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Long Division can be easy and fun! With this packet your students will be able to apply the steps from The Cupid Shuffle to the steps of Long Division! It is a great way to engage your students and excite them!
Mediante la canción "Satisfied", del popular musical histórico "Hamilton", los estudiantes aprenderán las características de un buen discurso argumentativo y luego tomarán una postura a favor del amor o la razón para escribir un ensayo argumentativo. De manera opcional, el maestro puede concluir la
Innovation Education has created an Expository Writing song (rap) that is easy, fun, and catchy for students to understand how to compose an essay.
The movie O Brother Where Art Thou is the perfect pairing to add fun and depth of learning to The Odyssey! These activities foster comparison skills as students analyze the similarities and differences between the two mediums. As a bonus, I've included two song-lyric analysis activities in which stu
Writing rubric in a song. Kids will review some of the main elements of the writing and language arts rubric, and take a song and dance break, too.The writing rubric rules apply to fiction and nonfiction. They include: write about one topic, tell about the 5Ws, use your 5 senses to describe, write
Are you tired of seeing run on sentences in your students' writing? This music video will provide a catchy way to teach them new strategies for composing sentences. With tips on simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and the use of conjunctions, this song is sure to be a hit with y
I wrote this song to help my students remember the steps to writing a constructed response. This is a new concept to them and they need to be prepared for the new state test, Georgia Milestones. They will RESTATE the question, ANSWER the question, CITE evidence from the text, and EXPLAIN their ans
Grades 6-12; English class OR Music class (Writing across the curriculum!) Everyone has a song that brings them back to a special memory. This assignment requires students to write a memoir that is remembered when they hear a song. Even the most hesitant writers will enjoy this assignment, and teac
Fun song about adding details to your writing. CLICK HERE to see my LATEST FREE VIDEO! Grammarheads videos are the perfect supplement to every day instruction. Use them as an anticipatory set to get your kids pumped up about what you have to teach. Use them to fill gaps your general curriculum le
CLICK HERE to subscribe to my music video channel! Fun song about adding details to your writing. Have your students grab highlighters, pass out the lyrics sheet, and learn! Sample lesson plan and lyrics sheet both included with this song. CLICK HERE to see my LATEST FREE VIDEO! For only $1.50
Drawing from a catchy song from Hamilton, students will learn the structure of an argumentative speech, and craft their own effective argument essay about following love vs. reason. Students will use guiding outlines to get their ideas together and craft a well-structured paper. The song matter will
Students learn the underdog story of Rocky Balboa (from the movie Rocky) to get pumped about PARCC! They sing a parody to "Eye of the Tiger," only these lyrics actually teach the students the different parts of a good essay. There is also a PowerPoint included that allows teachers to explain the
Using Katy Perry's "Roar" song, students are asked to find similes, metaphors, and idioms as well as poetic elements such as alliteration, assonance, rhyme, and repetition. As a closure activity, students are asked what they would like to "ROAR" about and use their answers to help introduce opinion
Your students will sing their way to mastering the elements/structure of informational and opinion writing with the upbeat, fun lyrics I’ve written to go along with the popular song “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer. By using the lyrics, simple diagrams/graphic organizers, and some tried-and-true
This song is appropriate for introducing or reinforcing lessons on how to avoid plagiarism through source citation in research essays and projects by teaching when to cite a source and when not to cite a source.
I have written a little song to go along with the method CEIEIO (change the question, evidence, interpret, oh I get it) to help students remember the order in which they need to write the different components of reading extended response questions. There is also a PowerPoint presentation that can
Included here is an assignment where students are directed to complete a literary analysis of a song they select that tells a story or has lyrics that employ literary elements. If they are not able to find a song of their own, the lyrics to twenty-three popular songs are included, along with line nu
TEACH ACADEMIC AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS USING MUSIC This song activity, "Time" by Tom Waits, includes a detailed 28 Power Point slide lesson plan that teaches annotation skills, inductive reasoning, and literary analysis. This zip file includes a 28 POWER POINT SLIDE PRESENTATION that helps t
CLICK HERE to see my LATEST FREE VIDEO! We all know how difficult it can be to get our students to know how to recognize and use details in writing. Here is a song that can get them to at least think about what details are and how to use them. After playing the video and having the kids take note
If you have tried TPCASTT before, but have not had success this might be the lesson plan and prezi you need to get your students interested in poetry and able to access the huge variety they may get on the AP Test. This 6-7 day unit gets your students to access poetry through looking at a favorite s
This simile chant/ rap is aligned to CCSS and help students specifically do well on state tests whenwriting essays. Using similes shows those grading state tests that children have a grasp on language skills. They can be “rapped” or chanted. Trust me. They work!!!
This is a song about the RACE strategy for writing constructed responses. It is set to the tune of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. If you e-mail me with proof you have purchased these lyrics, I can send you the MP4 of the song with myself and a friend singing it. b.allison.rodgers@gmail.com
A short (1:05) English Language Arts song that adheres to Common Core Standards and helps students learn what belongs in a summary. Who What Who, Who is the one that the action happens to… What, What is what happens, what happens to who…. When, When is the time:, day, month, or year… Where, W
Ever wondered why a student remembers ever word to a song but can't remember to bring a pencil to class? A student's comprehension depends on relating the subject matter to them and the things they are interested in. Not lecture. Not notes. Make it relatable. Give the kid a pencil and sing a song th

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