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This freebie features information pages about these penguin species: Emperor, King, Gentoo, Adelie, Macaroni and Little. The pages are written in an easy-to-read format making it easier for young students to study these birds and write reports. They can read the information page, record key facts
These fall riddles are a fun-filled and engaging way to lay the groundwork for early comprehension skills. Solve a riddle a day every day to give your students daily practice inferring, identifying and answering key questions, drawing conclusions, and building vocabulary.These riddles are a sample o
This packet includes everything your PRIMARY students will need to learn about text features. Included activities: *Scavenger Hunt worksheet, for use with ANY non-fiction book, with picture cues for each non-fiction text feature. *Poster Project- students cut, paste, and label the features *Defini
We Learn About… Bats & Spiders Freebie This Bats & Spiders Freebie pack contains: Spiders “can have are” chart Spiders “Know Wonder Learn” chart Bats “can have are” chart Bats “Know Wonder Learn” chart Spider Label It! Sheet Bat Label It! Sheet Do You Like Bats? Graph Do You Like Spiders? Gr
Enjoy this freebie booklet all about Matter! This book includes: 1. An introduction to Matter 2. States of Matter 3. Definitions/Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases 4. Matter sort cut & paste activity 5. Changing States of Matter 6. Condensation 7. Evaporation 8. Precipitation 9. The Wa
Opinion Writing ActivitiesTo introduce opinion writing first the children must understand the difference of fact vs. opinion. I have created a pocket chart sort you can do as a class to help them understand what facts and opinions are and how they are different. Then I always create a chart to teach
Earth Day FREE informational emergent reader for early learners in b/w. Cut out the pages, stack them, and staple together on the left side. This booklet tells about some things that young children can do to help our Planet Earth. On the last page a child can draw something that he/she can do to
This is a hands on activity for students to demonstrate their understanding of main idea and details. RI.1.2 In this activity students read non-fiction texts about spiders and are then asked to sort the main idea from the 3 supporting details.
This graphic organizer is a great way for your students to respond to informational texts to show what they have learned. It could be used for independent reading, reading centers, listening to reading, or whole group reading. Enjoy! Common Core Standards: Kindergarten: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.K.2
Are you looking for a quick mini unit for your Animals in Winter unit? My students enjoyed their own story, and the animal sort the best. :) In this download, you will get a colored projectable book, a mini-black and white book to match, and a few follow up activities.
President's Day This is a Free George Washington Beginning Reader Freebie just in time for President's Day! Celebrate George Washington's Birthday by learning about important events in his life! Simultaneously practice fluency, accuracy and comprehension while incorporating Social Studies and Comm
I created and use this graphic organizer as part of my 4 week writer’s workshop unit while teaching my students how to write "How-To" informative/explanatory texts. You will need to print the graphic organizer on legal size paper. If you like this freebie, you will like my How To unit here: K-2
This 50+ page file contains story telling and sequencing tools to promote literacy and oral comprehension. I major in English and my personal philosophy is to use a "Webbed" curriculum, which is similar to a thematic approach where all elements tie together to reinforce learning. Story telling i
CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD {Italy} FREEBIE Tweet Resources and Bonnie Kathryn have teamed up to bring you holidays and Christmas celebrations from around the world! Learn about Christmas in Italy with this interactive resource package. CLICK HERE to see how the interactive booklets are assembled!
This editable freebie was created to assist students writing expository papers. Provided are four animal groups with 12 animals in each group. Aquatic: crab, crocodile, dolphin, penguin, fish, octopus, sea horse, shark, frog, toad, turtle, and whaleFarm: billy goat, chicken, cow, cat, dog, duck, ho
I created a simple homework page for my first graders to take home and use to help with comprehension using our reading series. Students are asked to write/identify the title,identify the main idea of the story, recall 2 details from the story, and draw something that happened in the beginning, mi
Do you have questions about this resource? Message me instantly by clicking HERE!The following resources are free for you to use to help you kick off close reading in your class!You can read more about how I introduced close reading to my students over at my blog. Click HERE to read!Want access to a
This longtime freebie file contains a week worth of lessons with videos and book recommendations to introduce each lesson...Essential Questions include...What's the difference in Fiction and Nonfiction?How do I decide if a sentence expresses an opinion or a fact?What are text features?How can text f
Groundhog Day FREE informational emergent reader for early learners in b/w. Cut out the pages, stack them, and staple together on the left side. 5 pages, 10 reader pages This reader is a sample from the KidSparkz GROUNDHOG DAY Interactive Literacy and Number Centers for Early Learners (90 pages)
Here are a few fun activities to use on Presidents Day for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington! This freebie includes graphic organizers and writing activities. Enjoy! Thank you and please take a minute to leave me some feedback! :) If you like what you see, please click HERE to get the complete
This is a fun little pack for informational text about turtles. The close read includes: article, vocabulary page, "Can ,Have, Are" graphic organizer, Parts of a Turtle Labeling page, Assessment or Group Question Activity, and Observation Printable. This pack is targeted for first grade, but coul
These DIFFERENTIATED non-fiction text features activities can be used in a variety of ways: ~Pre-assessment ~Post-assessment ~Interactive Journal ~Follow-up ~Literacy Center and MORE! **Suitable for first and second grades **Teacher directed tool for the emergent-level kindergarten **Remediatio
Included are a FREE cut and glue bat diagram and a fill-in the blank bat diagram. Below is information on the FULL bat unit. To purchase the full unit, go to: Visit Bats Common Core Non-Fiction Unit FULL Bat Unit is 40+ pages and includes printable student informational text, common core al
This informational text product is designed to teach your students "All About Antlers" of reindeer through either close reading or shared reading experiences. This product includes informational texts with high quality, engaging photographs. Text dependent questions are also provided. The first

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