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This packet of 10 lessons comes complete with activities for goods and services, producers and consumers, opportunity costs, how incentives effect consumer choices, and using line graphs to display changes in data over time. Standards Include: -- identifying producers and consumers -- identifying a
Sure there are lots of consumer math lessons out there, but this one is just like being in a reality game show. Each student draws a biographical sketch depicting their income, marital status, number of children and education level. Using the statistically accurate data, they plan a budget, purcha
Are you looking for a mini unit to be used to teach about goods & services? This is a FREE unit that does just that! It’s perfect to use in a first grade classroom to teach and reinforce about goods and services. This unit comes from my huge Financial Literacy unit that is both TEKS and Califo
Both print and digital activities are ready for student use. See the entire conservation mini-course by downloading the preview. Are you looking for a fun, yet super academic way to study conservation or the importance of Earth Day or Arbor Day? This item engages students in reading, writing, conser
This is a fun lesson to teach children about the exciting life of Entrepreneurship. It also describes the main ways entrepreneurs make money. There are exercises and a main class project that will encourage young minds to unleash their inner Entrepreneur. This mini-course can be used as a stand a
5 separate worksheets -- one per episode, with all questions provided both with and without time stamps! Each packet provides both a one-page worksheet to save paper, as well as a larger-format version with plenty of room for student answers! Perfect for distance learning -- can be done fully online
This three part mini-unit teaches the concept of supply and demand at the second grade level from introducing the idea to applying the concept. Math and writing extension activities are incorporated at two levels to meet the needs of your classroom.
This is a fun lesson that teaches children the 2 main ways to make money: being an employee or working for yourself. It talks about what it means to be an employee, and about the exciting life of a self-employed person. It also describes how they make money, as well as the benefits and challenges
Extending beyond the basics of finance, this unit focuses on the history of money, the stock market, printing money, the money cycle, the checkbook, the credit cards, tracing the Dow, the Federal Reserve System, mutual funds, trading money, bonds and planning for retirement.Each lesson integrates re
Give your students the opportunity to be archaeologists as they explore the ancient Minoan ruins on the island of Crete.The first civilization of Ancient Greece were the Minoans on the island of Crete. This civilization reached its height of glory during the Bronze Age by carefully exploiting their
Hook your students on history with this engaging and colorful presentation on Ancient Greece. This slide show is designed to make students active and enthusiastic learners. It is a great presentation to use when introducing your students to the parent civilizations of the Ancient Greeks. This pre
This Common Core Economy Unit can be used across grade levels. It is designed to encourage critical thinking about the economy. Key concepts taught include: product, price, placement, and promotion of goods by producers for consumers. Worksheets include: 2 hypothetical situations for students to
Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and innovation super-star, built Apple into one of the most valuable companies ever. How? Among Jobs many talents was his understanding of the following economics principles and concepts: barriers to entry, switching costs, disruptive technology, and network effects. "Ste
Are you trying to teach your students how to make informed financial decisions, but can't think of a way to do it in an engaging way? This task is the answer.This assignment teaches students how to make informed financial decisions through the context of purchasing a car. However, the skills develop
John D. Rockafellar---Carnegie, currency, inflation,Ida Tarbell,Standard Oil, Laissez Faire, American Dream, Pullman Strike,unions,and trustbusters are all mentioned in this rap about the Industrial Revolution. After reflecting on this product, I realize people like it, but I feel I can do bette
Need a quick vocabulary assessment for your financial literacy unit? Look no further, this vocabulary quiz can help you assess your students’ knowledge on financial literacy and the concept of earning income. There are fifteen vocabulary words all geared towards the first standard in the National St
This 95 minute Netflix documentary examines the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking doc
This contains the Banana Phone, as well as: Supply and Demand sports; Tortilla Crisis; and the analysis of "Rush-The Trees" all in one fell swoop! It's a great mini-unit on Supply and Demand!
I created this powerpoint to introduce and discuss careers in health science. There are pictures and definitions, examples, and quizzing questions. Great for all ages.
Don't sequester your students' chance to master the basics of economics. Lesson Set B (a follow up to Set A) will pay dividends for their critical thinking and economic savvy. These 'lesson's are more like mini-units...what a bargain! Lesson 5 - Resources and Enterprise Students will learn to d
This is a Powerpoint presentation on credit cards and how they work with an explanation of principal, interest, and compounding. It also gives two examples of how long and how much debt will accumulate if only minimum payments are made and shows a savings scenario at the end and how much 'wealth' th
Using research from Credit Karma, students analyze data on the average credit score. NGPF Data Crunches ( cli.re/ngpf-data-crunch ) teach your students key personal finance concepts while also honing their analytical skills.
In this product, you will see what a Phillips' Curve is and how it relates to AS/AD. Included are explanations of how to set up these curves as well as detailed graphs showing every process you need to conquer this economic model.

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