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This is a simple roster I have set up to help me check student homework and participation. Nothing fancy at all, but it might save you a little time, right? You fill in the dates, the students names, then print out the sheets weekly. I use it to record grades and participation during class time,
Tired of reading choppy, isolated sentences in a paragraph, essay, story or presentation? Give students a copy of these connectors to use in their writing, and their sentences will flow so much better! I use these in Spanish 3, but they are appropriate for any lower level class. I also allow my st
This set of number cards include the numeral, English word, German word and visual representation of the numbers from 1-10. Can be printed A4 or smaller for use as a display in a classroom, bedroom, playroom or study or used as flashcards.
This editable syllabus has the design done for you. It is in grayscale for easy printing. No need to worry about fonts, the basic structure of the document is secure while the text boxes are completely editable! No graphic design skills are required! Just type your info, and print! Couldn't be easie
Gather important information about your students at the beginning of the year! Form includes personal information (name, birthday, German class name, address, personal cell number, contact information for parents, allergies, etc.) as well as free time activities and personal goals. Designed for Ge
When I taught German, I could never find anything cute for the classroom. Hopefully this bundle of cactus decor helps a few people who are also having that problem.Includes in German:2 Different Welcome Signs.Missing Student Work Cover SheetMonths of the Year Displays6 Table Group Signs6 Different B
Use this to help students evaluate other student's writing. Gives a checklist as well as short answer questions to gets students to put language to use.
I suggest having your students hand-copy these rules from the Smartboard or projector. When students hand-write the rules, they learn them better, and have little grounds to say "I didn't know that I couldn't do X/Y/Z." (Have a few copies made for students with disabilities or for students who mis
Follow this plan to insert yourself in the pre-registration cycle to be sure all students who should continue do continue. Common Core aligned. "Il ne fault rien laisser au hasard." "Der Teufel steckt im Detail." - Selling Academics.
German Lesson Planner in editable version. Please send me a message if you have any questions.
This is an easy tool to use when giving students feedback on a writing assignment, specifically a rough draft. Give each of the students a copy of it to keep in their binders. When you return their rough draft to them, they have to use the symbols to correct their mistakes and resubmit their writi
Can't get your students to speak Spanish regularly? Provide them with this survival guide to help them communicate with you and their peers quickly and easily! When my students don't know how to ask their question in Spanish and can't find it on the survival guide, they must ask permission to spea
To use as posters. Never forget birthdays.
This paragraph introduces students to the various ways of saying "Hallo", asking for basic information. Learning the proper way to make introductions in German can help you get off to the right start.
This is for the convenience of the teacher. Record the teams that students choose or are assigned when you do this project. If at all possible, each team should have at least one person in the class who cheers for that team. Obviously, this won't work for classes smaller than 18. For larger classes
A presentation containing a short biography of the musical genius.
Flashcards / Wordcards / Plural forms Pets At the zoo On the farm In the woods
Gather important information about your students at the beginning of the year and get the German juices flowing! Collect personal information (name, German class name, address, birthday, parents' contact information, allergies etc), their goals for the course, and AP/IB testing plans. Document i
This form allows you as a teacher to get a good understanding of your student's goals, interests and background. It's a great activity on the first day of school and has the English translation below for speakers who are not too practiced yet.
This is a Power Point Template. You can use it to teach new words to your students.
Ein Punktzettel für die Gruppenarbeit mit dem Thema : Musikband
Ein Punktzettel für die Gruppenarbeit mit dem Thema : Monsters
Ein Punktzettel für die Gruppenarbeit mit dem Thema : Piraten
Ein Punktzettel für die Gruppenarbeit mit dem Thema : Schulanfanf

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