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2nd Grade Magic of Math Unit 3:  Geometry and Fractions
The Magic Of Math Unit 3 focuses on 2D Shapes: Composing and Decomposing, Naming Shapes, Attributes, Partitioning, Sorting and Classifying 3D Shapes: Sorting and Classifying, Naming Shapes, Attributes, Composing Fractions (For CC-halves, thirds, and fourths For TEKS: halves, fourths, and eighths

Also included in: 2nd Grade Magic of Math THE BUNDLE

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3rd Grade Magic of Math Unit 5:  Fractions
The Magic Of Math Unit 5 for THIRD GRADE focuses on: Week 1: Intro to Fractions (parts of a group, parts of a whole, unit fractions, naming fractions, explaining fractional parts) Week 2: Fractions on a Number Line, Fractions on Strip Diagrams, Sum of Unit Fractions, Composing and Decomposing Fr

Also included in: 3rd Grade Magic of Math: THE BUNDLE

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Math Interactive Notebook 5th Grade Bundle Common Core Standards ENTIRE YEAR
This includes student reproducibles to use in Interactive Math Notebooks for 5th Grade ALL Common Core Math Standards. It's all in here ready for you to teach and your students to create! This set also included rubric & instructions for using Interactive Math Notebooks in your classroom. This B
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Improving Deep Fraction Understanding: A Fraction Unit for Grades 3-5
If you want to make teaching fractions more interactive, more engaging, more research-based and have a problem-solving focus, this unit may be just what you are looking for! It is unlike any other fraction resource out there! What is this unusual resource? This year I traced my thinking and my st

Also included in: Hands On Fraction Bundle: 10 Hands On Fraction Resources for Grades 3-5

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Guided Math First Grade Unit 5: Geometry and Fractions
Guided Math Lessons for First Grade Geometry and FractionsThis packet is detailed and differentiated lesson plans, activities, games, and cards for your guided math whole group and small group lessons!This is unit 5A unit pre-test has been addedA unit post test has been updated The standards overvie

Also included in: First Grade Guided Math Bundle

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Math Intervention Plan : Middle School Common Core
About this resource : This math intervention plan takes a common core approach to reviewing essential skills! Included are 13 lessons designed to provide extra practice and reinforcement for Middle School Math skills. The skills covered are basics that must be mastered in order to ensure success in
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Math Interactive Notebook - BUNDLE - ALL 4th Grade Common Core Standards
This Interactive Notebook Mega-Bundle includes ALL 4th grade Common Core Standards. It is 502 pages and comes with the complete set of my (5) individual interactive notebooks for the whole year. It includes interactive pages, along with vocabulary, helpful hints, examples, and much, much more. Multi
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Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using the Four-Square Method
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators A few years ago when I first started teaching adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators to my fifth graders, I quickly realized that they needed some concrete step-by-step directions. They also needed a way to organize their

Also included in: 5th Grade Math PowerPoint Bundle for the YEAR

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Maker Math {Hands-on Math for 3rd-5th}
If you and your students love STEM Bins® and Comprehension Construction, you will LOVE Maker Math! Perfect for Centers, Small Groups, Interventions, and Tutoring! Try a FREE SAMPLE Below! ★MAKER MATH FREE SAMPLE FOR PERIMETER AND AREA See the SUPPLY LIST: ★MAKER MATH SUPPLIES Maker Math toolkits

Also included in: Maker Math BUNDLE {Hands-on Math for K-5th}

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Math Sorts:  5 Fraction Activities for Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade
Teachers are busy--and while we all know how important it is to provide our students with quality, high level learning activities, the reality is--we're swamped! Fortunately, this resource is not just great for student learning but is also easy and low-prep for teachers! So what are concept sorts?

Also included in: Math Sorts Bundle! Math Activities to Deepen Understanding and Math Discourse

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Fifth Grade Number Talks (DIGITAL and Printable) - A Yearlong Program
This yearlong Number Talks program is specifically designed for Fifth grade.It comes in both a DIGITAL and a PRINTABLE version. It is extremely easy to use and will save you TONS of time. INCLUDESNine 20 day units (180 number talks in all). Each unit addresses different Common Core Standards and g
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Third Grade Fractions Unit
3rd grade fractions This is a Common Core Standards-based fractions unit. This fraction unit is designed to stand alone and can be taught at any time during the year, and can be combined with any curriculum. It is full of hands-on activities, lessons, and assessments to help your students master AL
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Comparing Fractions: Lessons, Activities, and Word Problems
Comparing Fractions Interactive Lessons is a series of step-by-step interactive mini-lessons to help students explore the concepts of equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and ordering fractions. These teacher-directed lessons and activities will stretch your students’ thinking as you guide the

Also included in: Comparing Fractions Mega Bundle: Games, Lessons, Task Cards, and Assessments

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Fraction Fun {A BUNDLE of Fraction Activities!!}
This Fraction Fun Bundle includes the following units. If you have purchased these units separately then you do NOT need to purchase the bundles! Fraction FlapbookFraction SundaesFraction PizzaGumball FractionsBecome a Fraction Fanatic Looking for more fraction activities? Check out the units be
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Guided Math Second Grade Unit 6: Geometry and Fractions
Guided Math Lessons for Second Grade Unit 6 Geometry and FractionsThis packet is detailed and differentiated lesson plans, activities, games, and cards for your guided math whole group and small group lessons! From the first minute of your math block to the last, your plans are done! These are det

Also included in: Second Grade Guided Math Bundle

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Fourth Grade Fraction Unit
This is my best piece of work so far! It is 172 pages in all. This fraction unit covers EVERY fraction standard in the Common Core for 4th grade. Not only does it cover them, but it is designed as a spiral to ensure mastery of the fraction skills for all students. This fraction unit includes every
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Interactive Math Journals {ALL 3rd grade CCSS included}
This product will change your way of thinking about and teaching math! With the changeover to the Common Core Standards, students must dig deeper and really understand their mathematical thinking. These journals will HELP! In this document you will find interactive, hands-on journals and ALL TEMPL
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1st Grade Magic of Math Unit 4:  Shapes and Fractions
The Magic Of Math Unit 4 for FIRST GRADE focuses on: Week 1 2D Shapes: Naming Shapes, Attributes, and Sorting Shapes Week 2: Composing 2D Shapes Week 3: 3D Shapes: Naming Shapes, Attributes, Looking at what 2D Shapes make up the 3D Shapes Week 4: Fractions: Halves, Fourths, Examples, N

Also included in: 1st Grade Magic of Math: The Year Long BUNDLE

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Fractions Bundle 1 (based on 4th Grade CCSS)
This fourth grade fractions bundle is designed to teach fourth grade students about fractions in a way that will keep them engaged! This mini bundle of resources was developed using the first poriton of the 4th Grade Common Core State Standards. It includes: 1. a 49-slide interactive PowerPoint 2.
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Fractions Unit: Activities for Whole, Halves, Thirds, and Fourths
This fraction unit was created with the k-2 learner in mind. There are activities that can be done whole group, a few games, and several student activities. I also shared how I taught through and used the material. Inside you will find: -Fraction Posters -Fraction Vocabulary Cards -Equal and Uneq
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Divisibility Rule Poetry
Divisibility rules, or divisibility tests, have a wide range of applications in mathematics (finding factors, determining if a number is prime or composite, simplifying fractions, probability, etc.), but are often underemphasized in the classroom or not explored in enough detail for students to reta
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Fractions Bundle 2 (based on 4th Grade CCSS)
This fourth grade fractions bundle is designed to teach fourth grade students about fractions in a way that will keep them engaged! This mini bundle of resources was developed using most of the 4th Grade Common Core State Standards. It includes: 1. a 72-slide interactive PowerPoint 2. a matching
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Fourth Grade Fractions Unit
Fourth Grade Fractions This is a complete fractions unit for teaching the Common Core fractions concepts. It covers the fractions standards from 4.NF.1-4, including: 4.NF.1-2: Comparing and Equivalent Fractions -comparing fractions with different denominators -comparing fractions with different
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Fractions Bundle (based on 3rd Grade CCSS)
This mini bundle of resources focuses on Fractions, and was developed using the 3rd Grade Common Core State Standards. It includes: - a 62-slide interactive PowerPoint - a PowerPoint Worksheet Companion (so students can follow along as you progress through the PowerPoint with their own papers they
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