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This resource now includes 5 different cards for each day of the week. Bold scallop frames make the cards ideal for display, but they could be equally well-used for class activities.Each Kanji symbol for a day of the week is placed over an image showing it's meaning.Each Kanji has an illustrated mne
This kit is designed for students of Japanese and includes a wide variety of resources and activity ideas to free up teacher time for teaching!! By undertaking this unit of work students will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The language structures included are )天気(てんきはどうですか
These mnemonic 'Story reminders' help students not only name kanji symbols but enable them to learn their numerical value at the same time!Clear, bright graphics bring the 'stories' to life, aiding memorisation. I use them frequently!IncludedA list of the 'stories'10 single kanji cards with mnemonic
This resource constitutes a teaching and learning kit, aimed at young students of Japanese. The learning objectives for this unit are:Students canjoin in choral reading of a ‘story’join in whole class singingname 7 house features + the word for ‘house’ itselfread and write the key vocabulary wordsma
BODY PARTS are frequently taught in Primary Japanese language programs, beginning with the popular 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' song. ( eg. GenkiJapan version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98rDSRw7sv0).This unit creates a purpose for learning body part vocabulary by using the question answer
Everything you need!This colourful resource will appeal to young learners of Japanese. It is based on a well-known song in Japan -              The Tulip Song チューリップの歌and teaches students the three colours : red,white and yellow.It includes*song lyrics*a suggested teaching sequence*a student workboo
Students will enjoy learning positional vocabulary and Kanji with the help of a cute ninja! Included Kanji are 上、下、前、後ろ、中、右、左 Also included are どこ 家 There is an additional set with FURIGANA included.
FLASHCARDS are a simple, versatile, yet often under-valued resource. There is so much more that can be done than merely ‘repeat after me’! FLASHCARDS, particularly if they are bright and colourful, are an important visual aid for memory, and greatly appeal to visual learners. Laminating flashcards
Clear, visually attractive posters for kanji numbers 1-10. Use for display or as flashcards.
Japanese Days of the Week Headers: This is a classroom tested printable suitable for flash cards or display posters. Please note that graphics are uniform in each set to ensure that students focus purely on the symbols (rather than associating individual images with particular days). Contents 1
These expressions are frequently required by students so it is handy to have posters to which they can refer. Whilst not all technically 'requests', included in this set are トイレに行ってもいいですか。 水を飲んでもいいですか。 けいたを使ってもいいですか。 えんぴつをください。 遅くなってすみません。 すみません。
These cards are designed for use in a Primary School setting ( or with language beginners) where it is natural for children to refer to their family members as お父さん、お母さん etc. The family members included are:grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, older brother, older sister, younger brother, young
Word Walls are a wonderful way to consolidate vocabulary you have taught, revise word lists, extend some students, help other studen ts (and new students) catch up.....and they look so colourful and engaging. This set has 16 classroom objects and 15 colours. They are ready for printing, laminating
This will become a valuable part of your resource set for teaching Hiragana and helping students to become more confident with their Hiragana. I find that many students learn Hiragana as a single symbol and are able to recognise it, however once it is in a word, and following that, a sentence, they
Expose students of Japanese to a rich text environment by using these labels to name common items.Labels are written in hiragana, with a katakana version of the appropriate words also provided. A version of the katakana labels with furigana is also now included, as well as English equivalents. This
Here is a set of 36 colourful cards for students to match up. The left side card has half of the word, the right side card has the pother half. The picture is on both cards, cut down the middle (see the preview if this is unclear). Simple Hiragana words, minimal use of tenten. To use the cards 1.
This collection of 14 colourful Kanji cards has the Kanji symbol displayed over a representative image. The Kanji included are 日本 木、森、山、川、花、雨、海、学校、本、田、町、車、電車 The set is deal for display, but could be equally well-used for classroom activities. A black and white kanji-only version is now also incl
Bold and bright flashcards display 14 common forms of transport. Each flashcard is labelled in hiragana, katakana or kanji with furigana as appropriate. A second set of flashcards has the pictures only. A set of single word flashcards has been included for matching and reading tasks. Transport inclu
Japanese Months of the Year Headers: This is a classroom tested printable suitable for flash cards or display posters. Please note that graphics are uniform in each set to ensure that students focus purely on the symbols (rather than associating individual images with particular months). Contents
These bright images are designed to be printed, laminated and cut out for display on a magnetic whiteboard. Attach a magnetic sticker to the back of each piece. This allows students to move the pieces and to sequence the kanji in order of the days of the week. Using a timer, adds an exciting, comp
Here are 15 pet and 15 animal words for your Word wall. There are 4 per A4 sheet, however the size can be enlarged or reduced when printing to suit your wall space and classroom requirements. Most words are Hiragana, モルモット、ライオン are in Katakana with the Hiragana above. Word Walls are a wonderful wa
Lots of food themed flash cards to assist students with learning their vocab. Includes Romaji, Hiragana and English.
Small and large size flashcards, activity ideas and a worksheet for Japanese EFL students (or beginner Japanese learners) studying days of the week.
15 Japanese Shapes Flash Cards• まる / circle• ダイヤモンド / diamond• ハート / heart• だえんけい / oval• ちょうほうけい / rectangle• せいほう / square• ほし / star 1• ほし / star 2• さんかく / triangle• 5かくけい / pentagon• 6かくけい / hexagon• 7かくけい / heptagon• 8かくけい / octagon• 9かくけい / nonagon• 10かくけい / decagonRelated products• Shapes Cli

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