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Educational Songs
Learning Through the Top 100*DENOTES NEW SONGS ADDEDThis GROWING BUNDLE includes 20 educational songs/chants written to the tune of popular music. Your students will love learning through singing. As I add songs, the price will increase. Purchase this product to lock in the current price now. Some s

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Songs for the Year
Using songs in the classroom is a way to build classroom community while learning. This packet includes 37 original songs to use in your classroom throughout the school year. You will find general welcoming songs to start each day as well as themed and seasonal songs. What does this product inclu

Also included in: Songs for Your Classroom


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Poetry Notebooks : Journals for the Year
Poetry Journals/ Poetry Notebooks: There are over 60 poems included in this pack with pictures to accompany each poem. Please note, the kindergarten poem seen in the photo is also provided for Pre-K and First Grade.These poems are awesome to use for a yearly poetry journal. They are great for read

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Punctuation Song Posters
Teaching children how to use punctuation in their writing, and how to use punctuation to read with fluency in reading, is an expectation of the Common Core. This free download is just what you need to help teach your kiddos this important skill in a fun way! Included here are seven punctuation so

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Poem of the Week #1 - 22 poems for September to January to teach poetry
This Poem of the Week resource includes 22 original poems to add to your collection of poems - Everything you will need to have an interactive poem of the week from September to January. There are also 6 differentiated activities included, as well as sentence strips and bulletin board banner. Your s

Also included in: Poem of the Week BUNDLE for Interactive Poetry (65 poems + 20 nursery rhymes)


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The BEST Poems & Songs ! Great for Distance Learning , Google Slides , EDITABLE!
Eye-catching & organized with many, many options for every month and season, you and your students will LOVE this collection of poetry and songs! Through singing and chanting, your students will have a blast AND develop crucial reading skills along with their....❤️ oral language❤️ auditory memory

Also included in: The Ultimate Back to School Bundle... The Get Set for Kindergarten Kit!


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The Ultimate Color Word Packet
The Ultimate Color Word Packet This color word packet is a super fun way for students to master all of the major color words. This packet includes the following color words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, gray and white. This packet includes: *11 Color Word Singing

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Transitions: Tackling Transitions by Kim Adsit
This is the ultimate transition pack! It contains activities that will help you manage all of those transition times as well as general classroom procedures. The first part of this pack is designed to help with those day to day transition times that can often be difficult and exhausting! We all ge

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Sing to Learn Sight Word Songs (Music & Lyrics)
Meet your reading standards by teaching through song! KindergartenWorks brings you 31 original song lyrics set to classic tunes that will have all of your students singing along - learning how to spell and recognize their sight words! You can also use these songs to prompt students while students

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Teaching Young Children How to Ask Questions
This is a fun, age-appropriate set of materials that can be used to teach young children how to ask questions (who, where, when, what, why, and how) when they are reading and writing. I created these materials after realizing that simply saying and posting the question words wasn't effective for ou

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Poem of the Week BUNDLE for Interactive Poetry (65 poems + 20 nursery rhymes)
This Poem of the Week BUNDLE has everything you need to teach interactive poetry for the entire school year. There 65 original poems and 20 nursery rhymes included, as well as 6 differentiated activities for EVERY poem and nursery rhyme.**HUGE UPDATE: This resource was completely updated and has rec


Valentines Day Kindergarten Literacy and Math Printables Pack
Celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom this year with this math and literacy NO PREP printables pack! 48 pages of Valentine themed printables for your kindergarten classroom. Your students will enjoy all the fun activities and adorable graphics that have been carefully selected for each page. T

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Poetry Palace: A Unit on the Structural Elements of Poetry
Looking for Common-Core aligned resources to teach CCSS 4.RL.5 - in particular, the key structural elements of poetry? This 45 page unit is a jam-packed resource with what you'll need to encourage poetry lovers in all of your students! Through this unit, students will take part in understanding th

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Main Idea pack
This packet will help you teach the difficult skill of identifying the main idea and supporting details. Included in this pack are: *Main idea poster *Main idea song *Main idea match game *Main idea graphic organizer *Main idea mobile Updated March 18, 2013 -- New anchor charts and graphic organize

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Free Downloads: "Firework" by Katy Perry Poetry Terms Figurative Language
Free Download: Figurative Language and Poetic Devices/Poetry Terms Identification using Katy Perry's "Firework" Use Katy Perry's popular song "Firework" to teach figurative language, sound devices, and other poetry terms. You can decide how many and which devices you'd like your students to find.

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Songs for the Classroom - the GROWING Bundle!
I LOVE using music in the classroom! I find that my students remember concepts much better when we put them into song form. I also find that it instantly boosts engagement and builds community!Since I love writing these songs, I decided to create a home base where I will share them with you. This

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Shari Sloane Vowel Bat Fun Music Book
All new for 2015 This fun music book is made to accompany Shari Sloane 's song Vowel Bat. It is on her School is Cool cd. The song book is great to use as a center. Add a cd of the song to a pocket on the back of the book and children can sing the songs and follow the text in the little music book

Also included in: Shari Sloane School is Cool Music Books Bundle by Kim Adsit


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Circle Time Song Cards Finger Plays, Songs and Nursery Rhymes - GROWING BUNDLE
You're always on the go and these song cards will be ready to go with you. You'll love having them for circle time, the playground, bus or anytime you need a quick song at your fingertips.They are so easy to prepare, just print double-sided, cut in half, punch a hole and insert ring. You'll have a c


Strategy Songs: Metacognition Through Music!
Looking for new ways to engage your kiddos while learning about reading strategies?! Music is a powerful memory device, and it's fun too! This zip file contains eight original songs to sing your heart's content! It contains a 20 page pdf file with two versions of each song (colored as well as black

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Rock the Classroom: 14 Educational Songs to Help Students Rock the Content
It won't be long and your classroom will be filled with students that love to rock out to music! This pack includes 14 songs that will help your students master some pretty tricky concepts. Most of the songs in this unit will be perfect for 2nd - 5th grade. In this unit, you will find 14 songs, 14 c

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Where the Wild Things Are Musical Program
Tired of the same old programs for your elementary classroom? Want to try a program based off a favorite book? Try this musical, "Where the Wild Things Are," based off the book by Maurice Sendak, with your Second and/or Third Graders! This product includes: *An overview of the program, including st

Also included in: Second and Third Grade Music Bundle


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Phonemic Awareness Activities for Primary Children
This packet includes fun activities for supporting primary children as they develop their phonemic awareness skills. The activities are multisensory, engaging your auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners as they learn more about:- segmenting and blending sounds- counting the number of sounds in

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Shari Sloane If Your Name Has the Letter Fun Music Book
All new for 2015 This fun music book is made to accompany Shari Sloane's song If Your Name Has the Letter. It is on her Get Ready cd. The song book is great to use as a center. Add a cd of the song to a pocket on the back of the book and children can sing the songs and follow the text in the little

Also included in: Shari Sloane Get Ready Music Books Bundle by Kim Adsit


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The People in My Community (Books, Songs, and Posters for K-1)
Who are the people in your neighborhood? {Remember that old song from Sesame Street? I still love it.} Supplement your primary study of community helpers with "The People in My Community." This item includes student books, songs, and labeling posters for each of the following community jobs: •

Also included in: BUNDLE: Social Studies Resources for Primary Grades


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