science concepts! . It allows the students to gain meaning and understanding over key ideas in a FUN way. Students will be making items with in the notebook, creating flip books, cartoon sequencing
Australian Curriculum Year One Science. Earth and Space Sciences. Learn all about weather and the seasons with this science mini book and worksheets. This unit is aligned with the Aus curriculum and designed to ensure science programming is simple, engaging and low prep! Your students will love pr
This is a great weekly tool for students. I introduce 6 new vocabulary words each Monday. I will be sharing my lists very soon! This is shrunk to fit in the interactive notebook! Enjoy! Science Doodles BUNDLES I offer you might like: (click on links below) Classifying Matter Bundle Safety, Tools
Keep your students engaged as you deliver your Core Knowledge Language Arts domain lessons on “The History of the Earth.” In this 32 page packet, you will find a variety of active listening worksheets specifically designed for each lesson; supplemental pages created to support your daily word wo
This is an interactive notebook for the 4th grade Virginia SOL Science Unit on Weather. This interactive notebook covers all fourth grade SOLs for Weather (4.6). It is designed to be used in a three ring binder, but it could easily be used in a composition notebook. This notebook is fun, interact
FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! STARTING SEPT 2 Position and Motion This was designed for Grade 2. It has activities laid out and ready to go. Including 3 different experiments. There is also a student work book to accompany the activities. All you need to do is Print and teach! The experiments
Trees Journal to accompany Investigation 1 of the Kindergarten FOSS Science Kit titled "Trees." Check out my other products for journals used with Investigations 2 and 3 of the kit. I also have a free download "Tree Letter" to be sent home with students at the start of the unit. This letter includes
If you teach first grade Science in Alberta, this resource was created just for you! The Seasonal Changes topic has never been easier to teach than with this comprehensive unit, which targets the four specific learner expectations (SLE's) listed below. Your students will love the varied and engaging
Minerals - Reference Sheets and More for working on a mineral unit! This pack includes reference sheets about how to identify minerals, two handy charts to help students identify luster and figure out a mineral's hardness, a mineral review activity, two-page graphic organizer for minerals, and a mi
This extensive Needs of Animals and Plants unit, designed specifically for first grade, includes everything you need to teach a highly successful Science unit. Simply read the teacher's guide, print the lesson materials, and go! This unit features simple language and age-appropriate activities that
Before buying this product, consider buying it as a bundle with other science units by following this link: Grade 4 Science Units Bundled Ontario Curriculum Expectations: Grade 4 Science - Understanding Earth and Space Systems 1. Assess the social and environmental impacts of human uses of rocks
In this mini book, students will explore what precipitation means, as well as the following types of precipitation: rain, sleet, snow and hail. For younger grades this is great to do as an activity together, older grades would be able to complete this independently.If you're looking for something f
This is an information packet for first graders about the earth, sun and moon and their features. There are 3 fact pages at the end for the students to write in 4 facts about the earth, moon and sun. This is meant to be used with other materials, since it's mostly reading. Aligns with 1st Grade Scie

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