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In this unit for Bradbury's "The Pedestrian," you will find classroom-tested strategies, activities, and high-order thinking questions. The easy-prep structure of this unit is designed to guide students through the texts, and as they go, the questions and thinking build. The overarching questions a
Create a memory page for your students and mail it to them! Total Eclipse Stamps are from USPS! https://store.usps.com/store/browse/productDetailSingleSku.jsp?productId=S_475304 “The Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp is the first U.S. stamp to use thermochromic ink, which reacts to the heat of your
This 100% editable lesson for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or for teaching argumentative essay writing with exemplars is no prep. Your high school students will be engaged and challenged as they work through the carefully paired texts and expertly written prompt. If your state has adopted Common Co
No-prep, Hispanic Heritage brochure project for upper elementary students. Students will create an interesting brochure about any Hispanic country they desire to learn about. They are given guidelines as to what needs to be included, a link to a brochure maker if they choose to use it and a rubric
This project has students choose a historic figure, research about their lives, write a 5 paragraph essay, a short 30 second speech, and create a display board. This was my year end capstone project for students grades 4-6th and can be modified and adapted to your students. This packet includes gu
Both print and digital activities are ready for student use. See the entire diversity mini-course by downloading the preview. Are you looking for WOW activities that encourage students to understand and appreciate diversity? THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT is a funny story about a man named Mr. Plumbean. Mr. P
Black History Month is the perfect time to have your students research a famous African American. This is a writing project focused on learning about the life of a famous African American and challenges they overcame.. It was designed with third grade students in mind, but is easily used or adapte
This is a multi-step project that would fit best into an English or Social Studies type of class. The project is asking students to act as Anthropologists and collect the oral history of a person who is at least 40 years older than the students. Skills involved: - Students find their own partic
***Common Core Writing*** Students can use this graphic organizer to help with their research on a country around the world! This organizer is is used to help students create a 5 paragraph informational essay.Students use informational text to complete this organizer.
This writing prompt requires students to read an article about the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education. It is followed by PARCC format writing prompt. It reads: On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court unanimously announced an end to public segregation in schools in the famous Brown v. Board of
**This was an April Fools' joke** "At last! This free activity will teach your students everything they need to know about Betty White. Includes a fold & learn activity, 6 different worksheets and a life sized poster! Covers Common Core and Teks during your Golden Girls Unit. Everything is Eng
This unit emphasizes both reading and writing skills. The package includes two nonfiction mini readers on the language, schooling, clothing, food, and contributions of the Native Americans and Pilgrims. The mini readers come with student booklets that include comprehension, cause and effect, visu
So often, we ask students what they want to be when they grow up but let's shift the mindset. Instead, pose the question of, "What problem will you solve?" This project encourages students to think both critically and globally to help solve issues in our world today. Included in this product
This writing prompt requires students to read two articles. One is about Rosa Parks and the other article is about Sylvia Mendez . It is followed by PARCC format writing prompt. It reads: The Civil Rights Movement was the largest social movement in the 20th century in the United States. Both
Students will conduct research on assigned French speaking country. Final product consists of a paper and a presentation. Excellent cultural activity. Materials included: *Assignment instructions *Essay structure directions *Writing practice *Essay rubric *Sample exemplar paper *List of francophon
Thank you for stopping by and looking at my product! If you purchase it and find it useful, please consider leaving me a review, or just a quick 4 star rating at the top of the page! Remember to click on the FOLLOW button, so you'll be notified of my sales.These are alternative assignments that you
Every English teacher needs new ways to teach argument, rhetoric, and analytical writing. The Inquiry-Based Synthesis Essay is here to save the day!This argument essay is designed to help you out in a quick fix OR to teach in-depth rhetorical analysis. The essay can be scaffolded up or down, from
This is a great way to bring family history into the study of immigration. Students and parents will all enjoy researching their family history and connecting it to how and why people originally came to this country. 5th Grade Social Studies Essential Standards Met: 5.G.1.4: I can explain why peop
Introduce and explore the rainforest using this comprehensive unit. Each of the 12 lessons are ready to print and present. Then utilize the attached sheets for follow-up, assessments, or enrichment. At the end of the unit, watch the Disney movie, Rio, and encourage the students to uncover the foo
"A Long Walk to Water" - 17 page pdf file to use while reading and for the final assessment. Updated 2016 Although my seventh graders and I enjoyed reading and participating in the NYS ELA7 Module One; Unit One, I felt the final assessment was a little too broad for a seventh grader to organize an
Common Core aligned persuasive essay about Martin Luther King Jr. Originally made for fourth grade, but can be easily adapted to other grade levels.
This is a 3 part project that got my middle schoolers very excited. It combines academic essay writing (compare/contrast essay) with creative story writing (children's books). I did not include a specific writing rubric, but I often use the SC READY writing rubric. You could easily adapt it to use
This is a spectacular activity to do the second week of school, after you have done all of your classroom procedures and pretesting. It has three parts. I have used this Profile Collage in many ways. As a Social Studies teacher, I have made it a Culture Collage, including the flag, foods, tradi
Family or personal stories often define who we are as a people. However, very few of us "gather around the hearth or camp fire" anymore to pass these stories on to the next generation. Included in this activity are a few basic instructions for writing a memoir, a way of preserving these stories. Thi

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