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Content JP MorganCornelius VanderbiltHenry FordAndrew Carnegie John D. Rockefeller Other Engaging Activities⭐WHOLE YEAR Activities HERE⭐Civil War Stations⭐Reconstruction Stations⭐Gilded Age Stations⭐Spanish American War Stations⭐Progressive Era Muckraker Stations⭐World War I Stations⭐Harlem Renaissance Stations⭐Prohibition Stations⭐World War II Stations⭐Cold War Stations⭐Civil Rights Primary Source Stations⭐Vietnam War Stations⭐2000s StationsBe the FIRST to know about new discounts, freebies, re
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This 1 page worksheet is a quick read with scenarios about opportunity cost. This would be great as homework, or as a supplement to a lesson on opportunity cost! **This freebie is a part of a larger packet for an Economics unit found here: **
This packet has a worksheet and assignment for students when learning about goods and services, durable goods, and tangible goods. Students will gain the knowledge of distinguishing between the different type of goods and services. It also includes an assignment for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the content area. Terms of Use Copyright © La-Nette Mark. All rights reserved by author. This product is to be used by the original downloader only. Copying for more than one tea
6th - 8th
This 20-30 minute activity is perfect to use in an intro to economics unit. It combines the four factors of the four factors of production as well as a production possibilities frontier. My students love this activity and I even give extra credit points to the team that designs the best t-shirt.
6th - 12th
This free introduction to economics worksheet contains 32 questions and one short response for students to answer. A link to download a version formatted for Google Slides is also included.The worksheet covers basic economics terms and concepts including: economics, good, service, resource, factors of production, entrepreneurship, profit, renewable and nonrenewable resources, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.This worksheet was designed to be used with a PowerPoint that can be found here: Intro
5th - 7th

Also included in: Economics Unit Bundle

I created this for my personal finance class to teach students to balance their checkbooks. I looked all over TPT for a life-like check register and wasn't happy with what I was finding. I just decided to create exactly what I wanted. Please leave feedback after downloading. If you'd like the editable file, you can find it in my store in Excel format. Hope you enjoy!
5th - 12th
This exercise is designed help you understand all the parts of a check and the do’s & don’ts of check writing.
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
What's the difference between capitalism and communism? This worksheet reviews the key factors in easy to understand, middle school terms. Students will cut out terms and place them into the correct category, then using the results, determine which philosophy they think is best. Worksheet emphasizes categorization skills, as well as critical thinking skills.
Introduce your students to everyday banking vocabulary with this engaging word search puzzle worksheet. The words are hidden in all directions making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something fun to take home and enjoy.The 27 hidden vocabulary words are: account, ATM, balance, bank, bounced, budget, checkbook, credit card, currency, debit card, deposit, dividend, endorse, fees, interest, investment, lender, loan, money order, mutual fund, overd
4th - 7th
Free Economics Crossword PuzzleThis free economics crossword puzzle includes 14 different vocabulary words.My students love crossword puzzles because it gives them an opportunity to practice vocabulary in a different way.Great for homework, classwork, morning work, or a formative assessment.Vocabulary Included:Capital GoodsEconEmployerScarcityResourceLoanSurplusBudgetInterestCompetitionSpecializationTaxEntrepreneur⭐ This activity is included in and correlates with my Economics Unit**************
Students use this form to survey their potential buyers in a mini-economy classroom scenario. Students survey other students to see if there is demand for their product and how much their product should be sold for. Great for teaching about free market enterprise.
2nd - 12th
Teach the ideas of economics by using this classroom economy start-up kit. Using the time-sheet, students can keep track of their credits and debits by calculating their student salary, classroom job salary, rent, fees, and any other forms of credits/debits you choose to use in your classroom. Also included is a set of blank checks. This sheet gives students an opportunity to practice this essential skill by filling in information from their time sheets onto a blank check. These ideas can be inc
This take-home assignment is a wonderful follow-up to talking about entrepreneurship and/or loans. It drives home for students how lending and investment (and microloans specifically) can help real people build better lives for themselves. Students will visit with their parents. Kiva is an organization that helps people lend to entrepreneurs in poor countries so that they can invest in their small businesses. Lenders can lend whatever amount they want (frequently only $25). All the lit
This is a three day made up shopping experience for students. Students create a budget (with the help of teacher for younger grades), and they must try to stay within the budget. Students are both shoppers and sellers. Students will receive fake money to shop with, and they will also have bills to pay. Students are given a monthly income (from their teacher), and they have a set budget for their bills (can be changed if wanted to). Students are also given a packet to fill out as they go along ea
3rd - 11th
Helps students calculate overtime pay rate and overtime pay, gross pay, etc. Very useful for hourly wage lessons in Financial Algebra. (All at time and a half) but this can be edited
6th - 12th
I created this for my personal finance class to teach students to write checks. I looked all over TPT for a life-like deposit slips and wasn't happy with what I was seeing. Some products were missing the MICR code, at the bottom, that shows the routing and account numbers. I just decided to create exactly what I wanted. This is a freebie for you to use in your classroom. Please leave feedback after downloading. If you'd like the editable file, you can find it in my store in MS Publishe
NOTE: Our Business Simulation Apps are only available for download through STEAM at this time. You can try them out at Please download the apps and test them out before buying this product. Thanks!FREE VERSIONThis is a Free Lesson Plan for educators who want to teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy and/or business to their students. This is appropriate for social studies, math, business, economics and entrepreneurship classes.The worksheets are designed to be us
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Instructions--Note taking is an essential skill. At the college level students are expected to take notes from a live lecture with no aids (no Powerpoints or guided notes). This worksheet has been adapted from the “Cornell” format to help guide students through the note taking process. Each worksheet comes with a blank copy for students and a key filled with potential answers. The answers given are not exhaustive and students may pick up on different elements to the videos. I would suggest
This segment is from the investing guide Stock Market for Life which provides a complete course for teaching the Stock Market Game. This download is a background explanation of Price to Earnings and a two-sided student worksheet. A stock checklist is also included as well as portions of Return on Equity.
New! These are the free companion lesson plans to the award-winning novel, Striker Jones and the Midnight Archer, the exciting second installment in the Striker Jones economics series for kids. Use them with the novel or on their own. Topics covered include wants vs. needs, buying behaviors, complements and substitutes, supply and demand, and much more. Take a look at the easy-to-follow plans which include vocabulary, class discussion points, activities, and assignments. Get the accompanying n
Budgeting Scenarios is a product that combines simple math with consumer economics. It is an activity that allows students the opportunity to create a monthly budget from career choices and lifestyle scenarios. Students assume the roles of new wage earners who are tasked to build a spreadsheet. The teacher can require physical or digital artifacts from the students. Budgeting Scenarios is an activity that motivates students to use basic skills to produce something with a real-world application i
Credit CardsTeaches how to properly manage cards as well as the consequences of delaying or avoiding payments.Included in the file are reading and project sheets as well as a lesson plan, answer keys, and PowerPoint presentation.Please download the preview sheet for more details.These materials are also available as part of a larger economics unit available at the link below:Economics : Complete Unit____________________________________________________________________________________Please follow
This is a sample product where your students can practice their skills of balancing a checkbook. This includes decimal values and whole values as well. For a further practice activity with more detail check out my Balancing a Checkbook Activity: Balancing Checkbook Activity Don’t forget to leave feedback so you can earn credits towards future TPT purchases! Simply click on your purchases, go to the purchased product, and select the “Provide Feedback Button” to leave a rating and comment. TP
4th - 6th
Quick crossword / poster on several terms I'll want to cover for a geography unit I'm completing. DOCX and PDF included. Answer sheet included. Terms: agricultural commercial fringe industrial natural physical regional residential rural social suburban urban Clipart used from
5th - 8th

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