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Tired of seeing your students make the same old menus? This comprehensive project guides your students to research different foods in a Spanish-speaking country and create an impressive infographic menu.This product includes:• A complete scenario, overview, requirements and how-to for students • A g
Booksnaps Project for Any Novel, Any Language!This is a Snapchat Story project designed to help students demonstrate their comprehension of a novel while having fun at the same time! Can be used with or without Snapchat, on any device that can access Google Slides.An editable handout (in Powerpoint
These German speaking activities are perfect for quarterly assessments, midyear, midterm, and/or final exams. This German oral exam includes 40 situations in English to ask your students such as: 1. We are at a party. Introduce yourself to me. Tell me your name, where you are from, and how old you
This multi phase project works well for level II students or level I students during the second semester who are learning vocabulary associated with the house. Students must create a classified ad to sell their home, field questions from a prospective buyer on the phone(you) and design a dream home
Ever noticed how much harder it is to understand and obtain information when you cannot see the person? This mini project tests students ability to comprehend a simple phone conversation. Students receive a phone call from you and must take a message for someone else who isnt there at the moment.
Includes 12 activities for vocabulary relating to German fairy tales. Discussing characters, themes and events important to well known fairy tales. Does NOT include Fairy Tale texts. Included in this bundle: - Vocabulary list- Vocabulary quiz (with study guide)- Vocabulary crossword puzzle- Vocab
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." Albert Einstein (German physicist ~ 1879 - 1955)This final exam includes an oral part worth 50 points (25 questions) and a written part worth 150 points (150 multiple choice questions). Since our turn-around time is extremely
“After the verb 'to love', 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world." Bertha von Suttner (Czech-Austrian novelist ~ 1843 - 1914)I ate a salad.I washed the car.I did my homework. I went back to the library. I flew to Bonn on Tuesday. Have your students learned das Perfekt and now need som
“A man's grammar, like Caesar's wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity.” Edgar Allan Poe (American author ~ 1809 - 1849)This final exam includes an oral part worth 50 points (25 questions) and a written part worth 150 points (150 multiple choice questions). Since our turn-ar
"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." Paracelsus (Swiss German physician ~ 1493 -1541) Doing a unit on health and wellness ?Learning the parts of the body ? The two activities included here can be an intr
High interest level, beginning German text about Taylor Swift, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kanye West. Includes 15 comprehension questions in English. Great reading assessment!
Lesson and activities to introduce students to German cognates, false friends, and loan words. Great for an exploratory language class or an entry level German class.Includes:- Cognate notes: PowerPoint to present the information as well as student copy. The PowerPoint also has a link to a Kahoot to
Show your beginning level German students just how similar German is to English! There are 24 German nouns and pictures that students should try to match up. Can be done on the first day of class! German isn't as difficult as they may think. ;) Store location: Frau Spradl
"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." Sydney J. Harris (American journalist ~ 1917 - 1986)If you're ill, can you go to the school nurse in a German school ?Can you get a quick drink at the water fountain between classes ? Is there a guidance counselor to help you work ou
This is designed as a middle school elective. Students are introduced to a culture point, vocabulary (basic greetings, leave-takings, questions, answers, and general remarks; numbers 0-10; days of the week) cognates, art, and geography. Students practice study skills and team work as well as being a
“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." Roy L. Smith (American minister and author ~ 1887 - 1963)Die Weihnachtszeit.A festive time for Germans.Here's an easy way to include this aspect of culture in your classroom. Included are four activities which you can do for N
This bundle includes 15 separate documents that I have used with extraordinary success with my 3rd year German students (mostly 11th graders) to read, understand, discuss, memorize, and recite the famous poem "Der Erlkönig" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This unit takes about 7-10 days (approximatel
"Caviar is to dining what a sable coat is to a girl in evening dress." Ludwig Bemelmans (Austrian-American author of the Madeline books ~ 1898 - 1962)Once your students have learned a variety of food words, they'll be excited to create their own colorful menu for their own restaurant using paper, c
This Integrated Performance Assessment targets interpretive reading, presentational writing, and interpersonal speaking skills. It is intended for use with students who have only been learning German for a few weeks. The scenario involves students attending a language course in Berlin. This docume
Vocabulary Quiz for German students learning about Familie. Quiz includes four sections: sentence completion based on a family tree; a listening exercise (drawing a family tree based on a description; script included); translation (words); short essay (writing about student's own family). Also inc
A list of project choices to be used at the end of a unit on clothing & shopping. These are organized by learning style (verbal/linguistic, visual/spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, etc) NOT LANGUAGE SPECIFIC
This IPA should be paired with a downloaded copy of the Hofbräuhaus menu. It consists of interpretive, interpersonal, and performance components comparing and assessing knowledge of food culture in Germany.
Start German 1 off with a bang! Middle and High School students love the Deutsch mit Socke Videos and are so proud of themselves when they can correctly complete short authentic listening comprehension exercises after only a few days of class. Listening exercises to accompany six different shor
This quiz is a short assessment of present-tense verb conjugations in German. It includes subject pronouns, regular verbs, vowel-stem changing verbs, separable prefix verbs, and haben and sein. There are three levels of mastery on the quiz. The quiz is designed to be printed front-to-back, and cu

showing 1-24 of 288 results

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