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This is a lesson powerpoint correlating with Georgia Performance Standards for 5th Grade Science: S5L2. It is a 15 slide powerpoint including kid-friendly definitions of the following genetics terms: heredity, genes, genetics, chromosomes, DNA, traits, inherited traits and learned behaviors. The
As a bell ringer activity, my students read Death's Acre by Dr. Bill Bass. This is the story of the legendary Body Farm in Tennessee, the place where human bodies are allowed to decompose in a variety of situations so that scientists can better understand what happens to us after we die. What makes
This is a comprehensive test over notes taken from a Forensic pathology/medical examination/autopsy/anthropolgy unit of study. Students will need to know basics about Time of Death, Autopsy, Differences between male/female skeletons, names of common bones, Haversian systems and basic bone anatomy,
This passage was created for my students in Anatomy to help them prep for the ACT, specifically focusing on what we are learning in class but types of questions that they would see on the ACT. The graphs are from google and information from medical textbooks. Total of 4 questions with passage. In th
This is a worksheet aimed to help student interpret and analyze STR (Short Tandem Repeat) data to find genetic linkages. This worksheet is good for the Genetics in SBI4U and AP Biology.
Crossword Puzzle and Review Questions for forensic science chapters on glass and glass evidence. (Answer Key is included!)
This purchase contains two combinable review assignments on the Ballistics unit for Forensic Science: 1. Review Worksheet 2. CW Puzzle Review
The Forensics Unit #2 Bundle includes FOUR separate lessons. Each one includes a PowerPoint with embedded video clip links, illustrated Student Guided Notes, Teacher Notes, and a Worksheet with Answers. In addition, there are FOUR Activities, a THREE page Study Guide, Justpardy Review Game, TWO Quiz
A well written, comprehensive test that aligns (numerically!) with the included Study Guide. Answer Key is included also.Students will find short answers, fill-ins, and diagram anatomical structures while also drawing and labeling various structures.The Study Guide is great for reviewing for the mi
This editable test is a Word Doc that includes vocabulary matching, short answer and multiple choice questions. The is a diagram of a gel electrophoresis experiment as well as a karyotype to analyze. There is a review to give prior to the test, as well as a key. Topics include: cloning recombina
This is a "I have, who has?" molecular biology warm-up vocabulary review game that I will often use for the first ten or fifteen of class near test time. The cards are distributed as evenly as possible to each student. One person has a card that says “START” at the top. He or she begins by readin
This product features a hidden riddle when all words in the search have been located. This is a great way to provide students more contact time with key vocabulary terms. The reverse side of this product contains a simple reading comprehension passage and questions regarding the various bones in t
This is a review sheet that I give as homework before the Hair Analysis quiz. Its a simple review of animal hairs vs. human hairs, racial differences, hair stages- forensic significance.
This is a worksheet intended to be done while watching Bill Nye's Forensics video (season 5, episode 1). There are three versions of this worksheet. The first is a mostly short answer version. The second is a fill in the blank version with optional word bank. Both versions include keys. The third is
Formative or summative assessment.
This packet contains a science based writing prompt for students to prepare for standardized testing. The packet contains the prompt, prewrite area including a flow-map, rough draft area, editing and revising area, and final copy area.
Make teaching easier with this Forensics Unit 3 Bundle: The Crime Scene! This bundle includes:Forensics Unit Plan 3: The Crime SceneForensics Unit 3 PowerpointLab Activity: Investigating a Crime SceneVirtual Autopsy 1: The Case of the Gold-Digging WifeFor other great resources to make teaching ea
What a great way to introduce Genetics! This introductory package includes a 45 slide Powerpoint presentation with animations, interactive questions, and high definition pictures.Also includes: -Guided Notes which can also be used as a test, quiz or review. -Worksheet and Guided Fill-In on
The Forensics Unit #3 Assessment Pack includes TWO Quizzes and TWO Tests. These all tie in with my Fingerprint, Forensics Toxicology, Forensic Serology, and Bloodstain Patterns lessons that are available at my TpT Store. Quiz- Fingerprints and Toxicology8 Multiple choice type questionsAnswers are pr
This product includes pdf and Microsoft Word editable versions of a unit study guide, unit study guide key, unit assessment, and unit assessment key. This is an overview of the first unit of study in Forensic Science which is observation techniques and crime scene investigation. This will allow yo
The Forensics: Fingerprints, Toxicology, Serology & Bloodstain Patterns Review Pack includes a THREE Page Study Guide and a Justpardy Review Game PowerPoint. These both tie in with my Fingerprint, Forensics Toxicology, Forensic Serology, and Bloodstain Patterns lessons that are available at my
Make teaching easier with this Forensics Unit 3 Test: The Crime Scene test with answer key! Designed to accompany my Forensics Unit 3: The Crime Scene Unit Plan, this test covers the following standards and objectives:For other great resources to make teaching easier follow me for updates! If you
The Forensics: CSI Basic Concept, Pathology, & Entomology Review Pack Review Pack includes a TWO Page Study Guide and a Justpardy Review Game PowerPoint. These both tie in with my Introduction to Forensics, Criminalistics Overview, CSI Basic Concepts, Forensics Pathology, and Forensics Entomolo
The Forensics DNA, Forensics Psychology, Serial Killer, Hair & Fiber Evidence Review Pack includes a THREE Page Study Guide and a Justpardy Review Game PowerPoint. The Forensics DNA, Forensics Psychology, Serial Killer, Hair & Fiber Study Guide is three pages long. It lists 24 key Vocabulary

showing 1-24 of 38 results

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