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Japanese Resources

3,913 results

Japan Booklet (a country study!)

Created by
Emily Bynum
This "All About Japan" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Japan, including: -geography (islands in the Pacific Ocean) -Japanese flag -capital city of Tokyo -popular Japanese foods -traditional architecture -volcanoes -ancient war

JAPAN - A Study of Japan Booklet Nonfiction Country Study

Created by
The Lost Teacher
This 20-something page kid-friendly and thorough informational booklet was written for UPPER ELEMENTARY readers. It contains 14 sub topics on Japan:GeographyThe Great Tohoku EarthquakePrefectures and CitiesReligionHolidays3 Special Holidays for ChildrenPeopleLanguageGovernmentSymbols of JapanEducationTransportationWhat do kids do in their free time?Speak JapaneseMy Questions (Extra) – A notes page for students to add extra vocabulary and questionsGlossary (Extra) – All words underlined throughou

Japan Country Study Differentiated, Comprehension, Activities + Play Pretend

Let's explore the country of Japan! Your students will love this fun-fact-filled country study project, reading comprehension sheets with multi-choice questions, differentiated booklet options, boarding passes, postcards, and country-themed fun worksheet activities! ─── ・☆ !!SAVINGS TIPS, PLEASE READ!! ☆・───Saving Tip: save 30% when buying this product as part of our Country Study Deluxe Bundle #1 *CLICK HERE*Super Saving Tip: get 50% when buying this product as part of our Ultimate Bundle *CLIC

Japan: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Japan. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Japan. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of the slideshow to review what students have learned. This download comes as a PDF file and is NOT editable as a PDF. However, you can open this slideshow in the TPT EASEL program and add or delete pages

JAPAN - Learn About Japan Booklet Nonfiction Country Study

Created by
The Lost Teacher
This 18-something page kid-friendly and thorough informational booklet was written for LOWER ELEMENTARY readers. It contains 13 sub topics on Japan:GeographyMount FujiCities and Homes3 Special Holidays for ChildrenLanguageSymbols of JapanFlagFlowerClothingFoodSchoolWhat do Kids do in their Free Time?SportsSpeak JapaneseMy Questions (Extra) – A notes page for students to add extra vocabulary and questionsGlossary (Extra) – All words underlined throughout the booklet can be found defined in the gl

Japan Country Study: Reading & Writing + Google Slides/PPT Distance Learning

Created by
Yvonne Crawford
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Japan?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Japan through the eyes of a Japanese girl named Aki. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Japan, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might do with their families for fun on weekends. Great for Distance Learning! The Olympics is a great time to teach your students about different countries around the world.Included in This Kid's Life: Japan:A le

Introduction to Japanese Culture

This a 42 page pack that includes 14 activities designed as an introduction to the Japanese culture, suitable for Kindergarten and grade 1. While I myself am not Japanese, I spent a lot of time researching as I was required to teach about the culture (not the language) as a pre-requisite for junior students before they started their formal language lessons.The activities are based around a fun, hands on approach to give students ‘a taste’ of Japan. Included are each of the printable activities,

Ninja Critters FREE Clip Art

Who's that hiding in the shadows? It's the Ninja Critters,and they're trying to sneak onto your work sheets, printables, and classroom décor! Images included in this set: Cat Ninja Pig Ninja Mouse Ninja Owl Ninja and Squirrel Ninja All of my clip art is original art, hand drawn, by me. The images in this set are saved in 300 dpi so the graphics look sharp on your projects. You'll receive one .zip file with both color and black & white PNG files (with a transparent background.) All

Family Clip Art - Asian

This set features an Asian family with a mom, dad, grandparents, kids, aunt and uncle as well as extra art - see thumbnails. 19 color and black and white illustrations - 38 in all. Perfect for worksheets and activities, TPT Sellers, bulletin boards and scrapbooks. 300dpi, high resolution files for quality printing. png files with transparent backgrounds. PLEASE NOTE - If you plan to use this art on a product to sell please provide a credit link to Kari Bolt either on the product itself or in th

Hiragana Karate Belt System for your Japanese program

This is a guide to setting up a program, using the karate belt system, to help interest, motivate and challenge your students as they work towards mastering Hiragana. Included is;Teaching ideas and a possible teaching sequence Recording sheet for students Display posters outlining the beltsPrintable labels for containers Printable practice cardsCertificates for green and black belt

Asian Art: The Great Wave Lesson

You will receive a lesson including child friendly information about the artist Katsushika Hokusai and his famous woodblock print, The Great Wave. Students will learn about movement in visual art and value in colors. Included are color copies of Hokusai examples, Mrs. Smith's original painting example, and a blue value chart. In addition, you will receive step by step drawing and painting instructions. This lesson is 18 pages including color examples. More information can be found at artwith

Japan Copywork, Activities, and Country Booklet

Created by
Yvonne Crawford
Take a pretend trip to Japan to learn fun facts and information about Japanese life.Using this country study, students can:Cut out a passport stamp and paste it into an included passport to start the journeyCreate a tab-style booklet featuring different information about Japan and Japanese cultureAnswer questions about the facts and information they have studiedComplete various activities, such as a crossword puzzle, a word search, and moreWrite informational texts as copywork or compose their o

2-D Art: Cut Paper Notan Designs- Middle School Art - Elements/Design Principles

Notan Cut Paper Design Project! Introduce your art students to the Art of Japan! Middle School, or High School art students will love creating Notan Designs! ⭐Your students will learn about:The Art Elements: Space and Organic and Geometric Shapes. Design Principles: Contrast, Variety, and Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance!What is a Notan?A Notan is a Japanese design that uses positive and negative space and dark and light shapes to create balanced, high-contrast designs.►Materials needed for

Japanese: Brown Bear, What Do You See?

The beloved story 'Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?' has been adapted for use by Primary students in the Japanese classroom. The colourful graphics and repetitive nature of the story make it enjoyable and accessible for young students.This resource comprises a complete teaching unit, including a student activity book. A detailed teaching sequence is provided but flexibility remains with the teacher.Students will learn * the names of 9 animals* the names of 9 colours* the question 何を見ますか

Japanese: Days of the Week Kanji cards

This resource now includes 5 different cards for each day of the week. Bold scallop frames make the cards ideal for display, but they could be equally well-used for class activities.Each Kanji symbol for a day of the week is placed over an image showing it's meaning.Each Kanji has an illustrated mnemonic- a story reminder. This helps students with meaning and pronunciation. ( 2 different ideas for SUNDAY and THURSDAY are included - please choose which you think better) One version of each has th

Japanese: Weather Report

The unit is designed for students of Japanese and includes a wide variety of materials and activity ideas to free up teacher time for teaching!!By undertaking this unit of work students will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. ( Please note that ROMAJI is not used.)The aim is that students will be able to report on the weather in cities in Japan.This resource was originally created in 2015.In 2021 a suggested teaching sequence was added.The update in 2022 is a major one and

Japanese: PETS - a unit for young learners

PETS: a unit for young learnersThis comprehensive unit will enable students to introduce their pet or one they would like to own! Sentence patterns covered:わたしのペットです。ぼくのペットです。犬です。なまえは SPOTです。三才です。小さいです。はいいろ です。大好きです!The materials included in this unit comprise:A 'story' presentation which depicts various children introducing their pets - students will hear the sentence patterns and vocabulary many times and participate in choral 'reading'. ( Please note that romaji is NOT used.)A detailed teachi

Donguri: Japanese song lesson set to teach syncopation and more

This lesson set is a wonderful resource to add to your music collection. Use it to teach students about Japanese culture, and introduce or practice syncopation, percussion accompaniment composition, and more. This lesson set is included in the Japanese Music Lesson Set Bundle. You can get a free sample of some of the resources included in this set with the Donguri: FREE sampler.The song, "Donguri Korokoro", is sung by children all over Japan, and is perfect for younger students. It is about an a

Japanese: FAMILY - a complete unit of work

This comprehensive resource enables teachers to concentrate on teaching, as the planning has been largely done for them! This resource consists of 117 pages. The language used in these materials is all in script - hiragana and limited kanji. No 'romaji' - romanisation of words is used.Students of Japanese will learn how to• Count people• Ask and answer questions about how many people are in their family• Make and read statements about family size• State the names of family members. ( Whilst it i

Japan: The Country, The Culture, The People: Primary Age Unit

Created by
Sarah Shivler
A 156 page primary teaching unit using real photographs! To teach about the country there are map and flag diagrams. There is also an original ebook with photos. Students will learn more about the transportation in Japan with a matching game (picture/word cards) and writing activity. There is also carp kite art activity, Japanese fan, traditional clothing, writing symbols/characters practice, learning to count 1-5 in Japanese, a language matchiung game, school life ebook, and more! This unit

Sushi *FREE* Clip Art

Do you love sushi? I do! I love the look of it almost as I love the taste. This fun collection of clip art can be used to help teach a lesson about Japanese cuisine or perhaps the pieces of sushi can be used in a math lesson. Be creative! Have fun! This collection includes: California Roll Shrimp Herring Roe Avocado Roll Cucmber Roll Salmon Roll a wooden plate and a pair of chopsticks All of my clip art is original art, hand painted, by me. The images in this set are saved in 300 dpi so

Japanese: In my schoolbag!

This is a complete teaching kit featuring a 'story' book in picture and written formats two original songs new group game hands on activities flashcards, playing cards, student workbook pages teaching sequence suggestion Australian curriculum alignment details and more! Vocabulary includes のり ノート けしゴム はさみ ふでばこ えんぴつ ものさし 本 かばん 中 Grammar Q/A だれのはさみですか。わたしのです。TOMくんのです。 Q/A なにが かばんの中にありますか。 のりがかばんのなかにあります。 えんぴつをください。どうぞ。ありがとう。

Japanese Classroom Expressions

32 commonly used expressions in the Japanese classroom.Each expression is displayed on an UCHIWA - a Japanese fan.The English equivalent is also displayed below the Japanese.These UCHIWA would make a pleasing classroom display or could be used as flashcards.The expressions included are よくできました、すばらしい、すごい、 おめでとう、    すみません、がんばって、かった、まけた、ざんねん、どうぞ、 ありがとう、どういたしまして,きをつけて、だいじょうぶ?、     はい、だいじょうぶ、こうして、わかりましたか はい・いいえ、しずかに、もういちど、できた、聞いて、座って、立って、見て、トイレに行ってもいい?、水を飲んでもいい?ドアをしめて,はじめましょう、かたづけましょう、くりかえして、でんきを消して

Sci-Fi Laser Saber Origami Homeschool FREEBIE (Gr 1-9)

You have just found a gem! My students have thoroughly enjoyed creating this origami while igniting their critical thinking process. At the same time, you get at least 20-30 minutes of quiet time while your students work independently and they get to take home their handmade treasures.In this product, you will receive detailed written AND pictured instructions on how to fold a 6 by 6-inch paper origami. The two forms of instructions are given to help you differentiate between your student's vari
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