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Spanish Bell Ringers Warm Ups 175 Daily Hispanic Culture Facts ENGLISH version

Created by
Sra Cruz
Are you looking for ways to include more Spanish culture in your classroom? Are you tired of creating daily Spanish warm ups to give you time to take attendance at the beginning of class? These Spanish bell ringers are a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of Hispanic culture and to establish a beginning of class routine! Use these daily Hispanic culture facts as Spanish bell ringers:-There are 35 weeks worth of Hispanic culture facts (5 facts a week) covering a different topic eac

Mexican Loteria | Kid Friendly | 30 Game Cards Included

Created by
⭐This mexican loteria printable game is perfect to teach kids about mexican culture or to reinforce their Spanish Vocabulary! You will receive a set of 30 unique loteria cards that are ready for instant download.⭐Cards Removed:-El Negrito-La Muerte-La Calavera-El Diablito -El Borracho-La Sirena⭐Cards Edited:-El Valiente: The knife has been replaced with a small pencil.⭐The download contains the following:- 30 Mexican Loteria Game Cards in Spanish (Includes 2 game cards on each page of sized 4.

Loteria Spanish Game - Mexican Bingo - 60 cards plus randomized call sheet

Print & Play Spanish Loteria Game. It's actually fun and students love it. Loteria is a Mexican game similar to bingo with images in place of numbers. The traditional loteria set contains images that are objectionable for school use, this set is fun, whimsical, and completely G rated.The download includes 60 tablas (players' cards, 2/page) and an 8 page call list with 20 unique games. Just print and play.About the tablas:There are 60 cards each with 16 images. The 16 images come from a large

Gustar Spanish Reading Passage and Worksheets

Gustar Spanish Reading Passage and Worksheets A Reading Passage in Spanish about the verb Gustar (= LIKE in Spanish). There are comprehension questions referring to the text and additional activities to practice making sentences with GUSTAR. We have included a full-color chart showing the word order (and correct grammar) of sentences with the verb Gustar. There is also a smaller version of this chart (2 per page) which you can easily photocopy and give to students as reference handouts. The t

Ser Conjugation Practice Worksheets + Color by Conjugation

Created by
Sra Cruz
Practice the Spanish verb ser with 3 worksheets for the conjugations of the verb ser in the present tense! Includes plenty of subject options for practice knowing which subject pronoun / conjugation each each subject would need. Ex. los estudiantes = ellos = son Includes:Worksheet with 50 subjects in Spanish* - students write the conjugation of ser for each subjectColor by Conjugation Activity - students choose the correct ser conjugation and color the corresponding squares to complete the myste

Present Tense Regular AR, ER, IR Verb Conjugation - Spanish - Distance Learning

6 review pages that clearly breakdown the steps of verb conjugation10 learning tasks related to Conjugating Present Tense Regular VerbsTask 1: Practice with Subject Pronouns (10 drag & drop questions)Task 2: Practice with Subject Pronouns (10 drag & drop questions)Task 3: Practice with Subject Pronouns and -ar verbs (6 drag & drop questions)Task 4: Practice with Subject Pronouns and -er verbs (6 drag & drop questions)Task 5: Practice with Subject Pronouns and -ir verbs (6 drag &a

Spanish Bell Ringers Warm Ups 175 Daily Hispanic Culture Facts SPANISH version

Created by
Sra Cruz
Are you looking for ways to include more Spanish culture in your classroom? Are you tired of creating daily Spanish warm ups to give you time to take attendance at the beginning of class? These Spanish bell ringers are a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of Hispanic culture and to establish a beginning of class routine!Use these daily Hispanic culture facts as Spanish bell ringers:-There are 35 weeks worth of Spanish culture facts (5 facts a week) covering a different topic each

Spanish Subjunctive Bundle: Presente de Subjuntivo: TOP 15 Resources @40% OFF!

This is my best selling bundle:) This bundle includes My TOP 15 Resources on the present subjunctive at OVER 40% off! Bundle includes:2 Readings, 2 Games, 7 Worksheets, 2 Handouts, 1 Quiz and 1 Set of Task Cards!1. Worksheet: Verbs of Influence 2. Worksheet: on WEIRDO uses3. Worksheet: Verbs of Doubt and Emotion 4. Worksheet: Subjunctive vs. Indicative after Conjunctions 5. Worksheet: Subjunctive with Special Expressions6. Worksheet: Subjunctive vs. Indicative (Multiple Choice)7. Worksh

Spanish Subjunctive Bundle, Games, Quizzes, Activities, Digital Worksheets

Oh no! Not the Spanish subjunctive again! No need to worry. This 2-3 week unit has everything you need to spice up the present Spanish subjuntivo: games, songs, web activities, quizzes, tests, a teaching guide, funny animal pics for memes, and so much more. Believe it or not, your kids will actually have fun learning this tricky tense! This is one of my best-selling resources. Can be used with Google Classroom and also includes JPGS for distance learning.Here's what's included:* Teaching Sc

Spanish-Speaking Artists and Paintings Culture and Vocabulary Unit

This Spanish and Hispanic Art Unit is an excellent resource for intermediate and advanced Spanish students! It includes 120+ pages and slides and it is EDITABLE. This complete art unit includes information about the following famous artists and their art: Diego Velazquez, El Greco, Francisco de Goya, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, and Fernando Botero.This fantastic art unit includes:~ An art vocabulary unit that includes vocabulary lists in S

Spanish Subjunctive Reading - Lectura en Subjuntivo - El apartamento perfecto

This 6-page file includes:~A reading that's perfect for students to see the present subjunctive in context! It is a dialogue between two best friends who are university students looking for an apartment together. They use various subjunctive constructions including verbs and conjunctions to express what they and their parents wish for themselves. The verbs are highlighted for students to see in context. ~A worksheet based on the reading with 8 true/false reading comprehension questions in Spanis

El Libro de la Vida / The Book of Life Movie Packet in Spanish

Are you looking for no-prep and meaningful activities to accompany the movie The Book of Life? This 115+ page EDITABLE Spanish movie guide is an excellent addition to all Spanish classes from middle school Spanish to AP Spanish! El Libro de la Vida is the perfect movie to teach the Day of the Dead and Mexican culture. Students of all levels love this movie because it is animated, the Spanish is easy to understand, and the story is touching and funny! Teachers will love this Spanish movie guide

Pronoun Kids Grammar Clipart With Teens

Created by
Pigknit Clipart
This pronoun clipart includes teen and secondary kids showing various basic pronouns for language resources. The set includes 33 high res png files in both color and black and white line art, plus an additional 18 bonus exports with groups separated for more versatility!Included are the following:• He and she, separately• I (both genders)• It (dog) (baby)• They (three gender variations)• We (three gender variations)• You (singular and plural)• You (to senior/boss)• You (pointing to viewer, in bo

Sign Language (ASL) Wordsearch- 10 puzzles (packet 1)

ASL word search. Look for basic sign language introductory terms in this fun word search. Students learn their ABC's in ASL and learn to read fingerspelling by searching out the hidden terms. It is also a great way to introduce students to basic conversational terms. The puzzle can also be used as a vocabulary list that students can keep track of terms learned. No more boring lists. Students, deaf or hearing, will love learning to fingerspell with these puzzles.10 puzzles include vocabulary for:

Spanish Future Activity - Horoscope (El futuro)

Created by
Megan Rodolico
Students will find their astrological sign and read their horoscope that is written in the future tense. They will then answer questions based on their horoscope and write a few of their own. Students really enjoy reading their horoscope (that I completely made up) and will especially like writing one for their friend (bad or good). Reinforces future tense.

Spanish Word Cards - Spanish Flash Cards

Created by
Clever Chameleon
This is a colorful set of 228 Spanish – English Word Cards in three versions. There are four cards per landscape page. Each card is 4.5 inch width by 3.4 inch height.1. Word Picture Cards in Spanish and English (57 pages)2. Word Picture Cards in Spanish (57 pages)3. Picture Cards with no words (57 pages)4. Spanish – English phrases and days of the week listed below (11 pages)The cards are color coded into the following categories: Family, places, home, school, vehicles, verbs, feelings, body pa

TENER - Spanish Verb Conjugation Worksheets - Present Tense

Spanish Worksheets to learn the correct conjugation of the verb TENER in Spanish. This refers to its conjugation in the simple present tense (presente de indicativo).Chart: A chart with the subject pronouns (yo, tú, él/ella, usted, nostros/as, vosotros/as, ellos/ellas, ustedes) on the left, next to each subject pronoun is the conjugation of the verb TENER, and then in the column on the right, is an example sentence using that form of the verb. (e.g. Yo tengo dos hermanos). The conjugated verb in

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Reading: Verbos Reflexivos Lectura - Mi rutina diaria

This 4-page file includes:~A reading in the present tense that makes use of numerous reflexive verbs to show how opposite a married couple is! The husband is an early riser while his wife likes to sleep in. It also discusses their son's morning routine. The reading includes a full glossary of new vocabulary.~A worksheet with 10 true/false reading comprehension questions and a short writing assignment.~Answer Key. (2pgs)Activity idea: Have students mime out their actions and have their partner sa

Spanish Classroom Decor Spanish Speaking Countries Flags Letters

Created by
Sra Cruz
These ready-to-print letters make a colorful and educational addition for your Spanish classroom decor! Use them to decorate your desk, door, walls and more! You can also print multiple pages per sheet for smaller letters to label the sections of your whiteboard, bulletin boards, etc. Includes ready-to-print BIENVENIDOS letters + all letters (uppercase & lowercase), punctuation, accents, numbers to spell anything you'd like!There are 3 files in this set. Bienvenidos – this has the word B

ACTFL chart- What's my proficiency level? (updated 2021)

This chart can be blown up to hang up in a classroom. It clearly helps students identify their current proficiency levels and identify how they can move up a level, to the next level of proficiency.Based on ACTFL 2012 Guidelines.The gray scale level can be given to students to help them monitor their own progress toward proficiency.

Clase: Spanish Classroom Objects Worksheets

Created by
Fran Lafferty
This colorful set of 7 worksheets and their answer keys covers classroom vocabulary in Spanish. Included are these pages (plus answer keys):-- La Clase de Pepe: match the letters of the labeled objects in the classroom scene to their Spanish names-- Hay en la clase... use words from the chalkboard to label the objects in Spanish-- De la escuela: matching worksheet (26 vocabulary words)-- En La Clase crossword puzzle-- En La Escuela crossword puzzle-- Searching the Classroom search-a-word puzzl

ADVANCED AP FRENCH Thematic Unit on Science & Technology | Core Immersion 6 wks

This no-prep French thematic unit was made by a native speaker, and is a huge time-saver for all French teachers. It can be used in AP or in any other Advanced classes (French 4, AP, 5, B2, C1), French Immersion, French Core, or Enriched Classrooms .It explores "La Science et la Technologie" (Science & Technology) and includes well over 2 months of engaging content with authentic and relevant resources for students to explore and to improve speaking, reading, listening, and writing proficien

AP Spanish Language & Culture Growing Bundle

Created by
Mi Mercadito
Get access to ALL of my resources for AP Spanish Language and Culture! This bundle includes all of my products that I use for AP Spanish.This is a GROWING BUNDLE! This means that you will receive all new AP products for the same price that you originally purchased the bundle for! Included are the following resources:Quizzes on Expressions Idiomáticas AP Spanish 20 Second PromptsMore AP Spanish 20 Second PromptsDame Consejos Subjunctive Speaking PromptsLas Cláusulas Adverbiales Bulletin Board S

Expresión oral en español: 600 preguntas por temas para conversación

Created by
ORAL PRACTICE: 600 QUESTIONS ABOUT 35 TOPICS FOR SPANISH CONVERSATIONPRÁCTICA ORAL: 600 PREGUNTAS SOBRE 35 TEMAS PARA CONVERSACIÓN EN ESPAÑOLEste recurso es un Producto en Expansión (Growing Bundle) y consta de 35 páginas en las que encontrarás más de 600 preguntas por temas. Puedes utilizar este material para repasar para exámenes orales o simplemente como recurso complementario de práctica oral en las clases de español, por ejemplo, para llevar a cabo una sesión de speed-dating (citas rápidas
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