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This is a short, but sweet powerpoint to use when you introduce the economics terms of Natural, Capital, and Human resources. There are two slides per type of resource, one slide providing information and examples, and another where you can use the pen tool in ppt. to have students generate examples
Review game created to cover all of Georgia 3rd Grade standards dealing with Economics. Topics included are natural, human, and capital resources, entrepreneurship, saving vs. spending, taxes, banking, budgeting, goods and services. This is a great review for those tests coming up!!
I use this packet during our Life Lessons Common Core Unit in 1st Grade. We read the book, discuss the life lesson, sequence the story and come up with a giving project for our class to do as a service project. We learn economics concepts like scarcity, choice, opportunity cost and resources. Thi
This document contains 8 pages of natural resources that fit into the categories of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Each page is a different resource, a picture, and a short description of the resource and its uses. This would be great assembled as a mini-book. File can also be printed in orde
This digital download is for a Economics Jeopardy game. This game features the following categories: Key Terms - 5 questions Goods & Services - 5 questions Natural Resources - 5 questions Scarcity - 2 questions Needs & Wants - 2 questions This game is a great review of basic economic skil
This is a sorting activity with 42 cards and 2 mats with pictures (side by side) of school elements from the past and today. Students will learn how each school element has changed such as room, uniform, books, teachers, lunchbox, discipline, etc. They will realize the extensive changes from their g
Economics Economy This bundle is a perfect supplement to accompany your economics unit or lessons. Created with adorable graphics and backgrounds from TPT seller, Krista Wallden, your students will love making real world connections while learning about economics. Your students will be provided op
Labor Day is an important September American holiday that's often overlooked in our school curriculum. This no prep lesson activity will help students in kindergarten (K), first (1), and second (2) grades understand that Labor Day means more than the end of summer and a day off from school. This l
Integrate economics with The Little Red Hen, a timeless fable. I use this pack during our 3rd Common Core 1st Grade Unit: Fables, Economics and Their Life Lessons. The Little Red Hen is a perfect story for integrating economic terms into literature. Read about how I integrate economics and this f
Fables are powerful stories for retelling and learning the elements of fiction. But have you ever thought of using fables to teach economics concepts? I love using fables to integrate economics and social studies in first grade! And this 6 week JAM PACKED unit is great for that and perfect around
Your students will be sure to learn all about needs and wants with this colorful and interactive Promethean ActivInspire Flipchart Lesson. This flipchart contains the following: a title page, objectives, wants and needs definitions and discussion pages, a video, interactive sorting activities, and
Introduce and reinforce community helpers with a variety of activities: 1. Web - Brainstorm what students already know about community helpers. 2. Graph - Determine which community helpers your students think are most important before and/or after your unit. 3. Match-up - Match the image of a commun
This file has everything you need for five days of teaching about needs, wants, goods, services, producers, and consumers. All you'll need to do is download this file, print the worksheets, and teach! Includes: - Activboard flipchart (make sure you have Activinspire*) - 5 Worksheets - Abbreviated
This product includes 6 Tic Tac Toe boards that have a career readiness or financial literacy theme. Each board includes nine tasks for students to choose from. This type of differentiated instruction tool gives students a choice of what to accomplish. Each box is a different level of Bloom's Taxono
This is a hands on activity for students to practice the concept of supply and demand. You give each student a container of play dough and they will need an unsharpened pencil. For the snakes to count, they have to be the length of the pencil. Donuts are the snakes made into a circle. I set the tim
This is a Common Core aligned activity. It will walk students through making choices when considering cost and benefits as well as scarcity. Students will make choices as you go through the presentation to find the best prices.
This file has everything you need for five days of teaching about advertising. All you'll need to do is download this file, print the worksheets, and teach! Includes: - Activboard flipchart (make sure you have Activinspire*) - 4 Worksheets (on Day 5, students present advertisement) - Abbreviated L
This PowerPoint covers the following 12 Macroeconomics concepts: 1) Aggregate Demand 2) Aggregate Supply 3) Business Cycles 4) GDP 5) Monetary Policy & the Federal Reserve 6) Fiscal Policy 7) Budget Deficits & Public Debt 8) Employment & Unemployment 9) Inflation 10) Ec
Financial and Consumer Education for Teens.Includes focus questions for class discussion and video link to Dave Ramsey's Generation Change "Needs Vs Wants".Ideal for Consumer & Financial literacy, suitable for Australian Curriculum standards and any course targetted at middle school students.
Digital Version means NO PREP (No print, cut, laminate, bag, tag, etc)! Your students will love these interactive games for Social Studies lessons!You must have a google account to play. You will make your own copy, then share your copy with your students or present from your computer or smart board
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This social living promethean flipchart is great for teaching students to differentiate between needs and wants. The flipchart opens with a split screen with 3 items on one side and 3 items on the other, and the students are asked a series of higher order thinking questions that lead into the openi
This PowerPoint covers two concepts that seem to give some economics students difficulty. Which are: 1) Production Possibilities Curve / Production Possibility Frontier 2) Circular Flow of Economic Activity In the 52 slide PowerPoint I use many graphs and charts with very simple, student friendly
This flipchart provides a quick review of various aspects of supply and demand. The flipcharts consist of activities where the teacher or students move items within the flipchart. This flipchart is part of one of my other products – 15 Economics Review Flipcharts. Please Note***This product is

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