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Direct object pronoun speaking activity for Spanish class Sherie Gentilli Quinn This file is an 8 page, non-editable PDF. I designed this activity for my Spanish 2 classes. It is a survey-style speaking activity, where each student has a question to ask 5 classmates and record their answers. His
Looking for something a little challenging, incredibly engaging, and slightly different from an ordinary day? Escape room challenges have all of that and more.In this escape room challenge, the students must escape from being stuck on Penguin Island after disobeying the sign on a magic portal at the
En este archivo encontraréis una versión Role Play del típico juego "Find someone who" con 8 personajes y 8 acciones distintas. (Si tenéis clases de 24 alumnos podéis hacerlo en grupos de 3). La estructura gramatical trabajada es el PAST SIMPLE de verbos irregulares y el verbo "to be". La actividad
Modeled after the VDOE Writing SOL Technology Enhanced Items, this SMARTboard lesson allows students to practice with commas and quotation marks. Because this is a SMARTboard lesson, the movement of the commas and quotation marks mimics the way the technology enhanced items are set up. Students wil
12 Slides on Smart Boarad Exploring Similiesand Metaphors. Lots of hands on and variety.
Grammar auctions are a surefire way to engage your students when reviewing grammar points at any grade level, including ESL learners. Grammar auctions (also known as sentence auctions) are easy to set up, requiring only a bit of role-play to turn a typical classroom into a lively auction. They are f
Fun, but simple, introduction to the concept of contractions.
The students play with the differences between abstractions and concrete nouns. Writing concretely is an important step toward writing vividly. See my Atlantic article on the subject. http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/10/the-secret-to-good-writing-its-about-objects-not-ideas/263113/
Almost every time I try to get my students to write anything, I get hit with a wave of groans and sighs, and even some "It's not like I'm going to get a job sitting somewhere writing essays all day long!!" when I'm super-duper lucky. My students are also terrible about catching grammar mistakes in t
This is a fun way to learn about grammar by mixing movement with learning. The teacher will need to read the instructions on each slide while the students get to do actions as they learn about compound sentences and using commas before coordinating conjunctions. It is important to set rules prior to
Review complete sentences by transforming your classroom into an operating room. This activity can be easily accomplished with any compound sentence task cards, run-on sentence paragraphs, bandaids, gloves, and any other inexpensive medical supplies.This handout allows students to practice their wri
Curious who the two figures from history are? So were the kids! This is an attention hook built to model why students need to learn critical reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills. The vocabulary and grammar simulations model the importance of what we do in a language arts class before calling
ABILITIES AND SKILLS SURVEY - SPEAKING ROLE PLAYThis package offers:- Abilities and skills survey.This activity is a good way for your students to practise this content in a visual way!
This is an 18 slide Smart Board presentation that is interactive for children to explore and learn about figurative language.
This "Vocabulary Explosion" program was developed to create a solid foundation of the English language in 5th grade students. The complete program includes 30 weeks of daily lessons in order for students to master the Greek and Latin base words and their many derivatives. Due to feedback and request
Family Fortunes English Quiz based on the famous gameshow. The PowerPoint has real questions from the show as well as academic English questions. Students love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the Flipchart I use to introduce and review Adjectives with my students. It begins with a brainstorming activity (directions included). all you would need to gather are sticky notes and some paper. It includes definitions, notes, examples, practice examples, and "game" like activities. I al
A frazzled dad tries to get his 4-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son ready to leave the house -- in Spanish. I was getting my kids dressed and ready to go when all of a sudden, I realized I was using lots of reflexive verbs. So I busted out my phone and started recording all of my interaction
Giving Directions and Prepositions of Place practice with images, map, descriptions, places in town and more.Content has just been updated, refreshed and got a few more exercises and new words - a whole new look!Another excellent aspect of this material is that you can totally adapt to your needs. M
These 12 identity cards are designed to use in the Spanish Class as a role-play. Each of the students takes a card and they automatically have another identity. The rest of the students will have to get some personal information of the others by asking proper questions using the Spanish language!
Heterogeneous student groups use accurate Spanish, ample facts, and much enthusiasm to convince colleagues that their simulated trip to a Spanish-speaking country will be the best! Peers provide thoughtful commentary and questioning after each presentation via future and conditional. Double-sided r
Model the "Destinos Auténticos" travel project to intermediate-to-advanced Spanish students. PowerPoint showcases Madrid, but you may customize slides per any city. When you simulate the oral presentation, excited student groups get the travel bug, get the idea, & get to work!
In this activity, students speed date! While speed dating, they practice transition words and daily routine vocabulary. This is the handout to use during the activity. Additionally, see the PowerPoint for student instructions.Students are given two minutes to meet a classmate and find out about t
This activity consists in doing interviews around the class. Students talk about holidays and things to do. It can be used and adapted in different tense such as past or future (for plans).

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