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Coordinate Plane Graphing Pictures - Easter, Spring & Earth Day Math Activities

Created by
Pink Cat Studio
Practice plotting ordered pairs with these fun and engaging differentiated coordinate grid mystery pictures for seasons and special occasions throughout the entire school year! There are 13 pictures included. These activities are perfect for distance learning, morning work, math centers, early finishers, substitutes, and homework. Teachers have commented:"So fun! The students request this activity to take home to do!""Very engaging way to practice graphing. I appreciate the two levels.""One of m

All Year Count & Graph Shapes Bundle incl. Spring & Easter Activities

Created by
Pink Cat Studio
This fun All Year Graphing Shapes Bundle will get your students excited about learning how to count and graph! Students will count shapes and record the totals by coloring in the graph. Students can also color the whole picture. These activities are perfect for morning work, math centers, early finishers, substitutes and homework.Teachers have commented:"My students loved these! So perfect for our graphing unit.""My students need lots of extra help with graphing and this pack is perfect!""These

First Grade Math Centers Graphing and Data Analysis Activities Worksheets Games

Created by
Miss Giraffe
First grade math centers, games, and differentiated worksheets! SO many fun activities for graphing and data analysis in this HUGE unit that is fun and differentiated! It is JAM-PACKED with over 200 pages of everything you need to teach graphing and data analysis. This pack covers 5 main standards/concepts: bar graphs, tallies and tally charts, picture graphs, pie chart, and concepts of graphing like labeling parts of a graph, types of graphs, graphing in reverse, converting graphs, etc. There i

Get to Know You Graph of Me Math Activity for Back to School

Created by
Rise over Run
The Graph of Me is an engaging activity to practice graphing ordered pairs and to help you get to know your students. (Perfect for the first day of math class!) In this activity, students determine if statements are true or false about themselves. Each statement has a corresponding ordered pair. Students graph the points for each true statement to create a unique shape. The result is "the graph of me!" 3 versions included (in both printable paper format and online Google Slides format)4 qu

Bar Graph and Pictograph Activities

Created by
Amy Lemons
Are you looking for a mix of no-prep bar graphs and pictograph activities? This resource includes bar graph and pictograph posters, worksheets, graphing questions, interactive graphs, class graphs, class surveys, group projects, and more! Your students will be reading graphs and analyzing data in no time!Here's What is Included: 6 Graph Posters9 Graphing Printables- reading and making graphs8 Graph Talks with graphs to display and discuss5 Interactive Graphs with questions10 Class Graphs with g

2nd Grade Measurement, Time, Money, and Data Math Worksheets

These measurement, time, money, and data/graphs pages are not your average math worksheets! These math worksheets provide your students with extra practice learning and mastering their measurement, time, money, and graphing skills, while having fun at the same time. Every single page in this pack is standards-aligned, skill-focused, engaging, kid-friendly, and designed to help students gain math proficiency with the measurement & data standards.Save money by grabbing the 2nd grade Math Works

Dabbing & Flossing Coordinate Graph Mystery Pictures Early Finishers Activities

Created by
Kristine Nannini
Included are Four Dabbing and Flossing-Themed Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures:-Dabbing Pizza-Flossing Pug-Flossing Unicorn-Dabbing TacoEach picture has three different graphing options to easily provide differentiation in your classroom.·One picture to be graphed in all four quadrants with positive and negative whole numbers and decimals·One picture to be graphed in all four quadrants with positive and negative whole numbers only·One picture to be graphed in this first quadrant with positiv

Monsters Coordinate Plane Graphing Mystery Pictures - Plotting Ordered Pairs

Created by
Pink Cat Studio
Practice plotting ordered pairs with these fun coordinate graphing monsters mystery pictures! This activity is easy to differentiate by choosing either the first quadrant (positive whole numbers) or the four quadrant (positive and negative whole numbers) worksheet. All points are represented by whole numbers, there are no fractions or decimals. This activity is perfect for math centers, early finishers, substitutes or homework. A fun activity for the End of the Year, Summer, Halloween or any ti

Graphing Lines and Killing Zombies ~ Graphing in Slope Intercept Form Activity

This distance learning ready zombie themed graphing linear equations activity will strengthen your students’ skills at graphing in slope intercept form.Distance learning?No problem! This activity now includes a Google Slides digital option!Explore the ⌨ Distance Learning in my store for more digital resourcesAfter many requests a "Catching Zombies" version has been added. It's the exact same activity and problems but replaces the word "Killing" for "Catching". It's included in the resource dow

3rd Grade End of the Year Math Review [[NO PREP!]] Packet

Created by
End of the year 3rd Grade Math Packet - Great for finishing 3rd grade math concepts, summer review or beginning of the year 4th grade concepts as a review.A perfect resource for ending the school year, home schooling or your summer school needs!UPDATED TO INCLUDE DIGITAL for your distance learning needsMath review packet includes 22 pages of math practice directly aligned to third grade common core standards. Includes the following:Multiplication/Division3-digit addition addition/subtractionTime

Graphing and Data Math Project | Digital and Printable

Your students will love working on this digital and printable 12-page graphing and data math project with a fun and engaging carnival theme! They will interpret data tables and graphs as well as create their own data tables and graphs. Each page also includes tasks and questions about each graph!The pages stand alone, so you can use a few of the pages or all of them depending on how much time you have and the skills your students are ready to review. (Making them PERFECT for DIFFERENTIATION!)W

Graphs Review Math Mystery (Bars Graphs, Pictographs, Line Graphs, Tally Graphs)

3rd Grade Graphs Review Math Mystery Activity - Case of The Greedy Gnome. Easy prep! Just Print & Solve! Or go paperless with the new Google Slides option provided within your download.Engage and motivate your students while they practice and review graph skills. Completing the math will unlock important clues that will help them figure out who is the Greedy Gnome!⭐There is an optional Video Hook available to introduce this activity to your students in a fun way. Check it out in the preview

2D and 3D Shapes, Identify and Sort by Attribute, Polygons and Quadrilaterals

Created by
Tracy Pippin
Easy to give geometry pages for introduction or review of particular concepts including vertices, sides, identifying by attributes, comparing shapes with similar attributes, looking at 2D and 3D figures. This packet also looks at quadrilaterals and polygons and has a cut-and-paste graph to sort "Polygons" and "Non-polygons," followed by a short polygon assessment to take. ANSWER KEY INCLUDED NEWLY ADDED -9 Cut and Paste Sorting Pages or real-world examples of shapes including two 2D and 3

Coordinate Plane Graphing Plotting Points Math Battleship Activity

Created by
Amy Alvis
You Sunk My Ship is a coordinate plane graphing activity, similar to Battleship, where students will battle it out in a head to head competition trying to locate each other's ships. Your students can complete in this engaging and strategic activity while practicing their math skills. Includes file folder game boards for quadrant I practice as well as one that uses all 4 quadrants (4 versions for each one). Also included are one page versions of the activity as well as a quiz.Packet includes:-Te

3rd Grade End of Year Math Review | 3rd Grade Math Review DIGITAL and Print

End of the year math review for 3rd grade can be FUN! 3rd Grade End of Year Math Review is not your typical math printables…this is math review with a twist! A digital version has been added!STOP! This resource is part of a bundle GIANT End of Year Bundle {3rd Grade} You can save 20% off!What's Included?With this resource, your students will be engaged and having fun all while reviewing what they've learned throughout the year. There are 37 print + 40 digital slides!The 3rd grade math concepts b

Graphs and Data- Bar Graphs, Line Plots, Pictographs

Created by
Kim Solis
This graphs & data file features a variety of resources for practicing reading graphs and representing data using bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs. The Common Core Standards covered include 2.MD.D.10. There are 5 worksheets with various graphs and questions where students solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems using information presented in the graphs.There are also 2 activities where students will use data presented in a chart to make their own bar graph and li

5th Grade Math Coordinate Plane Activities for Graphing Ordered Pairs (Digital)

Created by
Games 4 Gains
Google Paperless Practice - Graphing Ordered Pairs on the Coordinate Plane {5.G.1}Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! With this 20-slide digital resource, your students will practice identifying the location of points and graphing points on the first quadrant of the coordinate plane. Students will love interacting with the movable pieces and typing their responses on

2nd Grade Magic of Math Lesson Plans for Data and Graphs

Created by
Amy Lemons
The Magic Of Math Unit 8 for SECOND GRADE focuses on: Week 1: Bar Graphs Week 2: Pictographs Week 3: Line Plots Week 4: Word Problems Here is what is included in this two week long unit for 2nd grade: -Daily Lesson Plans for 20 days-Aligned with the 2nd Grade Common Core and TEKS-20 Word Problems for each day that complement the skills-Interactive Notebook Printables-Games, Activities, and Crafts to enhance learning-Minilessons with ideas on how to teach the skills as well as material

Stained Glass Slope Graphing Linear Equations Slope Intercept Form

Students will graph 18 equations written in slope-intercept form. All four types of slope are included(positive, negative, undefined, and zero). They will then darken the lines and color however they like creating a picture with a stained glass effect. This is a great activity that goes beyond the worksheet! You can save paper by printing the instructions on one side and the graph paper on the other!This resource includes:Student instructions pageGraph paper with the numbers and x- and y-axis la

Measurement and Data Complete Kindergarten UNIT - Math Centers and Worksheets

This measurement and data bundle includes everything you need to teach this kindergarten math unit in a fun, hands-on way. It comes complete with assessments, math centers, worksheets, games, critical thinking journal prompts, standards checklists for you and parents plus so much more! All the prep work is done for you! Materials are aligned to the common core standards as well as almost all state standards.CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS UNIT ON THE BLOG AND TRY A FREEBIE"These activities are so fun

EMOJI Bundle (Graphing on the Coordinate Plane/ Mystery Pictures)

Created by
Bobby's TpT
This coordinate graphing bundle includes the following emoji images: Face Savoring Delicious FoodSmiling Face with HaloHeart EyesSleeping FaceSmiley Face with Open MouthSmiling Face with SunglassesStuck- Out Tongue & Tightly Closed EyesWinking FaceNerd FaceWinking Eye & Stuck- Out TongueFace Throwing a KissOK Hand SignPerson Raising Both Hands in CelebrationThumbs Up SignPeace SignParty PopperHear- No- EvilSee- No- EvilSpeak- No- Evil (edited 1/24/22)Take a look at my EMOJI (Volume 2) B

Interpreting Graphs & Data Collection Bar Graphs Pie Charts Line Graphs

Created by
Representing and interpreting data using graphs and charts is the focus of this math resource for upper elementary grades. It helps students explore and understand data analysis. For each activity, students will use a graph to answer questions about the data. They will also create another type of graph, chart, or table based on the information provided. This added step really helps students understand the various types of graphs and ways in which data can be diplayed.The activities in this resou

Transformations Practice Emojis Translate, Reflect, Rotate, and Dilate

Created by
Rise over Run
Transform shapes and lines with these fun emoji activity sheets! Included are 8 half sheets that challenge students to complete a variety of transformations in order to create an emoji. Each one increases in difficulty. The exercises include practice for:TranslationsReflectionsRotationsDilationsRigid transformations (mixture of translations, reflections, & rotations)And 3 exercises for a mixture of all types of transformations These get quite challenging! They are perfect to use as exit tick

Data and Graphs Worksheet Pack - First Grade

Created by
My Teaching Pal
This Data and Graphs Printable Worksheet Pack features 26 different printables. The pack covers tally marks, tally charts, bar graphs, pictographs and pie charts. It features differentiated worksheets to help you cater for the various abilities in your classroom. It also includes 6 bonus posters which you can use in your lessons to help students understand the different features of graphs.The specific printables include:♥ Tally Match Printable – Cut and paste tally marks next to the correct numb
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