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Animal Diorama and Research Report - Project Pack {EDITABLE}
This Animal Diorama and Research Report is such a fun and engaging project for your students! They will learn about an animal by creating a diorama of the animal's natural habitat. Students will research an animal of their choice, complete an Animal Research Report poster, organize and write a res

Also included in: Animal Habitats {THE BUNDLE}


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Ecosystems and Biomes Activity | Foldable Accordion (With Google Classroom)
You need an easy but fun and educational tool for teaching about ecosystems. I've got just the resource you need! This craftivity comes with a reading comprehension passage to help your students explore ecosystems, as well as to practice main ideas with supporting details.If your district is like m

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Water Cycle Comic Strip Project with Rubric
Water Cycle Comic Strip Project is a great way to teach the Water Cycle or use as a culminating project to sum-up a unit on the Water Cycle! The item contains: - Two versions of directions for the students. (one for lower grades and one for upper grades depending on the vocabulary in your cur

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Solar System Space Interactive Notebook Unit
{ Solar System Space Unit Lessons Activities Questions Projects Interactive Notebooks All About Space Planets Astronauts Sun Moon Stars } Solar System, Space, and Astronauts: Complete Interactive Notebook Unit SUBJECT: Science, Space, Solar System LEVEL: Elementary Grades Huge 116 Page Package!!

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Solar System and Planets Project : Fun and Creative Science Project
Are you studying the SOLAR SYSTEM and the PLANETS and are looking for a fun and creative way to engage your students? If so then this craft-ivity might be exactly what you need. With this SCIENCE ART PROJECT your kiddos will be embossing, feather painting, marble painting, painting with plastic wrap

Also included in: All About Space BUNDLE: Space Unit, Solar System Craftivity, All About the Stars


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Phases of the Moon Oreo Activity FREEBIE
Do you teach the phases of the moon? Why not make it fun and yummy too! Use these templates to help you teach the phases of the moon and lead your little space explorers into a fun day of Oreo madness! Enjoy! Thanks so much! Hilary Lewis Read more about Oreo Moon Madness, here! Come meet more TpT

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STEM Challenge Solar Oven Project
This STEM challenge will help your students learn more about solar energy as they design and build a solar oven to cook their own S'mores! This STEM activity is cross-curricular with activities that incorporate science, reading comprehension, writing and math!In this activity students will work thr

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Inside the Earth: 3D Earth Structure Model Exploring the Layers
A constructivist approach to learning science concepts and systems. Designed with classroom teachers in mind, this easy to use creation project is great for class work, homework, and mini assessments. Click here to save 22% on this model with our Super Saver Earth Science Bundle of 8 different earth

Also included in: Middle School Earth Science: Earth Layers & Volcano Model Activities Bundle


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Science Experiments for a Year {Differentiated for ALL Learners}
DISCOUNTED FOR DISTANCE LEARNING!!! Look no further!!! I’ve got your Science covered for the year! I know you will agree that this Science unit is incredible and your students will be begging for more! It's my students favorite part of their day and every day they can't wait to ask, "What's for Scie

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Physical and Chemical Changes Resource Pack - Matter Unit Companion
This 16 page resource pack includes many items that will help you successfully teach physical and chemical changes! I have taught physical and chemical changes roughly 20 times over the past 6 years and I have developed each item over the years. This download includes: -Cover sheet -Table of co

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Cloud Types --- Cloud Book, Cloud Viewer, Presentation and Posters
Kids get so excited to be able to identify and name the different clouds they see in the sky. Once they learn about Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus and Cumulonimbus clouds, they'll tell you all about them every recess for the rest of the year! For a better look at what's included, just click on PREVIEW!Pow

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Science Fair Project Planner
UPDATED 11/2015 This was one of my first products and finally received a much needed makeover! Interested in making edits? Now you can with Science Fair Project Planner - EDITABLE version! This science fair project planner is designed for group science fair projects. In the past my students strugg

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Cells Interactive Notebook- Cell Theory Timeline
Cell theory pop-up timeline dedicated to the figures of the cell theory is a great addition to an interactive notebook, but it can also be used as a free standing project. The scientists included are Hooke, Schleiden, Schwann, and Virchow, students just add their creativity and imagination to create

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Science Interactive Notebooks BUNDLE! Science Lessons for the Entire Year!
BUNDLE! Science Lessons, activities, writing projects and reviews for every standard! "Light and Sound, Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Weather, Erosion, Animal Adaptations, Ecosystems, Solar Systems, Sun, Moon, Earth, Moon Phases and More" Interactive Notebook BUNDLE! Each notebook includes tho


Plant Lapbook & Passages | Plant Life Cycle | Parts of a Plant | Plant Activity
This plant lapbook kit includes 12 PAGES OF INFORMATIONAL PASSAGES about plant needs, the parts of a plant, seeds and how they travel, the parts of a flower, photosynthesis, and pollination, PLUS black line masters and photo illustrations for making a plant lapbook with your students. Also included,

Also included in: Science BUNDLE: Interactive Kits


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Energy Transformation: Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge 5-Day PBL & STEM - PPT
★ Top Selling Resource ★ Get students operating at a higher level of thinking with this Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge Unit! This product is a 5-Day PBL and STEM Project which allows students to create a Rube Goldberg-type machine using some basic materials provided by the teacher and materials f

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Chicken Egg Incubation Timeline & Passages | Chicken Life Cycle
Are you incubating chicken eggs in your classroom? Give your students a peek inside the egg throughout the process! This resource includes 21 cards with pictures and descriptions of the daily development of the embryo. Hang up a card each day. Then, have your students follow along on their own timel

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Life Cycle Comic Strip Project with Rubric
Life Cycle Comic Strip Project is a great way to teach the Life Cycles or use as a culminating project to sum-up a unit on Life Cycles! The item contains: - FOUR versions of directions for the students. 1. Plant 2. Insect 3. Frog 4. Customizable for other animals - FOUR versions of the

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Forms of Energy Matching Sort Cut & Paste- Definitions and Examples, Application
Want a great way to review, practice or asses your students understanding of the different forms of energy- this is it! Forms of energy included are: Light, Heat, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Sound, Gravitational, Elastic, Nuclear energy. 3 Worksheets are set up so that you can do some or all

Also included in: Forms of Energy Bundle: Examples, Cut & Paste, Application, Energy Transfer


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Scientific Process- Apple Experiment
Teach your students the steps of the scientific process using this fun and interactive apple experiment. Students will form a hypothesis about which type of liquid will best prevent an apple slice from turning brown- soda, water, lemon juice, or milk. They will plan their experiment, record their ob

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Adaptations of Animals Project for Evolution - Distance Learning
Make a beast as you roll a die for predetermined traits - will mother nature prevail or will the adaptations you create survive in this evolution project all about mutation and adaptations.WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• 5 NON-EDITABLE PDF handouts with instructions and extension questions

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Symbiosis Project - Distance Learning
Symbiosis Project - Mutualism, Commensalism, Parasitism Want Ad Reinforce symbiotic relationships of mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism with this Want-Ad project.What students will do:* Research a particular type of symbiotic relationship (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism) * Create a want

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Birthday Send Home Science Kits for STEM and Distance Learning
This is an ALL NEW Birthday Science Kit that was made specifically for giving as a birthday gift to any young scientist. The kits are easy to make, and inexpensive to put together. This "Birthday" Edition is perfect for a student gift. Teachers can give them to students or they can even be used for

Also included in: Send Home Science Kit Bundle (DISTANCE LEARNING STEM)


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Endangered Animal Research Writing Project - Common Core Aligned
This is a fun and exciting way to get your students writing! They will love that they have their own endangered animal to research and learn about. There is a graphic organizer that will guide them through the research process. There is a sheet with approved websites for research and themed final

Also included in: Writing Research Projects & Activities - BUNDLE


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