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Interactive Reading Notebooks - Literature - Literary Elements for Common Core This Interactive Reading Literature Notebook is the true original...
7055 ratings
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Theme Task Cards: Find the Theme Story Cards for CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.2 Use these 16 story cards to help your students gain confidence in findin...
4420 ratings
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6 original reading passages for teaching and reviewing figurative language: simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, alliteration, onomatopo...
3414 ratings
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** NEW LOOK, SAME Product ** BEST SELLER * Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? I have dissected the 2nd grade standards and cre...
3288 ratings
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Interactive Reading Notebooks make a wonderful addition to your Reading Program. The interactive activities in this packet will enable your stud...
3217 ratings
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UPDATED on April 6, 2014- Same product, but just received a facelift. :) Of all of my units, I think I am MOST proud of this one! As I have b...
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There are so many ways to use these 64 Common Core Aligned Reading Response Cards! Here are some suggestions: -Use in conjunction with close re...
1918 ratings
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I have made another Greek Mythology unit! This one ties perfectly with the other Greek Mythology unit I have in my store already. Why did I c...
1657 ratings
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Chocolate Fever is written by Robert Kimmel Smith. It is equivalent to a 4.8 reading level, but can be used for lower grades as well with the te...
1532 ratings
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This Interactive Poetry Notebook is a companion to my TpT best seller, Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks. If you are interested in purcha...
1483 ratings
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Ultimate set of task cards for word work in your classroom. Set includes 44 word work activities, along with 4 blank task cards for programming....
1467 ratings
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This 176 page packet helps tackle many of the questions surrounding close reading. It's designed specifically for primary students (grades K-2). ...
1337 ratings
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Reading Response Tic-Tac-Toe Activity Grids - Use with Any Book! Here are 45 literature response activities arranged in five grids of nine acti...
1256 ratings
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Banish boring book reports! This fun resource will create a book project for ANY novel - use for independent reading projects, literature circle...
1255 ratings
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Determining whether a text is written in first-person or third-person is not an easy concept for students. This is a component of the new ELA co...
1241 ratings
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This 130 page author study focuses on all of Laura Numeroff's "If You Give..." books. These circular texts are favorites of my students. The ac...
1203 ratings
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If you students enjoy Henry and Mudge as much as mine do, then this little unit will help encourage your student's love for reading! Here's what...
1175 ratings
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Teach character traits in a tasty and tangible way! This is a tasty lesson your students are sure to remember, and it addresses...
1171 ratings
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The Hunger Games Novel Teaching Unit Bundle with Lessons Aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) - Digital Download (Newly Updated!) ...
1153 ratings
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This HUGE 156 page resource contains creative resources and assignments to support your students' learning of literary elements. Resources can b...
1150 ratings
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Book Report Projects with Grading Rubrics Tired of Book Reports? Here are 15 engaging and fun Book Projects that you can use with any book! Each...
1132 ratings
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This Jan Brett Author Study unit contains everything you need (besides the books!)! All of the activities are aligned to Kindergarten and 1st gra...
1126 ratings
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FREE Literacy Center Book Reports - Updated! Follow me on and receive FREE products! I offer my new products for FREE wi...
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Theme can be a very difficult concept for students to understand. This engaging 17-page packet includes everything you need to teach theme to you...
1036 ratings
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This {mini} unit includes lots of fun lesson plans that will teach your students about wind, clouds, rain, water cycle, thunderstorms and rainbow...
1035 ratings
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This assignment is the perfect summative assignment for studying character or characterization, and is a great alternative to the traditional boo...
999 ratings
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** NEW LOOK, SAME Product ** Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? If you liked my Common Core Graphic Organizers for 2nd Grade, ...
967 ratings
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I created this resource to have meaningful reading homework that is common core aligned and rigorous right at my finger tips. This is a bundle ...
953 ratings
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Guided Reading Kindergarten ENDLESS MEGA BUNDLE After many requests it is finally here! All of my best selling guided reading packets in one eas...
933 ratings
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By Randi
What better way to teach the difference between wants and needs than from the Pigeon from the famous Mo Willems Pigeon series?! The Pigeon wants...
917 ratings
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These menus are a fun-filled way to incorporate a variety of reading responses throughout the entire school year! The menu format provides two ...
914 ratings
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This file contains well over 100 reader response prompts organized into sections for different comprehension strategies and story elements so you...
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907 ratings
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This is a bundle of my current ELA/Reading poster sets. There 7 different poster sets and a total of 70+ posters in all. {As I have added poste...
888 ratings
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Mini anchor charts with sentence stems and concrete models! What's Included: Determining Importance Poster In...
885 ratings
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Reading Response Printables to Use with Any Book! CCSS Aligned Here are 22 "Any Book" response to literature worksheets that you are sure to use...
868 ratings
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This reading comprehension packet is designed to help kids work toward the goals of reading Level D text and answering text-based multiple choice...
852 ratings
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Point of View Task Cards: 32 Paragraph Cards for First and Third Person Use these 32 task cards to help your student identify first and third pe...
838 ratings
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This 80+ page unit contains everything you need to teach theme, and differentiate for your students that need extra support! This unit contains:...
826 ratings
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Buy these two products as a BUNDLE and get a 20% discount, all day, every day! The following two products are zipped together as one .zip file....
822 ratings
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808 ratings
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This is your complete handbook to implementing literature circles in the middle grades. I walk you through every step of the literature circle mo...
807 ratings
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Kindergarten Close Reads BUNDLED {50 weeks included} * * If you're looking for a complete comprehensive literacy curriculum that uses close rea...
800 ratings
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This resource is everything you need to implement rigorous close reading that aligns with the Common Core anchor standards. All you need to do is...
793 ratings
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32 genre posters to display one at a time or all year long! Adorable clipart and short explanations for all readers includes: fiction and nonfict...
742 ratings
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Add a little fun to ANY novel, play, short story, or history unit with this easy-to-use worksheet where students choose a character (or historic ...
739 ratings
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Genre Task Cards: 32 Multiple Choice Cards for 8 Genres Use these 32 genre cards to help your students learn to identify the different literary ...
727 ratings
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Close reading for first grade (winter edition) is a pack to help young readers practice the important skill of close reading. GET ALL FOUR SEASO...
717 ratings
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Are you looking for new ways to incorporate higher-order thinking questions into your lessons? This resource contains over 100 ...
704 ratings
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This handy little 2-page graphic organizer is just the thing you need to help your students stay focused during read-aloud. It also works great f...
702 ratings
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I am so excited to post my... Folktales, Fairy Tales, and Fables Unit! This download is Common Core aligned with coded standard...
672 ratings
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This First Day Jitters activities and book companion packet for the book First Day Jitters by Julie Dannenberg is great to use on the first day a...
668 ratings
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