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Christmas Science Labs and STEM
Christmas Science Labs and STEM from The Science Penguin-- This resource has been a crowd-pleaser for 5 years!Do you need some FUN science activities to do before Winter Break? These 5 activities are engaging, educational, and the most fun your students will have this year!What's Included?• Milk an

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Introduction to Science: Scientific Method, Interactive Notebooks, & More
Help your students develop proficiency in the NATURE OF SCIENCE. Do your students LOVE conducting science experiments, but always seem to struggle with the name of the tools they're using or how to use them properly? Do they have difficulty writing conclusions or are they simply missing the connecti

Also included in: Science Bundle {7 Units}


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Back to School STEM Activities with Fred the Worm
Back to School STEM is a perfect way to build community through team building! These four STEM activities are based around Fred the Worm and his misadventures. Students must help Fred out of some tricky situations as he travels around the United States.Included**Teacher Instructions: objective, ma

Also included in: Back to School Activity Bundle


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Scientific Method Worksheet (Skittles Graphing Science Experiment)
These skittles labs are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method. Lab contents: 1. Skittle Colors Lab: A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. Data Tables E. Graphing F. Post-Lab Questions 2. Skittles

Also included in: Scientific Method Activities: Worksheets, Science Experiments, Task Cards Bundle


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Science For All Seasons: Fall Edition
Do you want to make your Science lessons come to life? Then this is the packet for you. This unit includes 12 hands-on activities that you could use during the Fall! This packet is different from most that you buy on TpT. Instead of giving you centers and activities to print, cut out, and laminate

Also included in: Science for all Seasons- The Bundle!


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Back to School Science Activities for Middle School
This product has some great activities for the first day or week of school! For many middle school science students, this will be their first year of having science as a stand-alone class. Additionally, many middle schools are comprised of students coming from several different elementary schools.

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Valentine Science {Happy Valentine's Day}
Celebrate Valentine's Day with fun science stations from The Science Penguin!Do you need some FUN science activities to do the week of Valentine's Day? These 5 science stations are engaging, educational, and interactive!What's Included?• We've Got the Beat!How does your heart rate change immediatel

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Kindergarten and First Grade Science
Kindergarten Science and First Grade ScienceScience Day is great for busy kindergarten and first grade teachers who need a fun and easy way to incorporate science. There are 30 investigations included, enough for a lesson almost every week all year long!In addition to the lessons, recording sheet t

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Winter Holiday Christmas Science: Dissolve a Candy Cane w/ the Scientific Method
Have a little science fun in December for the Holidays!Use the Scientific Method to conduct 3 experiments:1st- Observe what happens when you add a candy cane to vinegar2nd- How does water temperature affect the dissolving rate of a candy cane.3rd- How does the type of liquid affect the dissolving ra

Also included in: HOLIDAY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS BUNDLE: 30 Inquiry & STEM lessons for all seasons!


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Back to School Science {iLearn Science Jr.}
iLearn Science Jr. will help you kick off your year of science fun! Since the original for older students was so popular, I decided to create a version for 2nd and 3rd grade students.A suggested teaching schedule breaks the resource into 17 days of activities. You'll be set for several weeks of s

Also included in: Third Grade Science Texas Trio


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Dancing Worms {a candy science investigation}
Looking for an engaging science investigation that gives kiddos the opportunity to practice using the scientific method with a super cool result? Look no further! Your class will love making their gummy worms dance with this easy to follow experiment! In this investigation students will: → Make

Also included in: Candy Science: A Growing Bundle of Science Experiments


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Peeps Experiments (Easter Science)
What a fun way to allow your students to take the role of scientist at Easter! Includes recording sheets for: Peeps in Liquid Peep Chemical Reaction Peep Color Mixing Peeps in the Microwave

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Chick Hatching Observation Journal
Use this 17 page observation journal while learning about living and nonliving things, oviparous and viviparous animals or when hatching chicks in the classroom. Pages include: *categorizing living/nonliving and oviparous/viviparous animals *predicting what animal is in the egg *how to care for the

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Fall Halloween Science: Dissolve Candy Corn w/ the Scientific Method- 3 Exp.
Have a little science fun in October for Halloween! Use the Scientific Method to conduct 3 experiments: 1st- Observe what happens when you add a candy corn to vinegar 2nd- How does water temperature affect the dissolving rate of a candy corn. 3rd- How does the type of liquid affect the dissolving r

Also included in: Halloween or Fall Science STEM and Experiment Inquiry Bundle with 7+ activities!


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Halloween Science Investigations
Celebrate Halloween with four spooky science investigations from The Science Penguin. (Non-Halloween student printables included if needed!)These 4 physical science investigations are engaging, educational, and interactive!Study physical science concepts while focusing on identifying variables, coll

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Saving Sam: Inquiry Science Teamwork Lab
"Saving Sam" is a fun, simple lab that will get your students to start "thinking like scientists". Students are given a job: save Sam the worm. To find a solution, students will have to work together and communicate. This activity requires less than 5 minutes of teacher set-up and minimal materials

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Thanksgiving Science Activities
Celebrate Thanksgiving with these fun science investigations! Students will enjoy learning about cranberries by investigating how they can be used to write secret messages, why they float, how they are harvested, how they react with bases and a few fun facts! Included in this lesson are: -Slides

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Scientific Method {Sweet Skittles Lab}
Scientific Method Sweet Skittles Lab. This fun and engaging lab includes a write-up, experiment, and graphing. Perfect for introducing secondary students to the scientific method. Just add Skittles- your students will be saying, "Sweet Skittles!" for sure! Please note: This product is also off

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Biology:  Introduction to Biology Bundle
Introduction to Biology - A Complete Unit Bundle. Lab Safety, Scientific Method, Graphing, Microscopes, Characteristics of Life, and more! This unit provides everything you need (PowerPoint, notes, labs, activities, review games, homework assignments, tests) to start off the school year with your


The Candy Cane Experiment: A Christmas Scientific Method Experiment
This activity will help your students work through the Scientific Method in a fun and festive way. It will go over solutions and solvents by trying to dissolve a fall favorite, Candy Canes. This set includes: -Posters -6 solvent signs -A direction page -4 observation, recording sheets -A Final obs

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Ice Cream in a Bag Science Lab and How To Writing {cooking in the classroom}
What's more fun than making your own ice cream? This simple science experiment and how to writing activity will keep your class engaged and learning while making ice cream in a bag!With this simple science lab students will:• Make observations• Write a hypothesis• Document results• Create diagrams

Also included in: No Bake Cooking: Growing Bundle {cooking, sequencing, writing activities}


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Lab Safety Unit
This bundle on laboratory safety can be used in any science class. This bundle has it all: Safety rules powerpoint with notes for teacher and students, lab activity, lab safety contract, quiz, medical emergency form, and pre lab preparation worksheet.Thank you for considering my product, The Ultim

Also included in: Biology: Introduction to Biology Bundle


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Candy Corn Experiment {A Halloween Science Lab Investigation}
This science experiment is quick, easy and perfect for the Halloween season! With this simple lab booklet students will: → Follow simple procedures conducting an experiment. → Make a hypothesis. → Document results and observe changes. The premise is simple: What will happen to candy corn when the

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Spring Science and STEM Activity | Dissolving Peeps
Keep students engaged this Spring! Go beyond a worksheet and dissolve PEEPS in this fun and engaging science lab experiment! Students work through the steps of the scientific method in this easy to execute activity. Great for short week surrounding Easter.This product originated as a way to introduc

Also included in: 4th Grade Science Bundle


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