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Direct object pronoun speaking activity for Spanish class Sherie Gentilli Quinn This file is an 8 page, non-editable PDF. I designed this activity for my Spanish 2 classes. It is a survey-style speaking activity, where each student has a question
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Modeled after the VDOE Writing SOL Technology Enhanced Items, this SMARTboard lesson allows students to practice with commas and quotation marks. Because this is a SMARTboard lesson, the movement of the commas and quotation marks mimics the way the
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12 Slides on Smart Boarad Exploring Similiesand Metaphors. Lots of hands on and variety.
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Fun, but simple, introduction to the concept of contractions.
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Curious who the two figures from history are? So were the kids! This is an attention hook built to model why students need to learn critical reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills. The vocabulary and grammar simulations model the importance of
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This is an 18 slide Smart Board presentation that is interactive for children to explore and learn about figurative language.
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This "Vocabulary Explosion" program was developed to create a solid foundation of the English language in 5th grade students. The complete program includes 30 weeks of daily lessons in order for students to master the Greek and Latin base words and
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The students play with the differences between abstractions and concrete nouns. Writing concretely is an important step toward writing vividly. See my Atlantic article on the subject.
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I created this SMART Notebook document to use as a daily warm-up in my second grade dual language classroom for the 4th quarter of the school year. Each page has a math story problem and a daily oral language sentence. It contains 46 pages and
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Family Fortunes English Quiz based on the famous gameshow. The PowerPoint has real questions from the show as well as academic English questions. Students love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is the Flipchart I use to introduce and review Adjectives with my students. It begins with a brainstorming activity (directions included). all you would need to gather are sticky notes and some paper. It includes definitions, notes, examples,
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A frazzled dad tries to get his 4-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son ready to leave the house -- in Spanish. I was getting my kids dressed and ready to go when all of a sudden, I realized I was using lots of reflexive verbs. So I busted out
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Giving Directions and Prepositions of Place practice with images, map, descriptions and more.
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