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The perfect classroom anchors for FANBOYS! Please note that this pack DOES NOT contain activities for coordinating conjunctions; they are just posters to hang in the classroom. Each poster has the conjunction, a nickname, the meaning and an example. Each poster also contains a cute clip art picture!
This unique mnemonic device titled C.O.M.M.A.S. lists, with examples, the six main uses of the comma. Each category has a brief explanation and a few examples for the students to immitate. It is an excellent tool for teaching this confusing grammar topic. When students need to remember how to effec
Click here to subscribe to our music video channel! This is the original Grammarheads tune; the one that started it all! It's not your mother's oldies station. It's rock and roll, and the kids love it! Here, your kids will be introduced to tons of adverbs to use in their writing. After listening to
Click here to subscribe to our music video channel! Prepositional phrases can be a tricky subject, but they are very important in our writing. This song offers many examples of prepositional phrases and prepositions, a rule on how to use them in your writing, and a chorus hook to get the kids engag
Three pages of subordinate conjunction (AAAWWUBBIS) information that can be used as handouts, blown up to be anchor charts, and used for an assessment. In a fun font and there's room for coloring in the AAAWWUBBIS letters to help students remember, too. A good introduction to the concept of opening
These posters and bookmarks will help your students learn and remember when to use capital letters in their writing. Mini-charts for student journals or interactive notebooks are also included. There are completed versions of all charts as well as partly blank versions in case you would prefer that
CUPS and ARMS are mnemonic devices used in the English Language Arts classroom to assist students in revising and editing their work. This download uses the same mnemonic device but is a transadaptation that allows Spanish-dominant students to go through the same process.
This is a truly UNIQUE product offering.This is a bundled set of three very engaging videos that teach the usages of the comma. The topics covered are commas with compound sentences, introductory clauses, and commas in a series. The videos are very engaging amateur productions that teach the use of
This is a rap that I made up to help my students remember what the coordinating conjunctions FANBOYS stood for. There is also a sound file of me singing the rap. :) Enjoy!
FANBOYS Join words phrases and clauses using the coordinators (mnemonic FANBOYS). Students can use these posters to help memorize coordinating conjunctions so that they will not forget them! They are: F = for A = and N = nor B = but O = or Y = yet S = so Each poster bears the coordinating conjunc
This interactive powerpoint introduces capitalization rules according to the acronym MINTS, a commonly used strategy for memorizing capitalization rules. Because this powerpoint is designed to be interactive, it can be played one-on-one with flyswatters or in a team vs. team format where students wo
This is an engaging 8 min amateur video that teaches the construction of commas in a series in a creative and amusing way (similar to the brainpop/creative commons approach). A very systematic and detailed explanation is given to students through the video on how to use commas effectively in a seri
This freebie includes printables on antonyms, synonyms, homophones, and multiple meaning words. Use this resource to introduce your students to the Antonym Opposites, the Synonym Twin Sisters, and Hairy Harry Homophone. These characters are a helpful mnemonic tool for differentiating between the con
Subordinating conjunctions can be tough for students to remember! Have your students glue this handy acronym reminder in their Interactive Notebook to help them learn the subordinating conjunctions! Practice/review sheet is also included!Perfect addition to your lessons on conjunctions and types of
Here it is! After many requests, Their, There, They're is finally recorded and up for sale. Lots of examples of each word and sentences throughout the song will help your students finally understand the difference between the three and be able to use them in their writing. Sample lesson plan and
This is an engaging 7 min amateur video that teaches the construction of compound sentences in a creative and amusing way (similar to the brainpop approach). A very systematic and detailed explanation is given to students through the video on how to construct and create compound sentences using bot
This is an engaging 7 min amateur video that teaches the use of the comma in opening (introductory) phrases and clauses in a creative and amusing way (similar to the brainpop approach). A very systematic and detailed explanation is given to students through the video on how to use commas with infini
SUBJECT? PREDICATE? FRAGMENT? Subjects and predicates are defined and explained in this template for Interactive Student Notebooks. Easy to understand visual aid (puzzle pieces) help students see how the parts of sentences "fit" together like a puzzle! Students can also see how if a sentence i
Este poster ayuda a los estudiantes a recordar los pasos a seguir cuando editan y revisan una composición o ensayo. Es equivalente ARMS and CUPS (por sus siglas en Inglés) Revising and Editing Chart: ARMS & CUPS. Acronyms to help kids remember what to look for when revising and editing.(Spanis
Want to teach AAAWWUBBIS words (subordinating conjunctions) in a fun, active way that will aid learning? Use this SONG to help introduce or review with your students in a highly memorable mini-lesson. Set to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching", the AAAWWUBBIS Song is an ORIGINAL, silly composition
Sung to familiar tunes kids already know, these songs make it fun to learn the "adjective questions" and the "adverb questions." (Adjective song adds one final repetition of the first line for balance.)
This is an engaging 5 min amateur video that teaches/reviews the coordinate adjective use of the comma in a creative and amusing way (similar to the brainpop approach). Cumulative adjectives are also covered in the video. This is a great resource to introduce a session on commas, but can also be u
This product aligns with ELA CCSS L.1.1g and L.3.1.h for use of coordinating conjunctions. This set includes a sentence building activity. Students will select correct conjunctions from a choice of 'and, or, but, so.' There are 24 possible sentences. All are color coordinated for SLP/teacher conve
This song is about the three main types of pronouns: subject, object, and possessive. It will help your kids remember which ones to use and when. It is sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells." The words in parentheses can be shouted out by the kids as they sing. Check out my other songs too! Yes, I take

showing 1-24 of 184 results

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