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Everyone loves pizza. Your students open their own pizza restaurant. This student-centered project based learning math unit incorporates collaboration and differentiation by giving student choice. This OPEN A PIZZA RESTAURANT real-world challenge requires students to use inquiry, critical thinking,
This is a fun project activity where students create a travel brochure for a chosen (or teacher-assigned) country. This project works well because the students know exactly what information that they need and where to put it on the brochure. It makes researching so much easier for everyone! There ar
This is a fun economics unit about needs, wants, and careers! Posters, activities, research project, and a fun book trade are all included! I created this standards based economics unit to learn about careers because throughout the year my kiddos share what they want to be when they grow up when
THIS IS A YEAR LONG 2nd Grade Social Studies Unit! Over 35 Ready Made weekly activities! When you purchase this unit, you will receive activities that will take you from the beginning of the year until the last day of school This unit combines the texts and skills of Reading Wonders with the 2
Entrepreneur research guide is a great resource packet for students learning about 16 famous entrepreneurs. The graphic organizers and banners give students a guide to find the important information about each entrepreneur and help them turn it into a great informational piece of writing!Also, foll
Great Depression Unit BundleNeed a resource that will cover ALL of 5th grade Great Depression and 1930’s standards?SS5H3 Explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affected the lives of millions of Americans. a. Discuss the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, the Dust
If you teach about careers then this career research resource will be perfect for by helping your students research six careers that they may be interested in pursuing. Students will use the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site to gather information such as job outlook, average salary, courses to p
Exponential Functions and Their Applications to Financial Situations Life After College Budget Project This project is one of the best things that I do. I have used it for several years and it has undergone several revisions. I use it primarily with my Pre-Calculus students but have used it with
Economics College and Career Ready is a unit that teaches students about Improving their Human Capital by Getting College and Career Ready. This project will increase your students’ awareness of the importance of their future and current decisions. Students will enjoy this engaging project based lea
If your students are going to research Economics on Pebble Go, you will love this product. This booklet covers the Pebble Go section All About Money. Students will complete the research booklet while reading. Includes Answer Key!!Topics covered are:1- What is money?2- Needs and Wants3- Goods and Ser
The preview includes only 2 of the 8 questions that the students are to fill out while watching the movie. Before watching the movie, students complete the handout titled "Entrepreneurs," which explains a one-page quick write that students are to write regarding their chosen entrepreneur. Stu
PROJECT BASED LEARNING: OPEN A CANDY STORE - MATH, SCIENCE, RESEARCH Everyone loves candy. Now is your chance to open your very own candy store. You’ll have an opportunity to create your own design, make your own candy, and share your store with your classmates and parents. Included is a graphic org
This FREEBIE is an intro to a semester long business simulation project meant to accompany a high school business course. This project teaches students about entrepreneurship and requires them to research, collaborate, and write extensively. I use this project for my Introduction to Business and Mar
This worksheet serves as a guide for the research of a country in the Western Hemisphere. Independently or in small groups, students will use this sheet to find answers and then present their findings. There is also a list of the presentation ideas to include in their presentation (dance, skit, mu
These seven critical thinking pages help enhance your teaching of colonial life (Virginia Studies SOLs 4a-4e). They address the critical thinking skills in SOLs VS 1, including comparing and contrasting, connecting past to present, drawing conclusions, interpreting historical perspectives, and iden
Blogs have taken off in the last few years. Make writing relevant to students by introducing the blog article format. In this project students will select two countries, one from each list (lists are provided) to use as their inspiration for a travel blog article. Students will then compare and cont
In this project students figure their purchasing power, select a house that they would like to buy, and investigate the total costs involved in purchasing that home. Students will also compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of a 15 vs. 30 year mortgage and renting vs. owning. This ass
Many teachers avoid teaching about climate change because the issue has become politically charged. This activity invites the students to investigate which organizations accept that climate change is exacerbated by human activity versus those that present climate change as part of a natural cycle. I
This 27 question Great Depression webquest from History.com will take students through the following topics:Important dates and historical figures associated with this era.The years before the Great Depression.How the Great Depression started.President Hoover and President Roosevelt's different appr
Recently reformatted as an editable Word document. This project allows students to individually research a future profession and walks them through the math to figure out a monthly paycheck. Once there, the students are able to research a home, car, and other necessities all while determining wheth
How were people's lives altered by the Great Depression? What were their experiences? Why was it considered great? In order to answer these questions, students need to "meet" those affected. As a young person in this time period, students will describe their "personal" experience during the Depress
Your class is opening a pet store. Pet stores today provide many different services. They have supplies, food, and services such grooming, training, boarding facilities and day care. Your students will have an opportunity to create their own item for the pet store, make homemade doggie treats, inter
High school students will soon be faced with the realities of paying for higher education. Give them the tools they need to make educated decisions about their financial future. This product contains a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 2 graphic organizers (FREE), 2 internet research activities, a
Students will read about different community helpers. Students will then work in small groups to decide who they would hire to work in their neighborhood. Finally, students will present to the class who they chose and why they chose that worker. Rubric included.

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