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Elections - Voting Resources

5,101 results

Election Day & Electoral Process | Presidential Elections 2024

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #1 ALL-TIME BEST-SELLING ELECTIONS-VOTING RESOURCE ON TPT! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This unit includes 32 pages of printables to engage your students while learning about elections and the election process in an unbiased way. No fluff or filler here: this unit provides solid, high-quality content that will deepen students' understanding and simplify complex concepts. You’ll find these printables to be thoughtfully designed, easy to use, thorough, and engaging for kids!This resource does not include

Election Day: A Mini-Packet for Voting, Presidents, and Elections!

Created by
Jessica Travis
Get ready to celebrate Election day with this BEST SELLER!!Completely Updated with 25 pages added! (March 23, 2020)In this completely revised packet, you will find the following activities:Book ideas to include in your unitVocabulary cards about presidents and elections/voting.Anchor chart cards for:- Elections and the voting process- Presidents (KWL, and can,have,are}Duck for President;- voting picture cards- graphing/results- ballot box pictures- Ballot cards {2 versions - words and pictures}M

3 Branches of Government Bundle Print & Digital

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Understanding our Three Branches of Government and the Election Process can sometimes be tough for students. This bundled resource comes with over 200 pages, perfect for helping you capture students' interest as you study the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of our government along with Voting, and the Election Process.WHAT'S INCLUDED?3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENTOur nation’s three branches of government can be a difficult topic for kids to wrap their minds around.

2020 Election Slideshow | Presidential Election 2020 | Road to the White House

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This Presidential Elections resource includes a 25 page slideshow, plus 7 pages of printables to engage your students while learning about the electoral process and Election Day. No fluff or filler here: this slideshow provides solid, high-quality content that will deepen students' understanding and simplify complex concepts during this important election year. Colorful, highly engaging slides provide an overview of the electoral process from the time candidates declare their intent to run, to

Election Day - Mock Election & Voting Activities

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your students about Election Day? With this mini reading comprehension unit, your students will love learning about elections and the voting process. It is so important that our students understand the voting process and how it works.Inside this Election Day unit, you will get a comprehension book with quick checks that will teach them all about elections in a kid friendly way. Then they’ll complete the comprehension flipbook to show what they’ve learned. T

Election Day

***UPDATED FOR ELECTION DAY 2020!!!***Election Day is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to teach your students about the election process. In this election unit you will find election activities that will engage your students in the voting process all while making it super fun! These activities will allow your students to understand the election process...they will be given the opportunity to become real voters as they make a choice on which presidential candidate they want to el

Mock Election Voting Activity

Presidential Election Day will be here soon. It is important to teach preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students the importance of elections and voting. This voting activity allows even the youngest of learners to complete (and understand) how elections works and how to vote. Students can hold a mock election and either vote for a president or use one of the six editable templates for voting about something that kids can relate to (favorite food, color, pet, etc.). Inside you will find:T

Election Day Voting Activities

Election Day Voting Activities Voting is a great way to have FUN during math! So much math discussion is included within a class vote. Included in this pack are five activities for a class vote: *Favorite Part Of School *Favorite Sport *Favorite Fruit *A Job Students Would Like To Have *Favorite Breakfast Food Each voting activity comes with ballots, labels for making a voting chart, and writing pages for students to write about the class data. Also included: *"I Voted" cards to give stud

2020 Election Activities Digital and Printable

It’s an election year and the 2020 Presidential Election is in full swing. Are you on the lookout for a fun and engaging way to teach your students all about the election from start to finish? This has everything you need to effectively teach your students about voting and elections. This unbiased resource has 5 days of high-quality student friendly content that will help deepen your students' understanding of elections, as well as simplify the concepts that tend to be more complex. These daily

Candy Bar Elections

Looking for a mini unit to teach students about the election process? Look no further. . .With candy bar elections, students hold primaries and a general election while persuading their classmates to vote for the best candy in the "Chocolate" or "Chewy" parties.Includes election vocabulary, introduction to the election process, and a rubric for persuasive speech.If you like this, teach your students about the Presidential candidates with our "Election Extravaganza"Please rate this product &

Presidential Election Unit Lesson Plans, Reading Passages, Worksheets, & More!

Created by
Rebecca Bettis
The 2020 Presidential election is under way! Now updated for the 2020 Presidential Election AND for virtual learning! Prepare your students for Decision 2020 with this 184-page resource. This unit is designed to make the election process real and relevant to elementary aged children. Everything you need to teach about presidential elections is included - detailed teacher's guide and lesson plans, student text, student workbook, supplemental and extension activities, and more. Students will lear

Ontario Grade 5 Social Studies The Role of Canadian Government and Citizenship

Created by
Coach's Corner
Teaching Grade 5 students about The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship in Canada does NOT have to be a dry, boring chore! Make this social studies strand come alive with an inquiry-based unit that has your students exploring social and environmental issues of interest to them and learning how federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments affect these issues. Students will be recording their new knowledge in an Action Plan flipbook, while also working towards a culmina

Election Activities | Mock Election

Created by
Across the Hall
It's an election year, which means you have the perfect opportunity to host a candy bar-themed mock election in your classroom! This versatile resource can be used in any grade between kindergarten and 6th grade, and you'll be able to teach about the electoral process in an engaging way!Download the preview to learn more!●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●What resources did I include in this product for you?The following activities are included for before, durin

Voting: The Great Cookie Election

Make voting fun and engaging with this non-political 5 day mini-unit!Have a class election to determine the best cookie: Chocolate chip or Oreo!This product includes both COLOR and BLACK AND WHITE versions of:Voter registration cardsVoter check in listCookie ballotsQR code cards to watch 8 different commercials for Oreos and Chips Ahoy (4 per cookie) on GOOGLE SLIDESQR code cards to watch 8 different commercials for Oreos and Chips Ahoy (4 per cookie) on YOUTBUE.Direct link cards to access all 8

Duck for President: Literature & Election Unit

Updated for the 2016 Election! This unit is a literature and election unit on the book Duck for President by Doreen Cronin. This unit is the perfect unit for the upcoming election and teaches students the importance of voting. Your students will learn election vocabulary, fill out fun graphic organizers for the story, and participate in a classroom election! What's Included: * 8 Vocabulary Cards with Definitions * Story Map * Jobs & Responsibilities * True or False? Events in the Story

Voting Activity for Election Day Lesson using story Duck for President

Created by
Laura's Lessons
A mock election is a great way to help young children understand the process of how we elect our leaders. This voting activity is the perfect lesson for use around Election Day for grades kindergarten, first, or second. Show an online video (link included in lesson) or read the book Duck for President by Doreen Cronen. A ballot is included for students to vote for who should be in charge of the farm: Duck or Farmer Brown. After ballots are collected, students work together to complete the

Election Day Fun With Duck For President Unit and Craftivity

This fun pack is based on the story, Duck for President by Eileen Cronin. Teach your students the process of elections using a hands-on approach. This pack includes the following: *Graphic Organizers for Duck for President (Tree Map, Venn Diagram, Sequencing Chart) *Bubble Maps for Duck and Farmer Brown (using adjectives to describe) *Write about Duck and Farmer Brown *Posters with essential vocabulary *Create a Help Wanted Ad *Complete a Application to Work on the Farm *5 days of Election Activ

Branches of Government

Branches of Government Activities for Interactive NotebooksIncluded in this product:Executive Branch Reading PassageLegislative Branch Reading PassageJudicial Branch Reading PassageBranches of Government Reading Comprehension QuestionsGovernment Research WorksheetBranches of Government Word SortBranches of Government word wall words 3 Door Foldable- Branches of Government Executive Branch Color PosterLegislative Branch Color PosterJudicial Branch Color Poster18 Branches of Government words and d

President's Day Activity: If I Were President Writing . 2 options . BEST SELLER!

Teaching about President's Day or the Election and need some sweet writing papers? Ding, ding, ding! You've come to the perfect place!------------------------------------ALL THE INTERESTING DETAILS:You'll find THREE different options here that make it simple for you to find just the right fit for your writers. Check out the pictures in the photos. I call them:➊ Lots of littler lines (good for around 1st/2nd grade and up?)➋ Fewer fatter lines (good for around K/1st and up?)➌ Simple half sheet

2020 Presidential Election | 2020 Election and Voting Unit Print AND Digital

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Bring the 2020 Presidential Election into your classroom with this comprehensive print AND digital elections and voting resource. The presidential election process, elections and voting, and presidential eligibility and responsibilities are all concepts children have a hard time grasping. The presidential campaign is a perfect time to capture students' interest and teach them, in a fun way, about the process of electing our leader. This Elections resource is jam-packed with 60 pages of print

Election of the President Differentiated Readers

Election printable readers for the election with two versions of the book for differentiation and three comprehension checks plus an election cut and paste activity - one asking for complete sentence answers, one for them to circle their answers and a true/false sheet. This book does not address individual candidates or political parties, it gives information on voting, running for President and the President's job. There are also cute certificates - for completion of the book.This is the FINAL

My Entire North Carolina Government Unit | BUNDLE

Created by
Kim Miller
Looking for North Carolina government resources for your classroom? This bundle includes all 9 of my North Carolina Government products and lessons found individually in my store. Citizenship: Rights & ResponsibilitiesThis product introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of citizens at home, school, in the community, state, and country. It includes 6 pages of text, 13 multiple choice/open-ended questions, and a 2-page cut-n-paste activity. A total of 8 students pages is includ

Class Election Day Kit | Election Day | Voting | Mock Election

Have your own Election Day with your students in your classroom without any controversy! This election day activity kit covers several areas of learning (elections, making choices, persuasive writing, graphing, tallying). This PDF resource is ready for you to print and go! What's Included? -Election Today Sign -Vote Here Sign-Voting Booth Sign -Ballot Box Sign -"I Voted Today" stickers to print on Avery 5160 Labels -Cookie Ballot (Oreo vs. Chocolate Chip), Chip Ballot (Wavy Lays vs. Thin Lays),

If I Were President | President's Day Writing Activity | Election Day Writing

Created by
Choose between three different writing activities to get your students thinking about what they would do if they were president! These fun writing prompts are great to use any time of the year but work especially well for President's Day in February or Election Day in November. This resource can be used either as a whole class activity or for independent work in your writing center. It is fun to have your students share their ideas with each other when their writing is completed.This resource in
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