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Family Consumer Sciences Resources

19,560 results

Nutrition Lessons 4 Wks: A TPT Best-Selling High School Health Nutrition Unit

This 4-week Nutrition Unit empowers students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy nutritional choices, read food labels, understand nutrients, calculate the difference exercise can make, understand the dangers of eating disorders, work on good self-esteem, analyze habits, and so much more! ➡️ This resource is taken from the #1 Best-Selling High School Health Curriculum" on TPT! ☑️ Here is a glance at the HIGH SCHOOL LESSONS:Students LOVE this unit because it’s personalized to them! Th

Nutrition Food Label Health Lesson Scavenger Hunt: 5 Lessons Online and to Print

This Food Label Scavenger Hunt lesson is 5 full lessons! It includes food label reading, interactive activities, vending machine savvy, and cancer information. It is not only in editable print version, but now is also on Google Drive! ☑️ Highlights of This Health Resource:"Food Label Reading" worksheet and food labels - On Google Slides and for Print"Food Label Scavenger Hunt" worksheet and food labels - On Google Slides and for Print"Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt" - On Google Slides and for Pr

Food Label Reading Lesson FREE! "Is This Product Healthy?" NOW ON GOOGLE DRIVE

Have you ever had a student ask, "Is this product "healthy"? This lesson includes the formulas teens can use to answer this question, and use this skill for the rest of their life!HERE IS MORE ABOUT MY #1 DOWNLOADABLE FREE RESOURCE:Now with NEW U.S.D.A. NEW FOOD LABELS WORKSHEETS ARE ON GOOGLE DRIVE!Low-Prep and easy to teachTeaches life skills students will use daily!Real products and labels for examplesStep-by-Step teacher directions follow PowerPoint slides to walk you through lessonEDITABLE

Mindfulness--Character Trait Lesson

Understanding Mindfulness is the character trait lesson to help students understand what is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a strategy used to help individuals focus on where they are and what is going on around them. It's a calming strategy helpful for decreasing anxiety, reducing stress, resolving conflicts and reducing feelings of anger. Students will explore several different mindfulness techniques and decide on strategy that they can use themselves. Included a booklet students can make with

Life Skills Bundle

This no-prep bundle includes everything you need to provide your students with real-world life skills. Designed to motivate as well as provide a "reality check" - this bundle includes a minimum wage project, a career exploration unit, and a career readiness/mock interview project. **This product contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperless classrooms. Each product in this bundle is also editable (in Power Point). You can customize

Consumer Math & Financial Literacy - Credit Card Project (with Google Slides™)

You can purchase this product with other consumer math and personal finance activities and projects in a BUNDLE:Consumer Math and Financial Literacy Activities & Projects BUNDLEUpdated to also include a Google Classroom™ version in addition to the original print-friendly version! **************************************************************************************DOWNLOADED OVER 1,000 TIMES**************************************************************************************This is a credit

Cooking with Fairy Tales- Recipes for Students and Teachers

Cooking with Fairy Tales is a collection of 15 different recipes designed to accompany the study of popular fairy tales in the classroom. All recipes are kid friendly and can be created with the help of an adult. Most are single serving, but all can be easily be adapted to create class-sized portions. Cooking is an exciting, interactive way to integrate reading, math, and science. The recipe cards in this file are designed so that students can follow the step-by-step instructions while ill

Motivation Lesson Executive Functioning Bundle

Motivation Small Group or Classroom Lesson Bundle is a GROWING series of lessons in the Motivation Series. There will be a total of 6 lessons in this bundle that will be great for either classroom lessons or small groups. Lessons are all ASCA aligned and contain lesson plans, activities, worksheets, posters, and everything you need to teach your students in a print and go format. These lessons are perfect to for classes that are seemingly unmotivated, study skills groups, or even career explor

Career Research Project - Planning my Future!

This is a multi-step research project that students customize to their specific interests and goals. First, students should explore many different careers and professions (see my Career Worksheet - Research that is for sale on TPT), This project is the next step in the career readiness project. Each student will focus on one career that they want to pursue, complete with educational requirements, salary and job opportunities within that field. This resource is 7 pages: 2 pages overview of a

Consumers and Producers

Created by
Happy Beginnings
Posters and activities describing the consumer and producer rolls. Includes a T chart with consumer & producer tiles to cut out and sort underneath each header. Fun activity to use in teaching first and second graders the concept of producers and consumers.

Culinary Class Introduction Activity- Recipe of Me!

This activity is meant for a middle or high school Family and Consumer Science culinary arts, restaurant management or foods class. The product includes a 4 slide powerpoint introducing the activity and an activity sheet if you choose to use it instead of having the kids make their own. This perfect for the first day/week of school to get to know your students, and for your students to introduce themselves to their class.

Food Safety & Sanitation Interactive Notebook for Culinary Foods FCS

This listing is for activities to be used in an interactive notebook for food safety and sanitation. This is especially helpful for students who are preparing to take a nationally recognized food safety and sanitation certification exam. There are 25 activities total that go along with all the topics for food safety and sanitation. You will get each activity in a pdf format as well as an editable word document. Most activities have the directions written on the same page as the activity. H

Getting to Know You Icebreaker "Would You Rather" Powerpoint Activity

Created by
FCS is the BEST
A great way to get to know your high school students! This school appropriate PowerPoint includes 30 "Would You Rather" questions that are great conversation starters for secondary students; or edit a few questions for use with a younger crowd. Perfect as a first day/week activity. Use in a variety of ways; you make the rules!Zip File Includes: *Please note you must have the ability to download and open the ZIP file to access both versions. Powerpoint (for editing)PDF File

Doing Laundry - 2 Workbooks - Daily Living Skills

Created by
Susan Traugh
Product DescriptionDoing the Laundry from Susan Traugh's Daily Living Skills workbooks helps students with special needs understand the life skill of how to sort, spot, wash, dry, and organize laundry in compliance with federal transition skills mandates. This workbook serves as both a traditional print version and an interactive version using Adobe Acrobat Reader.Doing the Laundry provides instruction in adult living skills and transitional skills for both mild-to-moderately affected special ne

Differentiated "MyPlate" Nutrition Webquest - Distance Learning

Created by
Elena Teixeira
UPDATED TO MATCH CHOOSEMYPLATE.GOV WEBSITE CHANGES FOR November 2021.Students will use this webquest to explore the USDA's website. It is differentiated; students will progress through levels 1-3 at their own pace according to ability level. Level 1 students will explore the different MyPlate groups and what foods are in each. Some students may reach Level 2, where they will expore why these groups contribute to a healthy diet and what benefits they provide. Also includes ancho

Family Clip Art - Multicultural Characters by Charlotte's Clips

This 30 piece family clip art set has 15 unique images in color and line art. While there 15 different images there are actually 37 unique characters. 5 moms (1 bi-racial) 5 dads (1 bi-racial) 2 grandmothers 2 grandfathers 1 baby with dog Each with 1 or more children The characters are engaged in family related activities such as reading, computers, fishing, cooking, walking, piggy back rides, hugging, etc.These images would work well for back to school open house, families, All about me, G

Fast Food Restaurant Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}

Created by
This is a collection of fast food clip graphics. The images in this set include fast food cashier, chef cooking burgers, restaurant front, drive thru signs, mustard and ketchup, diners eating, fast food counter, hotdog, fries, soft drink, bucket of chicken, cheeseburger, fast food girl and boy and word art sign. 37 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W) This set can also be purchased as part of the DINING OUT CLIP ART MEGA BUNDLE This set contains all of the images shown. Images s

Discovering Ourselves--The Career Exploration Process

This is a perfect classroom lesson to be used as part of an ongoing career research unit. This lesson focuses on goal setting, identifying personal interests and learning about our multiple intelligences. I used this lesson after students had taken an interest inventory and before they begin their career research. It is also great as a stand alone lesson if you are talking to students about goal setting, defining success, and helping them to understand their own unique gifts. This lesson c

Positive Parent Mail

What better way to build relationships with your students AND their family than by sending home positive notes? These bright, low-prep notes come in two versions: write the compliment or check a box. Each version has "we are proud" and "I am proud". They also come in two sizes: 3.9" x 3.3" and 4" x 5".

Fast Food Nutrition Lessons for Teen Healthy Eating: 4 Lessons!

Do you want to teach your students about healthy eating? There are 5 engaging lessons on reading food labels, understanding fat, cholesterol, fast food choices, and resource includes a group poster project too! ☑️ Why purchase this resource:This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group activity!This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING" individual Health lessons!This resource is 5+ days with full PowerPoint directions to walk you through the less

MyPlate Nutrition: Introduction, Review Activities

This PowerPoint Presentation is an introduction to MyPlate for preschool, kindergarten, & first grade. It explains the purpose of MyPlate and each of the food groups (servings, what foods belong in each group, benefits). It also includes interactive review slides for each food group which test students' understanding by having them choose foods that belong in each food group. When a correct picture is clicked a smiley face correct symbol is shown and the food moves to the appropriate place o

Kitchen Basics - 2 Workbooks - Daily Living Skills

Created by
Susan Traugh
Kitchen Basics is part of Susan Traugh’s Daily Living Skills series offering transitional skills for mild-to-moderately affected special needs students and general education students alike. This workbook serves as both a traditional print version and an interactive version using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a revised edition.Written on a 3rd/4th-grade level with airy pages and bullet-point information for easy independent study, these books, nevertheless, respect teens’ maturity and humor whil

Measuring in the Kitchen Powerpoint for FCS Culinary Arts

This 19 slide powerpoint briefly discusses measuring in the kitchen. It is meant for use in a family and consumer science culinary arts class or foods course.This powerpoint touches on the following subjects:Measuring by WeightMeasuring by VolumeHow to Measure Dry IngredientsHow to Measure Liquid IngredientsHow to Measure Solid FatsChanging Recipe Yields w/an example of how to do soThis powerpoint is also a classflow lesson! In the classflow lesson there is a beginning activity, two polls, an

Distance Learning - Game of Life - Life After High School - PBL

Created by
Design Undone
This project introduces high school students to a world of life skills. Some of the skills they will be introduced to are:find a jobfinding a collegefinding an apartmentscheduling a week's worth of work and schoolfinding a new vehicle and researching public transportationwriting a checkaddressing an envelopelearning to meal planbudgetingPreview is full document.Comes in printable PDF and digital form via PPT.NEWLY UPDATED AUGUST 2020! Game of Life got a makeover! Same great content, just a newer
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