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International Baccalaureate Resources

8,257 results

Learner Profile and General Comments for Report Cards

Created by
A Teacher Abroad
This resource contains comments for report cards. If you work in a PYP school, it will be perfect for you as it contains learner profile attributes and attitudes. If you do not work in a PYP school, you can easily use this resource for your general comments. The resource contains possible variations for opening statements, main body statements and closing statements. I wrote these with the intent to use them for the end of the academic year but they can easily be tweaked to suit fist semester r

FREE Classroom Calendar for 2022-23 with Behavior Management Tool

If you would like an editable version click here: EDITABLE Monthly Calendar with IB AttitudesI created these calendars 11 years ago for my kindergarten classroom. They are so effective that our entire school uses them K-2. I love a system that works! How do they work? Calendars go home daily in their homework folder. Classroom expectations are displayed at the bottom of the page and if a student needs a reminder to do better the next day, write the number of the expectation they can discuss wit

My Community Inquiry {Inquiry Based Learning}

Created by
A Grade One Nut
UPDATED!! 07/19/16 Ever wonder how to teach using the inquiry method? I developed this packet based on of the new B.C. Curriculum. My goal was to do as many inquiry based lessons as I could. I have tested these lessons and I found it challenging for my students but very engaging! Please redownload if you have already purchased!!! Includes student self-assessments. Term 1 I can identify key events and developments in the local community (community milestones - found of the community, the

PYP IB Student Unit Planner Updated for the Enhancements

Created by
Organize your International Baccalaureate PYP students with this updated for the PYP Enhancements IB unit planner! This planner includes everything your students will need to organize and reflect on your PYP units of inquiry. Pages have been updated to reflect the PYP Enhancements including pages for reflection on Agency and the Approaches to Learning. Included:Cover pages for each of the Units of Inquiry Title Page to record Unit Title, Central Idea, Key Concepts, Approaches to Learning Skil

Learner Profile Posters, UPDATED- PYP Programme

Learner Profile Attributes – Product Description ***UPDATED to include IB Learner Profile REVISIONS, 2014*** The IB made some changes regarding the names of some attributes: "Courageous" is now offered as an alternative to "Risk-taker" "Global Thinker" is now offered as an alternative to "Thinker" These are NOT additional attributes. Check with your campus regarding which terms are used at your school. Who do you want your students to become? What qualities do they need to have to thrive in th

IB Learner Profile Posters: Kid Friendly Language

Created by
Miss Rosenthal
These posters are smaller than my other IB Attitude posters. They measure about 4.75"x6.5" They are also in "kid friendly" language. Since they are smaller they fit perfectly on cabinet doors. I will upload a picture of them in my classroom shortly. :) Simply print, laminate, and hang these cute IB Learner Profile posters. These posters include the new IB Learner Profile terminology. I have included color and black and white versions. Use the color versions to hang in your classroom. Use t

Animal Habitats : Ecosystems and the Animals that call it Home | Activities

Animals and Habitat MEGA Bundle Animals and habitats instantly lend themselves to engagement and wonder, but even more so through the activities and projects included in this MEGA Bundle. You will find over 200 pages that will keep your students screaming with joy every lesson. This bundle includes: *Over 50 pages of Habitat Background Building Activities. *Covering the ecosystems of Rainforest, Ocean, Desert, Arctic, and Grasslands.Also Included: *11 ELA Practice *8 Games*6 Building Background

PYP Attitudes Poster Set

A positive attitude can take your students a long way. “Attitudes” are part of the Essential Elements of the PYP written curriculum. What kinds of attitudes should we promote to support the Learner Profile traits? If you teach at an IB school, this resource is for you! This product includes posters and decorative bunting to help you create an attractive classroom display featuring the PYP Attitudes. I wrote my own definitions of each attitude based on the IB's definitions. In the spirit of a

EDITABLE 2022-23 Behavior Management Calendar

I have been using these calendars for over 10 years in the classroom. They are so effective that our entire school uses them K-2. I love a system that works! After many requests I made them editable so you could customize them too!This file has been updated for the 2022-2023 school year!How do they work? Calendars go home daily in their homework folder. Classroom expectations are displayed at the bottom of the page and if a student needs a reminder to do better the next day, write the number of

IB Learner Profile Posters- Lower Primary

Created by
Ideas by Jillian
This complete set of colorful IB Learner Profile posters is perfect for your lower primary PYP classroom (grades K-2). They can easily be printed on card stock, mounted or laminated for a playful, eye-catching and coordinated look for your walls. The language used in the descriptors has been tailored for this age-group. See my TpT store for Learner Profile posters tailored for upper primary (grades 3-5), early childhood (pre-kinder), and my COMPLETE Learner Profile Bundle. **This PDF download

IB PYP Learner Profile Posters and Banners 8.5x11 Paper

Note: This is an UPDATED version which replaces both the PYP and the Revised PYP Learner Profiles and Banner Set. It incorporates the IB wording changes that will be put in place by Jan. 2014. In case your school has not updated their wording yet, the original files (with "Thinker" and "Risk-taker") are also in this PDF.This product is sized to print on 8.5x11 US paper. This series of learner profiles includes both the poster size, full page banner size and mini banners (2 per page), so there

IB Primary Years Program Enhancements Mini Booklet with Components

Created by
Amy Bray
IB PYP enhancements mini booklet has the Transdisciplinary Themes, Action Cycle, Student Agency, Learner Profile, Approaches To Learning, and Key Concepts. There is a brief description of each component to help students (or teachers) remember what each IB-PYP component is.To assemble the booklet, fold on all of the lines to make the booklet easy to manipulate. Then fold the booklet like a "hamburger". With the folded side of the booklet facing up, cut through only the bottom rectangle. Then ope

Computer Technology Course Bundle - Google Classroom - Online Distance Learning

MIDDLE SCHOOL COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COURSE - GOOGLE DRIVEClick here to see a very thorough preview with actual resources included for you to preview!Why purchase this course? First of all, I include FREE LIFETIME UPDATES!!! That's right, FREE! I work diligently to update the links in the assignments, refresh assignments to meet new and evolving technology changes, and I also add in NEW assignments and share them to you for FREE! As the price of the course has increased over the past several years

FREEBIE! Unit Planning Template - Fully Editable in Google Docs!

This is my original FREEBIE that is a unit planning template with design questions for all subject areas. This product has almost 11,000 downloads as of December 2018, and it includes a link to make a fully editable copy in Google Docs, which can also be downloaded as a MS Word document!This template was also featured in the TPT weekly newsletter in May 2017!Click here to view my other products on my TPT storeClick here for my Computer Tech Course that integrates with Google Classroom!Click here

IB PYP Classroom Attitudes Set for US Paper

I created this Classroom Attitudes set as a companion to the IB PYP Learning Profiles & Banners I had made previously. It includes all twelve attitudes in both the poster size, full page banner size and mini banners (2 per page), so there are many options for the teacher! To tie the posters together, I made an "In Our Classroom you will see..." poster. There is also an instruction page for assembling the banners . The attitudes included are: Appreciation - "we are grateful" Commitment - "we

Tooth Traditions Around the World

Did you know that there are other traditions besides the Tooth Fairy or the Tooth Mouse? Some children throw their tooth on a roof, some wrap it in cotton wool and put it in a river. Other children bury their teeth and some children make wishes.This research pack is student friendly and ready to go! Simply print and set up your research stations.Included in the pack are traditions from the following countries:USA, Spain, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Vietn

IB PYP Reflection and Assessment Complete Pack Distance Learning

Created by
Susan Powers
Fun ways to encourage reflection and goal setting. Reflection can be a tricky concept to genuinely learn. Often it becomes filling out the “usual” things and is not really meaningful for the student. These IB PYP reflection and assessment sheets ( self and peer assessment) sheets are designed to try to help the children think more about the specifics of their learning and the units they participated in. It aims to help them reflect upon their success as well as their challenges and to really

IB Bulletin Board Kit

Created by
Cute in Second
This product contains a beautiful bulletin board display for your IB classroom!Banner:"Unit of Inquiry"Headings:"Theme""Central Idea""Title""Key Concepts""Lines of Inquiry""Teacher Questions""Guiding Questions""Related Concepts""Approaches to Learning"Key Concepts with Questions:FunctionResponsibilityChangeFormConnectionCausationReflectionPerspectiveInteractive KWL Chart Headings:"What I Want to Learn""What I Already Know""New Learning"Transdisciplinary Skills Poster SetTransdisciplinary Themes


Created by
Megan Schreiber
This IB PYP Poster Pack BUNDLE includes 4 poster sets to support your implementation of the Primary Years Program. These colorful posters can serve as visuals to help support students' understanding of different components of the program and can also be used as part of your unit displays. All posters include explanations or questions along with associated images to help students interpret and remember the transdisciplinary themes, learner profile, approaches to learning, and key concepts. The fo

Report Card Comments - IB Learner Profile & Attitudes and Approaches to Learning

SAVE TIME and write your best International Baccalaureate report cards! Choose from a variety of high-quality options in this extensive comment bank. This product is fully editable and can be copied and pasted directly into your report program with some minor changes. Whether you're a new teacher, new to International Baccalaureate, or just looking for new ideas, this will help.  We also have report card packages available for English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, Social Studies, Health a

Awards Certificates for the IB PYP Learner Profile and Attitudes

Created by
Susan Powers
Colourful awards certificates with diverse kids clip art for the IB PYP Learner Profile and the IB Attitudes. Make the moment more memorable for the award winners with these fun certificates. The language within these certificates is aligned with the International Baccalaureate Organization's descriptions. Therefore, the children become more used to the language used along with the academic language used constantly within the Primary Years Programme. You will find certificates that are preferab

IB Learner Profiles Book

This document is designed for students to create a booklet of all of the learner profiles. Showcase various books for the 10 learner profiles - I like to read one a day Each day after reading, have students fill in a character page for each of the traits This can be used as an ongoing tool - have students fill in a profile page for books they are reading independently Use the wanted page as a summative assessment of students understanding of the learner profiles Students can also use the wante

Transdisciplinary Themes Poster Set, IB/PYP Programme

Updated graphics, August 26, 2017 Do you need an attractive way to display the six transdisciplinary themes of the IB/PYP Programme? This product includes 4 sets to meet your specific needs: 1. US letter-sized posters with theme title and key words/phrases 2. US letter-sized posters with theme title only 3. Mini-posters (half page, landscape) with theme title and key words/phrases 4. Mini-posters (half page, landscape) with theme title only I have included several key words or phrases relat

Vintage Map and Travel Theme Classroom Decor Pack

Created by
RuthAnn Lane
This is a map and travel theme pack for classroom use. Check out the Preview for view of the some of the materials offered in this great pack!In it includes...- Calendar Materials- Nametags- I Wonder Wall Sign- Two Welcome Signs- Hall Passes- D'Nealian ABC Posters- Word Wall Letters- Table Numbers for 8 tables- Student numbers up to 35- Classroom Rule Sign- Clock SignsStill not convinced? Check out the Vintage Map and Travel Theme FREEBIE for a usable preview.Want a different classroom theme? H
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