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Whodunnit? This immersive mascot mystery requires a few microscopes and a scientific eye as students view various residues while they act like detectives and try to determine who the culprit is! This lab is easy to implement using household items such as garlic powder, salt, baby powder, sugar, sand
Each group is given a long paper strip of DNA, a 3-page story of the missing necklace and directions on how to fingerprint and sequence their DNA. Scissors act as the restriction enzyme, cutting the DNA between every GGCC into varied length segments. As the segments are pasted into the correspondi
Get to know your students with these "all about me" fingerprints! Each student can showcase how unique and wonderful they are!Choose 1 of the 3 fingerprint templates. (loop, whorl, arch). Students write about themselves on the lines of the fingerprint.This is perfect for the first week of school. T
Students use forensic evidence, teamwork, and critical thinking to solve this CSI Crime scene escape room. In the activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence (fingerprints, shoe prints, unknown powder, and pen samples) and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power o
This is an exciting mini-inquiry lab that uses a common everyday classroom supply, pencils! In this inquiry lab activity students read a short newspaper article about a pencil thief who is sneaking into classrooms and breaking pencils. The police are hoping that if they can figure out how the band
This high school biology mini-unit is designed to be a basic introduction to three essential biotechnology tools: PCR, Restriction Enzymes, and gel electrophoresis. Great for teachers with no access to do biotech activities or labs in class! These three tools are so important in the biotech indu
Please make sure you always have the most recent version of my products, I update my products all the time! I am a science teacher who is still in the classroom and every time I use one of my lesson plans, I think of new things to add! Please make sure you always have my latest version. Here’s how:
This is a great first lab to do with Forensic Science students, and can be used all throughout the semester. This bundle includes: • 6-page Crime Scene Lab Report for students to fill out as they document the crime scene. • 3-page document with directions for the teacher on how to set up a crime sc
The beloved science teacher at JKF Middle School has been found dead in her classroom and YOUR Junior Crime Detectives are on the case.Using their skills critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and team work, the Junior Crime Detectives work in partnerships or teams to solve the murder myster
There has been a murder the old historic hotel in downtown. The concierge has been found dead in the basement elevator. Your detective team has been assigned to the case. Can you solve the murder?Click here to save 20% on our TRIO Murder Mystery BundleUsing their skills critical thinking skills, ded
Students will become detectives and investigate their fingerprints while learning about the scientific method! This STEM fingerprint science experiment will cover the three types of fingerprints and super fun facts about fingerprints in humans and animals. This is an easy science experiment that wor
Forensic Science. Crime Scene Analysis. Physical Science Stations. Forensic Science Project. Your students will love science when they are given the opportunity to investigate a crime scene and solve the case of The Shop Burglar. Centered on a property crime, an unknown person has broken into the
I always struggle with teaching observation and inference to my students. I've tried incorporating it into other topics or lecturing on it, and it just doesn't seem to help. I developed these activities to help my students differentiate between observations and inferences. I do this as a first-week
A great lab for any Forensic Science class studying fingerprints! Students learn to take fingerprints, identify fingerprint patterns, and collect class data to compare with national averages. It also helps students practice graphing. Includes: • 2-page student worksheet • Excel document to help fi
Whodunnit? This activity is designed for a single 45 minute class period. However, it can be extended to two class periods (or more) if you want your students to present their findings. The mystery hinges on your students' ability to use the f=ma formula and critical thinking in order to solve the
This DNA Fingerprinting Online Virtual Activities Handout will guide students through four realistic online simulation activities: • DNA Extraction • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) • Gel Electrophoresis • Creating a DNA Fingerprint • It is concluded with a C.S.I. game based on the show, using Fore
THE WILL MURDER MYSTERY ACTIVITY When rich old Mrs. Wetherington dies the family and staff are shocked, not at her death (after all she was old and many people wanted her dead) but at her will. The bulk of the estate would go to the person who fingered her murderer. Skeletons in closets, blackmail
This packet focuses on the scientific classification system for living things, including the five kingdoms. Included in the packet you will find:(1) Instructions of assembling a “The Five Kingdoms” foldable, (2) “The Five Kingdoms” foldable - 2 pages, (3) a poster/chart on the 5 kingdoms, their ch
This is a 23 page packet full of activities to supplement a mystery or detective theme for grades K-2. Watch out Sherlock Holmes! Graphics by melonheadz @ http://melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com/ included: 2 forensic science activities mystery vocab sheets- can be used a matching game several
In this hands on escape room activity, students solve a forensic mystery using science, teamwork, and critical thinking. In the crime scene activities, students analyze 4 different pieces of evidence and keep track of evidence and suspects. They use their power of observations to “crack the case”
A great lab for any Forensic Science class studying toxicology! Students learn about color spot tests and urine drug tests while performing fun, realistic drug tests that get consistent results! Includes: • 8-page student worksheet • 3-page Teacher Tips and Photos All handouts come in both .docx
This package will provide you with all the information, handouts and instructions needed to setup a fake crime scene in your classroom and spark the interest of your students! In this project, students become crime scene investigators as they use their knowledge of mixtures and solutions to crack t
Students love this Fiber Evidence Analysis Lab!Fiber Evidence Analysis Lab Activity Bundle includes:•5-page lab activity student worksheet- includes directions, questions, and spaces for microscope drawings•2 page pre-lab information handout•2-page student worksheet with pre-lab questions•2-page ans
Are you looking for forensic science curriculum resources? Welcome to your one stop forensics shop! This growing bundle includes all of my current and future forensic science products at a HUGE discount. Topics include fingerprints, blood, eyewitnesses, working crime scenes, ballistics, DNA finge

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