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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Italy?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Italy through the eyes of an Italian boy named Matteo. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Italy, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might do wi
This booklet focuses on the country of Switzerland. Your students will learn facts about Switzerland while creating a booklet and working on different puzzles. Your students will begin this booklet by cutting out a passport stamp and pasting it on a passport that is included. Included: Instruction
Use this scavenger hunt to help students investigate the human and physical geography and other facts on Italy. Teacher directions are provided, offering a number of options for classroom implementation. Includes 40 student clue cards with multiple choice or open-ended questions for investigation an
Who doesn't love spaghetti?! This shared reading unit goes over the history of spaghetti and throws a little bit of Italy in there. This is perfect to use if your class is learning about Italy! It's a fun way to learn some cool facts. :) Included in this shared reading is the following: ~Cover pag
This is a unit about Italian colors inspired by the joyous traditional celebration of Carnevale. I made this to use at home with my bilingual children, but it could easily be used with a larger group. The material included can be used at any time in the year, but the reference to Carnevale in some
Do you want to introduce your students to the Italian language? This package comes with all the basic information you will need to get you started as well as fun activities for you students to practice their knowledge.
This 3-4 hour lesson on Carnevale makes this exciting and important cultural event into an accessible and fun learning opportunity for students. How can I use it?: -as a cultural addition to an existing unit -as a self-contained cultural lesson -as a quick lesson for a substitute teacher Who is
Pasta Shapes Word Search with Answer Key Use as a bellringer, to reinforce cooking or language lessons, or if you just need a few minutes of quiet! I hope you find this useful! Words: GARGANELLI PAPARDELLE TORTELLINI LUMACHE SPAGHETTI ZITI ORZO BUCATINI FETTUCCINE LASAGNE LINGUINE FARFALLE ORECC
“Advice is like snow ~ the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks, into the mind.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge (English critic and poet ~ 1772 - 1834)Here are 25 ideas and activities to help you create an interesting and dynamic foreign language class.Some examples are give
Italian Body Parts Worksheet Packet for beginning Italian classes. This packet contains three worksheets; a Vocabulary Worksheet, a Word Search Worksheet and a Word Scramble Worksheet. These activities are an easy way for students to begin learning the basic body parts in the Italian vocabulary.Take
Looking for a simple resource for students to access the tenses you cover during the year? This is a small reference guide that students can keep their notes on various tenses, including: (1) il presente, (2) l’imperativo, (3) il passato prossimo, (4) l’imperfetto, (5) il futuro semplice, (6) il co
Students need to win 4 boxes in a row to win. Make a sentence using the Italian verb avere with the subject and the object pictured to win that box. If student is wrong, partner wins that box. Includes 2 separate game boards, each in color and in grayscale. Game 1 has school supplies. Game 2 ha
This is a one class handout on passato prossimo. it starts with a reading on the teacher's weekend and some questions on comprehension.Then it has a long list of questions in the TU form so that students can ask each other and then a short section in the third person (LUI/LEI) which asks students to
“Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.”Mark Twain (American humorist ~ 1835 - 1910) Here are 6 exciting ways to make something mundane marvelous ~ practicing the alphabet and honing spelling skills. Six activities are included which require either sayin
Want to ensure participation in your World Language class? This complete participation system is a sure way to get students talking, involved, and engaged in class. It includes everything you need - the rubrics, the participation tickets, and the grading system to make it a success! How can I use
This is a unit on Italy for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It is perfect for Folk Fairs or any time you want to teach your children about another culture/country. It includes posters with info about Italy, an art project, cooking project (making pasta from scratch), a map craftivity, color words
Partner activity. Student must correctly conjugate the verb to earn a square. If wrong, partner wins the square. Partners take turns conjugating. Object is to get 4 squares in a row twice on the same board.
This is the same game as my Notebook game. Game board has a path of 24 spaces. Class is divided into teams that take turns rolling the die and moving along the path. There are 3 shortcuts ahead and 3 traps sending you backwards. To stay on a space, student must correctly conjugate the verb in It
What is Teddy wearing? Llanguage Llamas world language customizable resources can be used to teach any language – German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, to name but a few. All you need to do is neatly write or type in the title, instructions and vocab in your target language be
Italian Colors Worksheet Packet for beginning Italian classes. This packet contains three worksheets; a Vocabulary Worksheet, a Word Search Worksheet and a Word Scramble Worksheet. These activities are an easy way for students to begin learning the basic colors in the Italian vocabulary.Take a look
ELEMENTARY ITALIAN FOR CHILDREN NUMBERS NUMERI IN ITALIANO - I HAVE, WHO HAS - PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS AND PRACTICING NUMBERS 0-31 IN ITALIAN The aim of the game is to create an Italian human number chain as quickly as possible. The game works best against a timer, regularly over a l
This quick peer evaluation sheet is a great way to get students to reflect on their learning and other’s proficiency skills.
This is a one page quiz on the film "La vita e' bella" which is ideal for level 1 Italian. Most of the worksheets and dossier available on the movie are too advanced for level 1 but this is a simple and yet good quiz on the movie.
Battleship game for conjugating Italian ARE verbs. Can be used for any tense.

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