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Christmas Around the World DIGITAL Escape Room: Amazing Race Breakout
Take your students on an adventure of a lifetime! Your students' applications have been selected to participate in the holiday edition of The Amazing Race! They will complete challenges in this completely PAPERLESS adventure to learn about holiday traditions around the world and reach the ultimate

Also included in: BREAKOUT GROWING BUNDLE: All Digital Escape Rooms!


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Wacky Animal Adaptations Webquest Reading Research Worksheet Common Core
Wacky Animal Adaptations Webquest Reading Research Worksheet Common Core Do you know which deer has fangs? Have you ever heard of an insect that shoots out a boiling liquid? Your students will have fun learning about wacky animal adaptations that they've probably never seen in this informational r

Also included in: Animals Webquest Bundle - 15 Internet Reading Research Activities


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Greek Mythology Webquest for Kids (Great Website)
Greek Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Greek gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, Greek, or Latin. The Greek Mythology Webquest uses the follow

Also included in: Greek Mythology Webquest Bundle


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Reading Informational Text with Charts and Graphs for 4th - 5th Grade
Reading Informational Text with Charts and Graphs targets reading comprehension using nonfiction text. This 44 page packet is loaded with 6 double sided passages including 2 historical, 2 scientific, and 2 technical pieces along with diagrams, timelines, flow charts, and graphs to go with each. It a

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By the Great Horn Spoon Hyperdoc Project
This HyperDoc is designed to be used on a computer or tablet (perfect for iPads or Chromebooks!) while reading By the Great Horn Spoon. This is a wonderful book for studying the California Gold Rush. Included in this PDF are questions and activities designed to aid and deepen comprehension and spark

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Spanish Quinceañeras: Reading and Substitute Plan
This reading a good emergency substitute plan to keep handy. It includes three articles on Quinceañeras as well as comprehension questions following each article. The articles are written in English, so any level of Spanish can use it. Also included is a crossword puzzle featuring some of the terms

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The Life of Dr. Seuss: WebQuest and Craftivity (Includes Digital Version)
I created these activities as a way to help my students learn about the life of Dr. Seuss. They are the perfect "Read Across America" week activities or distance learning!WebQuests are a great way to help students take control of their own learning, and they are always engaged when working on a comp

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Computer Lab Lesson Plans | Math and Reading | Kindergarten
Standards-based interactive online activities and games for students to complete using the computer or laptops! This is an entire year's worth of kindergarten computer lessons ready to go. It hits common core standards in reading and math. Perfect for using in the computer lab or at stations. Get yo

Also included in: [Expires in 2020] Kindergarten Computer Centers Bundle


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Earth Day Reading Comprehension & Writing Activity {Ready for Digital Learning}
Looking for an Earth Day activity that will integrate into reading and writing standards? After printing this two-page webquest, your students will be able to visit five different websites to gather and learn information about the history of Earth Day as well as several key ways to help make a diffe

Also included in: Reading & Writing Webquest Bundle


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Ancient Egypt WebQuest
Ancient Egypt WebQuest - Helps students explore Ancient Egypt through websites that feature interactive games, activities, videos, and text. Students go on an "ancient expedition" that will keep them engaged and motivated. My students have enjoyed doing this project as an independent activity or p

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Groundhog Day Reading Activity {Webquest & Collaborative Poster}
Looking for a Groundhog Day activity that will integrate into reading and science standards? After printing this four-page webquest, your students will be able to visit six different websites to gather and learn information about groundhogs, Groundhog Day, and other animal folklore. ***************

Also included in: Reading & Writing Webquest Bundle


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Thanksgiving WebQuest (Printable Booklet)
This is a printable booklet about the First Thanksgiving. Your students will need to access this website: This is a wonderful resource. I have used it for years. The children love being able to navigate it on their own, but aren't so crazy about j

Also included in: Holiday Activities Bundle


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Island of the Blue Dolphins Hyperdoc Project
This has been updated with new information brought to light by historians and scientists in 2018. Very interesting stuff! This is the fifth or sixth iteration of my very first HyperDoc created in 2012! It is designed to be used on a computer or tablet (perfect for iPads or Chromebooks!) while readin

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Real News vs. Fake News: Evaluating Online Sources Webquest and Game
Help students learn how to evaluate online sources with this webquest and game for grades 7-10 ELA. Students will learn how to use the C.R.A.P. protocol to evaluate online sources of information. C stands for Currency. R stands for Relevancy. A stands for Authority, and P stands for Purpose. Inclu

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Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt w/ Song Lyrics QR CODES Station Poetry
Looking for a fun way to review or reinforce figurative language terms or literary devices? Look no more! This student-centered activity is it! Engage students and involve them in finding examples of similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, oxymoron, alliteration, etc. in MUSIC that they

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Veterans Day Reading & Writing Activity {Webquest & Acrostic Poem}
Looking for a Veterans Day activity that will integrate into reading and writing lessons? After printing this two-page webquest, your students will be able to visit four different websites to gather and learn information about Veterans Day and military heroes. **************************************

Also included in: Reading & Writing Webquest Bundle


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January Centers Penguins QR Codes Non-fiction task cards
Penguins- Penguin Research Is your class researching Penguins? Here's a fun penguin web quest using QR codes! There are 6 penguin task cards with questions, and a penguin QR code to scan to find the answer. A penguin recording sheet for the answers, and mini-poster for how to scan a QR code is inclu

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Webquest Informational Reading Bundle - Set of 35 Webquests + PowerPoint Lesson
Webquest Informational Reading Bundle - Set of 35 Webquests + PowerPoint LessonTeach your students to locate information on the Internet more quickly and efficiently while they have fun learning about engaging topics. Students love doing these informational research activities - especially if they g


Chocolate Web Quest | Distance Learning
Who doesn't love chocolate? This mouth-watering chocolate activity is a CHOCOLATE WEB QUEST that your students will enjoy! Put those research skills to the test. All of the questions have a QR code and a link that takes the students directly to different websites where they learn interesting FACTS a

Also included in: Chocolate Bundle


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Black History Literacy Set | Black History Month Activities
The Black History Literacy Set is a 73 page set filled with reading and writing activities which work well for 3rd - 5th graders. Not only are there 32 Sentence Run-Ons and Fragments Task Cards, but there are worksheets which target Close Reading, Main Idea, Text Evidence, Compare and Contrast, Caus

Also included in: Literacy Sets Holiday Bundle | Holiday Themed Reading and Writing


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I Am Malala Webquest
This webquest is a great introductory exercise to the memoir I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Students will look at both her UN Speech and an interview with Jon Stewart. Additionally, students will be guided to geographical context for the memoir. This activity will take approximately one period,

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Persuasive Writing Webquest: Perfect for Distance Learning
Persuasive or Opinion Writing WebquestThis Persuasive Writing Webquest is a fun way to introduce or review persuasive or opinion writing with your students while incorporating technology! The webquest guides students through an essay, advertising tricks, and a video clip that gives them 7 tips for c

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Bud, Not Buddy Hyperdoc Project
There are so many historical figures named in the novel Bud, Not Buddy that I knew a HyperDoc would complement it perfectly. This PDF is designed to be used on a computer or tablet (perfect for iPads or Chromebooks!). This document includes more than 35 links to websites with articles, videos, audio

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Martin Luther King Jr Activities: MLK Writing, Research Project
This student led webquest will take students through a variety of websites to research Martin Luther King Jr. and his life. Student friendly sites include songs, read aloud stories, biographies, facts, and more. All YouTube links are shared through a Safe Share site.There is a choice of using Symba

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