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BUNDLED!!! F-6 JAPANESE Learning Goals and Success CriteriaThis packet has all the posters you will need to display the LEARNING GOALS and SUCCESS CRITERIA for the whole year:BUNDLED!!! F-6 JAPANESE Australian Curriculum- COMMUNICATING- UNDERSTANDINGAll content descriptors have been reworded int
Uses: Colour reference list poster Colour grid for alphabet patterns (romanji, hiragana, kanji etc) *Display in your classroom as A3 *Printable as student handout as A4 *Print A3 for teacher reference *Laminate or print on paper, card or magnet printer paper (available in shops such as Cheap as Chi
Foundation year level Japanese I can statements based on the Australian Curriculum. (5/6 year olds approx.) New and improved* Each year level to be added to TPT over the next few weeks.
I can Statements based on the ACARA curriculum for students aged 5-7 years old approx.
A poster detailing Hiragana Karate levels. To be used as a system of learning Hiragana.
This paper-craft activity offers teachers flexibility. It could be used as a writing assessment task. It could be used also as a speaking assessment task. Alternately, it could provide students with a chance to review prior learning or research and learn new vocabulary! Whilst I have put in a sample
Attached are 55 pages of activities and learning events for a Japanese unit on the Olympic Games (specifically the Rio Olympics). Assessment item included.Topics include:The history of the Olympics The Zica VirusSportsAthletesMedals & rankingsMedal tallyCountries, flags and nationalitiesHachima
This is Part 2 of Sight Words. Level 16-30. Each level is 9 words, Level 30 is just 4 words as they are much longer words. The sight words progress as outlined below; * 濁音(だくおん):が ・ざ ・だ・ ば etc. * 半濁音(はんだくおん):ぱ ・ぴ ・ぷ・ ぺ・ ぽ etc. * 拗音(ようおん):きゃ ・ちゃ・ しゃ・ ぎゃ etc. * 促音(そくおん):かっこう、にっき、ざっし etc. If students
This paper craft activity is designed to offer some flexibility to teachers and students. It would be an excellent adjunct to my Pet unit, but it can be used in any way the teacher decides, using language student have already learned. Two versions of the HOUSE template are included: one for boys an
This worksheet is designed to be used after initial vocab has been learnt for class subjects.Artwork was drawn by myself.Can be used for any age level, but best used with students who are comfortable with hiragana.If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free!
Ensure that you are delivering a learning and assessment regime aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Download the entire curriculum planning package: - Whole year planner - Term planner - Lesson planner - Assessment Matrices
These editable Australian Curriculum Assessment Checklists for Foundation to Year 6 Languages - Japanese will make your planning and assessment simple and organised. Keep track of student achievement all in the one place. These checklists will make it easy for you to identify gaps in learning and wi
Get the basics right! This template will allow you to develop a comprehensive teaching, learning and assessment program that adequately addresses the sub-strands and threads for each band of learning. For an overview of the Australian Curriculum as it applies to Japanese, go to http://www.japan-t
Attached are 54 pages of activities and learning events for a Japanese unit on the Olympic Games (specifically the Rio Olympics). Assessment task included. Topics include: The history of the Olympics Tokyo mascots Sports Athletes Medals & rankings Medal tally Countries, flags and nationalities
Get the basics right! The Achievement Standards matrix will allow you to map student progress over the learner band in order to make a holistic professional judgement of student achievement and inform future planning of learning and assessment experiences. For an overview of the Australian Curricu
This is a kanji/ chinese character workbook for students of Japanese at year 11 continuers, 12 beginners, or tertiary/ university studies. The text emphasises practical Kanji use and text construction at the recommended level for SACE stage 1 students but will easily connect with curriculum from o
It all comes together during the Pink Belt units!~Schools can, however, use the coloured system to adapt to their circumstances.These are Dan-Dan Japanese labels for hiragana belt grading "Hiragana Tip"- LINE BY LINE**Students learn the characters, then get tested https://www.teacherspayteachers.com
This PowerPoint is designed to be used in conjunction with Aqua Belt Unit 1 of 4 [Teamwork Makes the Dream Work] Through the use of this PowerPoint students;◎ Learn a self-introduction in Japanese ☆ The visual support helps students learn their self-introduction bit by bit. They have time to practis
Suitable for Year 10. Can be used for year 9 , 11 as well includes country name, weather and season vocab, letter example etc
Students will learn the names of different kinds of transport in Japanese through this hands-on activity.
Short story about a slightly jealous students and his Indonesian friend. Could be used for short class reading, language exposure and a short narrative task.
Use these flashcards to teach your students some basic verbs in Japanese; eat a hamburger, play basketball, ride a bike, read a book, watch T.V and listen to music.
Students read a jovial dialogue about Donald Trump and are asked to examine the short conversation in full. The second page asks students to construct their own dialogues and gives them some helpful hints for doing so.
A simple and quick test for assessing students knowledge of the kanji for the days of the week.If you have any comments or suggestions please let me knowよろしくお願いします〜

showing 1-24 of 103 results

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