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(TPT FEATURED PRODUCT) Everyone loves ice cream! As your students open their own ice cream shop, they also learn about the history of ice cream, entrepreneurship, and economics. This student-centered project based learning math unit incorporates collaboration and differentiation by providing student

Also included in: PROJECT BASED LEARNING 10 Unit Bundle - Math, Technology, Writing, Research


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Distance Learning Digital Breakout Emoji Bandit Breakout Digital Escape Room
EMOTICON CITY – The Emoji Bandit strikes again! It has been two weeks since the last spotting of the Emoji Bandit, but he has resurfaced yet again to steal more emoji expressions! Eye witnesses, “Neutral Face” and “Worried Face” shared their story: “We saw one emoji go into the warehouse, but when

Also included in: Emoji Bundle EVERYTHING! - Emoji Theme Decor, Tech Lessons, Breakouts, Awards


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Classroom Transitions | Classroom Sound Board
This Classroom Sound Board will help you manage your classroom transitions quickly and effectively allowing you to maximize your instruction time throughout the day. In your classroom, do you want to: Protect valuable instruction time?Facilitate smooth and quick transitions?Reduce repeating verbal d

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Digital Escape Room - Stop That Virus! | Distance Learning
This online Digital Escape Room or Breakout activity will test your students’ problem solving skills as well as reinforce those important digital citizenship concepts! Based on the premise that your school’s computers have been infected with a virus by a group of mysterious hackers, they will use a

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Kathy K.


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Digital Escape Room Olympic Medals Missing Winter Olympics Digital Breakout
It is now just days before the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics and all the medals have gone missing! The Security of International Sports held a press conference where they announced that the gold, silver, and bronze medals have all been stolen! Investigations discovered the Olympic medals

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Christmas Digital Breakout Christmas Escape Room Christmas Breakout WEBSITE
Santa is making his final preparations for Christmas. While he is working with the elves and making toys, he leaves his magical toy bag locked in a special room so it stays safe. This year, Santa had a new security system installed to keep his magical bag safe all year long. However, since the insta

Also included in: Winter Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Winter BUNDLE Winter Escape Room


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Thanksgiving Digital Breakout Thanksgiving Escape Room Thanksgiving Breakout
Tom the turkey is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. The only problem is, he’s the main course! Farmer Lyle plans to have Tom for dinner this Thanksgiving, but Tom has better plans. Help save Tom so he can have a happy Thanksgiving this year!****************************************************

Also included in: Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Fall BUNDLE Fall Escape Room


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QR Activity: TEXT STRUCTURE task card game (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)
COMMON CORE aligned! Kids LOVE this interactive method for practicing the 5 main types of text structure! By using the nonfiction summary on the 20 different game cards, students will make a determination about the type of text structure (problem/solution, cause & effect, description, compare/

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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP AND ONLINE SAFETY - Posters, Group Activities, and Badges
This Digital Citizenship and Online Safety (cyber safety) unit is filled with engaging activities to keep our children safe online. Internet safety or cyber safety is an important unit to be taught in all schools; including the classrooms and computer labs. In this unit I've included activities for

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iPad Rules
iPad Rules iKnow the iPad Rules is a visual display that reminds students of how to use the classroom devices appropriately and safely. There are 9 rules displayed on a single iPad and then displayed individually so it is easy to read. Rules cover: -washing hands -walking -sitting -returning ma

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QR Activity: THEME task card game (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)
COMMON CORE aligned and TECHNOLOGY engagement! Kids LOVE this interactive method for practicing common themes found in literature! By using the summary on the 16 different game cards, students will make a determination about the theme or message of the story and be able to gain immediate feedback

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Christmas Digital Breakout Christmas Escape Room Christmas Breakout 2 WEBSITE
It is now Christmas Eve and Santa just received a last minute bag full of letters from boys and girls which had been delayed due to a big snow storm. Santa sent his toy requests to his head toy elf, Bushy Evergreen. Bushy had been working hard to keep up with the demand of making toys, but now he ha

Also included in: Christmas Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Christmas Escape Room BUNDLE


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All About Zoo Animals Research Project-with QR codes
This zoo animal research non-fiction unit is a great way to implement informative writing and research skills in your class. This unit is also great for digital learning/distance learningIn this unit students will:*Use animal posters to scan QR codes to watch videos about each animal.*Fill out grap

Also included in: All About Animals QR Research Projects


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Science Technology Project, Students Create Their Own Science WebQuest
Fun "Science Webquest" Project! Step-by-step directions for students to learn how to create their own science WebQuest. While creating the WebQuest, your students will inadvertently learn new knowledge about the science topic at the same time. Great science/technology integration. This project provi

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Digital Citizenship Game
Teach students about digital citizenship with this super fun I Have...Who Has? game. This 36 card set is a fast-paced way to learn about and review appropriate computer and online behavior both at school and at home. Topics include: social media, privacy, online bullying, citing sources, downloading

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Save the Oceans and Ocean Animals | PROJECT BASED LEARNING SCIENCE PBL
This Save Our Oceans and Ocean Animals Project Based Learning Science unit addresses threats to our oceans and our ocean animals. Students will gain information about oceans in how they can help with this environmental problem. Our oceans are important to the air we breath, food we eat, and importan

Also included in: PROJECT BASED LEARNING BUNDLE: Endangered Species, Environment, Earth Day


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St. Patrick's Day Digital Breakout St. Patrick’s Escape Room
On St. Patrick's Day, legend tells of a rainbow that can change into a bridge and take you to a leprechaun's pot of gold! In your quest for the leprechaun's pot of gold, you were able to find the magical rainbow bridge! The only problem is when you arrived, instead of a pot of gold, there was a safe

Also included in: Spring Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Spring BUNDLE Spring Escape Room


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Digital Escape Room - Emoji Bandit Breakout 2 | Anytime Digital Breakout
EMOTICON CITY – The Emoji Bandit has broken out! This time he has changed his tactics! It has been eight months since the Emoji Bandit was last captured and is now changing his crime tactics. He has been confirmed to be switching the expressions of emojis with that of other emoji expressions. That

Also included in: Emoji Bundle EVERYTHING! - Emoji Theme Decor, Tech Lessons, Breakouts, Awards


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SMARTboard Attendance - Mod Owl Theme
SMARTboard attendance is a quick and fun way for kids to check in in the morning! They simply move their owl up to the tree and you know they are here with just a glance. This file comes with detailed directions for you to add or change your students' names. Names can be changed at any time. This fi

Also included in: SMARTboard Attendance Bundle


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QR Activity: First and Second Hand Account task card game (R.I.4.6)
Utilize QR codes and technology with this COMMON CORE aligned (R.I.4.6) activity designed to help reinforce the difference between 1st and 2nd Hand Accounts of Information! Kids LOVE this interactive method for practicing skills! By using the nonfiction summary on the 20 different game cards, stud

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Internet Safety Topics Digital Breakouts Bundle
Using technology and problem solving skills, students decipher codes and complete activities to learn the internet safety topics. The activities are housed in a Google Slides file and students enter their codes into a locked Google Form.Resource FormatThis activity can be done in Google Slides or Po


Underground Railroad QR Code Scavenger Hunt
21st Century Learning -This QR Code scavenger hunt allows students to learn about the Underground Railroad through an inquiry-oriented project. Students function as a conductor like Harriet Tubman and lead their passengers to Freedom. Black History Package includes a student presentation overview w

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Santa has lost one of his gifts. In this digital escape room, students travel to France, Spain, England, Italy, and Germany to find the lost gift. While traveling, they learn how the holiday is celebrated in the country. This escape requires teamwork and problem solving as they solve the clues.Digit

Also included in: DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM BUNDLE | Holiday Theme | Team-Building


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20 Minute Literacy Station Timer
This 20 minute timer is the answer to your time management problems during stations. It independently runs while you work with students. It gives reminders as it goes for students to work together, clean up, and move to their next location. Great for keeping students on track!

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