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PARTS OF SPEECH Coloring for ALL YEAR: Fun Summer / Back to School Activity
Parts of Speech Pop Art coloring pages make learning and reviewing grammar a lot of fun! Included are starter, basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced English Language Arts coloring pages to help students (grades 2 to 8) practice parts of speech and review their grammar. This set includes 10 imag

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Complete Sentence Buddy
The sentence buddy serves as a great visual aide for kiddos who are learning about the parts of a complete sentence: capital letter, noun, verb, and punctuation marks.He came to be after an impromptu song I created about capitals and periods- which is also included in this pack!If you enjoy this pro

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Digital and Printable Activity:  Contraction Caterpillars
Are you looking for a fun activity to use when teaching about contractions?! In this activity students create a caterpillar to display their knowledge of contractions. The best part? This activity comes in a DIGITAL and PRINTABLE version! You get both in this download! Here's how it works digital

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Grammar Posters
***UPDATED 14 GRAMMAR POSTERS*** STOP, GRAMMAR TIME! Humorous Grammar Posters that will get the attention of any kid. 10 Posters in 3 versions -Full Color -Limited Color -Black and White Letters to spell out "STOP, GRAMMAR TIME" Looking for other meaningful classroom posters? Student Generate

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Grammar Robots! Parts of Speech Grammar Mosaic- Color By Part of Speech
This is a fun little set of six new Grammar Mosaics. In this set you will receive six grammar mosaics designed to allow your students to practice the identification of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in a fun and engaging manner! Each grammar robot comes with a color key, having the student co

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Tab-Its® BUNDLE for Grade 2
This BUNDLE includes 4 Resources ALL in 1 for your Second Graders! BUY this BUNDLE and SAVE over 20% !!!!! These Tab-Its® are engaging, fun, rigorous, and aligned with the common core. Each page of these Tab-Its® Booklets incorporates writing, reading, grammar, and math skills. The Reading and G

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Nouns PowerPoint and Printables
If your students enjoy bright colors, animation, and interactive activities, then you've found the perfect product to teach common and proper nouns. This is a highly visual and interactive PPT that consists of 30 slides, jam-packed with engaging activities. Four matching worksheets are included to f

Also included in: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Pronouns - ELA L.3.1.A BUNDLE


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Super Star Sentence! {Sentence Writing}
Check out my WRITING BUNDLE and save big!! WRITING BUNDLE Help your students become "SUPER STAR" sentence writers with this fun filled pack! This pack includes anchor charts, rubrics, writing templates, and games for your K, 1st, or 2nd grade students! Included are the following: -Super Star Sen

Also included in: Kindergarten Writing Bundle {Sentence Writing and Story Writing}


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These GRAMMAR NO PREP PRINTABLES for 2nd grade are grammar practice worksheets aligned to the 2nd grade language CCSS! They are NO prep, include MULTIPLE printables for EACH GRAMMAR STANDARD, and include an editable student check list sheet to track the student progress.You may also want to check my

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Suffixes Tab-Its® | Distance Learning Included
Suffixes activity. Mastering Suffixes is tough! These SUFFIXES TAB-ITS® are just the ticket to help your students to master this tough skill and be WOWED by the format!We now have included a GOOGLE® Slides option to allow you to assign this activity digitally to your students!Do you use Interactive

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Parts of Speech Comics Bundle
Are you tired of your students not knowing the parts of speech? Do they look puzzled when you ask them to find the adjective in a sentence? Do they think a car is a verb? Then your students need a review! And what better way to do it through comics? Your students will love reviewing the parts of sp


Types of Sentences Activity Pack
This listing is for a pack of activities to review the four types of sentences. I created this to go with my reading basal, which refers to the four types of sentences as COMMAND, EXCLAMATION, QUESTION, and STATEMENT. :) Included are: -Types of Sentences Posters -Types of Sentences Anchor Chart -

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Punctuation Lecture & Editing Handout, Fun Punctuation Grammar Activity, CCSS
This 24-slide "Power of Punctuation" presentation will entertain your students and inspire them to take care with their punctuation marks. Using humorous examples and interactive slides/handout, your class will learn the striking difference in meaning that can occur with one misplaced comma. Example

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Grammar | Distance Learning
Grammar activities. These GRAMMAR activities for your interactive notebooks are just the ticket! Thinking of interactive grammar lessons and engaging grammar lessons is not an easy task! These GRAMMAR Tab-Its® for Grade 2 is just the ticket!We now have included a GOOGLE® Slides option to allow you

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I have.. Who has? Prefixes (pre, re, un, im)
I have... who has? Is a great game to practice a variety of skills! This version focuses on prefixes: pre, re, un, and im. This game contains 36 cards. There are no specific start or end cards. My students made this suggestion to me. They didn't like being dealt the start or end cards because the

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Cracking the Classroom Code™ Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones Escape Room
Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today!Their dog Max has escaped, and students must find him before he gets take to the pound. They only have 45 to find him! Students must solve a string of ELA questions and clues based on synonyms, antonyms, homopho

Also included in: Cracking the Classroom Code™ Language Arts Bundle Escape Room 3-5 Grade


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Verb Unit - Identify, Tense, Linking & Helping Verbs, Subject and Verb Agreement
Teach all of the Common Core verb standards with this large verb unit! In this product you'll find fun activities, graphic organizers, task cards, and practice worksheets. Your students will have FUN learning about verbs with the following tasks: -6 Identifying verbs activities -5 Linking verbs &

Also included in: Parts of Speech Bundle - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Types of Sentences


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Valentine's Day Parts of Speech Coloring Activity
Students color picture by identifying the parts of speech for each each word (nouns, adjectives, and verbs). Ideas for use after coloring: - Use as decoration around the classroom. - Students use as the front of a Valentine card for a family member. Click below to check out my other Valentine's D

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Suffixes Tab-Its® | Distance Learning
Suffixes activity. Mastering Suffixes is tough! But, these SUFFIXES TAB-ITS® are just the ticket to get your students to master this tough skill! We now have included a GOOGLE® Slides option to allow you to assign this activity digitally to your students to help with Distance Learning while virtua

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Possessive Nouns Craftivity
Here's a hands-on, creative way for your students to practice identifying when to use the apostrophe before the -s or after the -s! This is an engaging activity where your students read sentences on a worksheet. They rewrite the underlined phrase as a possessive noun. Some of the words end with 's

Also included in: Possessive Nouns Bundle: Singular and Plural Possessives


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Antonyms Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a collection of images to illustrate antonyms. The images in this set show: above-below back-front small-big black-white clean-dirty night-day right way up-upside down happy-sad closed-open inside-outside fully-empty happy-sad This collection contains 44 images. 22 color images (as shown)

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Vocabulary Activities | Root words, prefixes, suffixes, context clues
These best selling vocabulary activities and centers will help your 2nd and 3rd graders build and practice vocabulary skills including root words, prefixes, suffixes, context clues, homophones and more at any point in the school year. You can SAVE and buy these VOCABULARY ACTIVITES BUNDLED together

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Contraction Surgery| Dr. Apostrophe's College of Contractionology
Your students will love the opportunity to perform ACTUAL contraction surgery! Dr. Apostrophe is looking for new doctors to work in the field of Contractionology! ! This is a fun, hands-on method of learning how words are broken down and put back together to form contractions! All you need is a

Also included in: Contraction Surgery Bundle! Hands-On Activities and 3 BOOM Learning Decks


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Verbs 2 Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This is a set of graphics to illustrate verbs.The images in this set show children: cooking, drawing, listening, traveling, talking, laughing, swimming, swinging, studying, paying, watching, shopping, skipping.26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)This is the 2nd set of verbs. You can fi

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