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Science Experiments Rubric, Scientific Method 4th 5th 6th Grade Science Lab
DIGITAL AND PRINT: Here are two assessments for grading a science experiment. The first science rubric may be used by the teacher to assess the students' skills in identifying the hypothesis, following the procedures, collecting data, using materials, and accuracy of results. The assessment is on

Also included in: ELA, Math, Reading, Science Standards Based Grading Rubrics BUNDLE


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Egg Drop STEM Lab
Engineering challenge for students - How can we protect an egg from a fall from a great height? Great for STEM! The product includes: *Laboratory Information Sheet - includes project description, objective, procedure, supplies, rules *Rubric - a color copy and a blackline copy *Lab Reflection Ques

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Science Interactive Notebook Rubric and Grade Recording Sheet
This rubric and grade recording sheet is also available in the “Student Instructions and Strategies for Science Interactive Notebooks” packet. I have the students glue this rubric into their interactive notebooks. Then I use the grading sheet to track how they improve over time.

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Water Cycle Test
A ten question multiple choice and fill-in test all about the water cycle! Assess students knowledge of the water cycle! Included in Set: 1. Water Cycle *TEST* 2 Page exam with 10 questions 2. Water Cycle *RUBRIC* 2 part rubric to use to assess student understanding of the water cycle. Rubric is

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Cell Model Project Guide and Rubric
This is a 5 page document includes project requires for students to create both an animal and plant cell model as well as prepare a short presentation. The pages include model and presentation expectations, parent's signature, diagrams of both plant and animal cells, and a grading rubric.

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Wild Weather Diorama Project
This resource is an excellent way to get your students doing a little extra research in the classroom! Use this pack to help students with researching and writing about various types of wild weather (i.e. blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, hail, and thunderstorms). This packet inclu

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4th Grade Science Fusion Scales
This pack includes 10 4th Grade Marzano based learning scales aligned to Florida Sunshine State Standards for Science! The 10 scales are aligned with each unit from the 4th Grade Florida Science Fusion book. Print the scale for each unit to show students their learning goals. This pack also includes

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Water Cycle - My Life as a Drip {Complete Lesson Pack}  Science and Writing
Are you teaching the water cycle? The My Life as a Drip Complete Lesson Pack is a great activity for students to exercise their writing skills in science class. The student instruction page is sold separately as a FREEBIE if you click here . This packet will allow you to follow a detailed lesson

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Engineering Design: Middle School Invention Project
Middle school students will tackle the challenge of creating their own unique invention with this project. Not only is this a good way for students to express their creativity and use critical thinking, but it also addresses the middle school "Engineering Design" standards that are part of the new N

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Best Science CER Rubric Ever! Editable page included!
Are you looking for an easy to use CER rubric and CER handout? This resource will help you effectively implement CER writing in your science classroom. A CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) is an easy to use, concise writing activity for the science classroom. Included in this resource:Editable CER rubri

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Cell Analogy Project
~Cell Analogy Project~This is the perfect end for your animal and plant cells and their organelles unit. In this file, you have a fun project students can do alone, in pairs, or in a small group. Students are asked to compare cells to a real world system using analogy and presenting it in a PowerPoi

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Choice Project (41 mini projects included) GEOSPHERE ~ Differentiated!
Culuminating activity at the end of a geosphere unit -- students choose 5 out of 41 possible choices covering topics such as: Layers of the Earth ~ Plate Tectonics ~ Rock Cycle ~ Earthquakes ~ Volcanoes. This project could easily be converted to ANY SCIENCE TOPIC, not just geosphere. All learning

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DOC (10.02 MB)

Goals and Scales for Kindergarten {Science, Kid Friendly, Picture Scales}
BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED SCIENCE SCALES!This standards-based product contains Goals and Scales for achieving rigor in the classroom for science instruction in Florida. All the science standards of the strands listed below have been included in this product individually, including their DOK Level (De

Also included in: Kindergarten Goals and Scales Bundle


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3rd Grade Science Fusion Learning Goal Scales
This pack includes 8 3rd Grade Marzano based learning scales aligned to Florida Sunshine State Standards for Science! The 8 scales are aligned with each unit from the 3rd Grade Florida Science Fusion book. Print the scale for each unit to show students their learning goals. This pack also includes a

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Solar System Menu Choice (Extension Menu and Inquiry)
Allow students to choose how they want to demonstrate their understanding of the solar system by giving them this menu choice. Whether its a comic strip, flip book, presentation, writing, or compare and contrast there is something for all levels of learners. Common Core in the science classroom is

Also included in: Space Unit Bundle (solar system, stars, and galaxies) | distance learning


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Genetic Condition Brochure Project (Gene Mutations)
Are you teaching genetics with your middle school students? This project is a great research extension project for any genetics unit. Have each student research and report on one genetic condition that arises from a genetic mutation. This project has the students designing their own brochures and pr

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Science Process Skills Rubric for Elementary Grades
This is a rubric I use to assess my students on the science process skills: predicting inferring observing measuring classifying communicating This can be used as an informal assessment to track what skills students are having difficulty with during science labs and experiments. It corresponds w

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DOCX (298 KB)

Scientific Method Comic Strip Project
Are you looking for a project that will assess your students' knowledge on the scientific method? This project can do just that. Students will create a comic strip that includes a frame for each of the steps of the scientific method. They will create an illustration and caption that helps to expl

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DOCX (77.41 KB)

Graphing the Weather - Worksheets and Projects
This product contains science and math graphing worksheets and projects for a unit on weather. These resources were created with NGSS content and evidence statements in mind. The first set of worksheets focus on weather around the world, and the second set focus on weather patterns in one area. Ea

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PDF (1.21 MB)

Claim Evidence Reasoning Scientific Argumentation Organizer and Rubric (NGSS)
This resource includes two graphic organizers designed to help students organize a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning structured response, a basis for argumentative writing in science. Two options are presented to provide options to meet your needs.The resource also includes two rubrics to assess argumentati

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ZIP (11.22 MB)

Environmental Science & Ecology Research Project Bundle
This bundle includes six environmental science research projects which will keep 7th-10th grade students engaged with the material. Student handouts, research tables, and rubrics are included to provide your students with clear expectations. This is a sanity-saver for any environmental science teach


Science Investigations Rubric for Grades 4-8 - EDITABLE
This science rubric follows the Scientific Method and covers six areas: Question, Prediction, Materials, Plan, Data Collection and Display, and Conclusion. It is set up so that you can easily grade your students' science investigations. It is based on a four point grading system: 3 = Exemplary 2

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DOCX (453.21 KB)

Oreo Moon Phases Rubric
This rubric makes it very easy to quickly grade a students' work. Simply pass out Oreos to your class and have them scrape off the icing and arrange them in the order of the moon phases. Rate their work based on direction following, use of time, execution, and accuracy. Circle their total points ear

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Engineering Design Process Rubric Distance Learning
This rubric can be used with any engineering design challenge. It is can be used to assess the Engineering, Technology, and Application of Science NGSS Performance Expectations and Science and Engineering Practices, as well as design projects in the Project Lead the Way curriculum. Indicators are pr

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