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The Complete Guide to Forensic Science by Johnny Burks
The entire guide, over 200 pages, is available with resource handouts and answer keys. Everything in one complete file. Right click and extract or unzip. *Please know - this file is a TEXTBOOK*

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ZIP (252.05 MB)

Guide to Infamous Cases w/keys
I've chosen a variety of crimes that I hope you and your students will find fascinating and informative. With many of the cases, I've included questions and answers for you and your students to research. This is a zip file, please use a zip extractor by right clicking on the file icon and following

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ZIP (216.69 MB)

Forensics - Criminal Profiling w/key
In this chapter we go into the mind of a killer. Topics include an in depth review of the differences between a psychopath and a sociopath. Ideas of paraphilia are also illustrated. Handouts, a test, and answer keys are included.

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PDF (8.66 MB)

Forensic Science and the Law
I use this as Chapter 1. The text illustrates various aspects of the 'Roots of Law' including terms and definitions as it relates to the development of our Judicial System. Included is an in depth look at how Forensics has improved over time (a Forensic Historical Timeline.

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PDF (4.06 MB)

Types of Evidence
In this chapter we include the various types of evidence involved in crime. Physical evidence versus direct evidence is explored, as well as probative value.

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PDF (4.69 MB)

Document Analysis w/key
This chapter takes a look at various concepts related to graphology, forgery, handwriting analysis, typography, and the counterfeiting of currency. A handout with an answer key is included.

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PDF (8.24 MB)

Time Since Death w/ky
The hardest of all forensic topics is related in this chapter, time of death. Topics research are rigor mortis, algor mortis, decomposition, purge fluid, along with gastric emptying and the insect parade. Resource questions with an answer key is included.

Digital Download

PDF (19.59 MB)

Forensics - Firearms w/key
16 pages of information related to the history of firearms. Included is a complete vocabulary of firearm terms and definitions, as well as diagrams, and statistics related to gun violence. The unit is a thorough examination of firearms with a resource handout and answer key.

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PDF (10.57 MB)

Toxicology w/key
This history of toxicology is detailed in this chapter, from the ancient world to Mathieu Orfila, to chromatography is included. A handout with an answer key is included.

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PDF (5.68 MB)

Forensics - Drugs
Using methamphetamine as an example, this chapter explores the cause and effects of drug addiction. Defined are the definitions of dependence and abuse along with an exploration into the various types of drugs, such as narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants, etc. A resource handout with answer key is

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PDF (11.11 MB)

Forensics - Fingerprint Manual
Included here is a simple fingerprint manual which illustrates ridge characteristics of loops, whorls, and arches.

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PDF (5.43 MB)

The Crime Scene w/key
Included are definitions of the crime scene, sketching tips, crime scene search procedures, the collection of evidence, as well as photography. A handout with an answer key is included.

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PDF (4.51 MB)

Hair and Fiber Evidence w/key
Explored are the manner and methods in which hair and fiber evidence can be individualized. Included are resource questions and an answer key.

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PDF (8.74 MB)

Types of Death w/keys
In this chapter the variety of different types of death are explored. Topics include blunt force trauma, stab wounds, electrocution, motor vehicle death, fire related death, and asphyxia. Quizzes and answer keys are included.

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PDF (33.2 MB)

Basics of Forensic Science Chapter 3 - Death Investigation
Some basics of death investigation including manner, cause, and mechanism, PMI, and activities.

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PDF (611.09 KB)

Introduction to Botany Worksheet
This worksheet is a guided textbook activity using the Bertino Forensic Science Fundamentals & Investigations and is a great introduction for the botany unit. Page numbers are included.

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DOCX (15.61 KB)

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