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This center activity supports of Italian vocabulary words in the story. Students write the definitions and illustrate them on each page. Includes definitions that can be displayed on a chart.
This is an activity designed for beginner learners and uses cognates to identify the similarities between Italian and English. For example, students will be introduced to words ending in -mente in Italian, and taught that words ending in -mente in italian, such as accidentalmente, end in -ly in En
This is a brief review of letters of the alphabet, numbers, months, days of the week and basic questions students have learned the first few weeks of Italian I. Students must answer the questions in complete sentences and write the appropriate number, letter, month, or day of the week that comes ne
This worksheet is for my Italian II class when introducing students to the impperfetto vs passato prossimo. I first teach students "trigger" words for passato prossimo and imperfetto (see ESPRESIONI DI TEMPO). For PART I, students must cricle either passato prossimo or imperfetto based on these ti
This is a 3 page packet on conjugating regular present tense verbs. Students are given a choice of 2 verbs inparethesis and must select the correct form of the correct verb in parenthesis. The first page is on -ARE verbs, the second page is -ERE verbs, and the thirs page is -IRE ad -ISC verbs. Us
This is a 4 page packet on Double Object Pronouns in Italian with various tenses and how they are used and placement, including one page on replacing both the direct and indirect object nouns in the sentence with the appropriate double object pronouns, one page on sentences with infinitive verbs, on
** This resource will be free for the first few weeks. If you download it, please give me some feedback, so I can make this work for you and other teachers. Thank you! ** Learning languages requires practice! Repetition and frequent review are very important to make sure that what is learned is als
Student must create sentences using the with the verb "piacere" using the appropriate indirect object pronoun to indicate WHO likes to do a certain activity and then, using a word bank, write WHAT it is they likes to do accorinding to the picture provided.
Writing sentences in Italian
Use as a review or quiz! Italian Irregular Verbs - including: dovere, potere, dare, volere, andare and fare. Use for levels 1 or 2
This is an excellent way for students to reinforce their subject verb agreement with conjugating verbs. Students will be practicing conjugating the verb Essere in the first part according to the pronoun given. In the second part, students will be asked to look at the verb given and write any possib
review personal ID, physical environment, and education vocabulary through a creative journal about oneself -- Italian
This is a short exercise in which students must indicate how the following people go to school (by what means of transportation-please see my FREE PRODUCT listed-VOCABOLARIO: I MEZZI DI TRASPORTO). Students are given a subject and and a picture and must conjugate the verb andare according to the su
These worksheets are great, quick practice to complete while introducing vocabulary! They provide students with important spelling reinforcement!!! Students are asked to translate vocabulary words, trace the vocabulary words, and then write the words themselves on the provided lines. You can use th
This worksheet is great quick practice to complete while introducing vocabulary! It provides students with important spelling reinforcement!!! Students are asked to translate vocabulary words, trace the vocabulary words, and then write the words themselves on the provided lines. You can use this wo
Worksheets, homework and activities for Communities and Neighborhoods Unit: locations around town, stores, services and specialty shops, transportation. Answer keys included.
This lesson handout teaches students about train travel in Italy. Students will examine different types of train tickets and answer questions about key information. They will also learn vocabulary for train travel and about the different types of trains in Italy. Answer key and HW assignment include
Intermediate and advanced level Crossword are about: 01 AL BAR02 IN VIAGGIO
Le canzoni sono sempre più sovente impiegate nella didattica delle lingue grazie alla forte motivazione che ne deriva e ai numerosi utilizzi che se ne possono fare. La reazione degli allievi di fronte alla prospettiva di ascoltare una canzone è in genere positiva e per questo motivo vi propongo una
This word search is useful as a quick DO NOW or homework activity to practice spelling and recognition of Italian family vocabulary. Includes 22 item word bank in Italian. This .pdf file contains word search puzzle and key. If you find this product useful, please click on FOLLOW ME and view my ot
"Clockwatchers never seem to be having a good time." James Cash Penney (American entrepreneur ~ 1875 - 1971)When's lunch ? What time does the game start ?Being able to tell time is one of the first things language students learn. Included here are 13 items to help your students learn how to tell t
This is a fill in the blank exercise with the vocab: prodotti personali. This worksheet also utilizes Verbi Riflessivi. Please see my free product IL VOCABOLARIO: I PRODOTTI PERSONALI to view download the free vocab set that acoompanies this activity or view there here on quizlet.com http://quiz
This is a summary of the story of Cinderella in Italian in which students must read it and circle either the imperfetto or passato prossimo.
This lecture/reading discusses all the influences that the Romans left on the world up to the present. Students will learn about art, language, literature, etc. There is also a test with an answer key. A map of the Roman Empire in 117 A.D. and a test on the map are also included as well as a time l

showing 1-24 of 222 results

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