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Challenge your gifted and talented to play the “game of life” and survive financially during their first year in college. This concept-based unit allows students to “earn” an inheritance from a distant relative by repurposing items from a barn. With this “money,” students find affordable housing,
PROJECT BASED LEARNING (PBL): PLAN A BAKE SALE Everyone loves cupcakes and sweets from a bakery. Your students learn about economics and entrepreneurship as they open their very own bakery (option: have a bake sale). This student-centered project incorporates collaboration and differentiation by pro
Would you like to give your students a jump start on becoming financially independent? Do you teach Personal Finance or Financial Literacy in your class? This fun financial planning packet gives students a clear picture into the beginning world of Financial Intelligence. Share with students that the
This project is a project that I created for my all gifted 6th grade class, however, it can be altered and used in any 5th-8th grade classroom. This project is an open-ended, inquiry-based project, which allows for more critical and creative thinking. Within this project students will go through th
This is a part of my Classroom Economy. I will be posting my entire economy packet soon! If you like this, and would like to know more about how I run my economy, please head to my blog! For more tips and resources, check out my blog! eduventuring.weebly.com
Students can learn the basics of Economics and keep track of their earnings using this Lemonade Stand worksheet. Students play the Online Lemonade Stand Game found Online or at http://www.coolmath-games.com/lemonade/ and use the worksheet to track their progress. Students then can imput their data
Incorporate authentic learning into your classroom by having your students complete this project as you teach about life in Colonial America. The project is organized around the question: How can you as a real estate agent in Colonial America market and sell a house that will meet the needs of a per
Incorporate authentic learning into your classroom by having your students complete this project as you teach Virginia Studies SOL VS.4. The project is organized around the question: How can you as a real estate agent in Colonial Virginia market and sell a house that will meet the needs of a colonia
Economics Entrepreneurship Famous Entrepreneurs Students discover what makes a person an entrepreneur. There is a Web Quest included to research famous entrepreneurs. Created By, Teresa Lomasney ***************************************************************************** CUSTOMER TIPS: How to ge
Welcome to the shark tank project-based learning unit. Let’s begin our entrepreneurial careers today! Build critical thinking skills, public speaking success, and bring creativity, language arts, and economics into your classroom in a purposeful and authentic way. Students will work in collab
Simulation Station-Payday gives students real-world experiences as they receive their first paycheck! The students have the task of prioritizing the bills that are due, writing checks to the companies, balancing the checkbook, all while saving some money for other expenses. They will gasp as the rea
Perfect for middle and high school economics and civics. Use these activities in class individually or as a holiday lesson. Students choose a random budget and have to plan a holiday party and/or budget for gifts. Bonus Activity: My gift to you,for those last days before break. Have students design
Smaller tasks add up to big, big learning with this gold medal standard project-based learning activity! What a sneaky cool way to learn math, economics, and functional design! (Insert evil teacher laugh.) It’s a hands-on approach to Common Core Standards. In Carnival Game Economics, students de
Give your students the opportunity to be archaeologists as they explore the ancient Minoan ruins on the island of Crete.The first civilization of Ancient Greece were the Minoans on the island of Crete. This civilization reached its height of glory during the Bronze Age by carefully exploiting their
Goods and Services - Bienes y Servicios - English and Spanish!! My students have so much fun doing these activities. - The students brainstorm what makes our town special, unique and a great place to live. 1 - Large pictures of services and goods buildings. Print them in color and put them in a ba
Your students will be excited for this “gold medal standard” project-based math, design, and economics activity. It’s appropriate and adaptable for 4th – 8th grade. It has been a staple for my 4th grade gifted and talented math group since 2013. You won’t be the sage on the stage. Students will
This an engaging lesson where kids review graphing skills, create graphs and analyze others. Lesson will take 3 days but can be stretched to a week with presentations, or more discussion or examples and the use of "data" confusion by media. Fits in with ELA standard of identifying purpose of auth
Help your students become proficient persuasive writers with this FREEBIE! Persuasive language is everywhere! Commercials, social media, movie ads and political speeches. Teaching persuasive writing and language is important and takes time and practice. Here’s an activity that supports persuasive wr
A 9 frame powerpoint on the history and evolution of money and financial transactions. There are many pictorials and assignments are included. It is a good resource for stimulating interest in the financial sphere of life and an excellent mini-lesson.
This is a selection of four standards-based Social Studies enrichment activities, which may be used with higher-level/gifted students, or as a whole-class project. It includes an economics analysis activity with data chart, a government compare/contrast activity which utilizes a graphic organizer, a
This project is intended to be used for students to apply their skills of multiplying decimals by whole numbers, adding/subtracting decimals, and analyzing graphs/data to the real-world.To track the stock market, students can go online and type in the company's name in Google. The price of the stock
Engage students with this cross-curricular PBL unit which includes geography, research, creative thinking, economics, persuasive techniques and culminating in tourism campaign. Students will create a countries location, government, climate, culture, language and much more. Students are able to work
Gifted Education Lesson Plans Super Bundle Engineering and Economics. Six Best Selling Gifted Lesson Plans bundled into one package! Approximately one half of the school year can be taught using these lessons! (Approximations are based on meeting once or twice a week with students). Students wi
The World News Crossword - December 1, 2019An 8-page PDF that begins with a one-page crossword based on the events of last week's news. This is an excellent activity students in Grades 8-12 who want to learn about their world. There is a detailed lesson plan to guide teachers (or substitute teachers

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