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Warning: These braids are Addictive! If you need a fun and easy jewelry or textile related lesson, this is a FUN one! I used this lesson last Spring as students finished their Kente Cloth Cardboard Weaving lesson. These braids were a great "early-finisher" activity to keep students engaged while o
Beginning language studies not only enrich multicultural learning, but also have a positive impact on reading fluency and comprehension. Learn to Count in Japanese is a great way to introduce the native language of Japan. Each book in the Learn to Count language series includes a phonetic pronunciat
Enrich your study of Japan—and save 20%— with the Discovering Japan Bundle, which includes an introductory book, five cross-curricular activities and a poster. Resources Included:Snapshots of Japan introduces the location, national flag, cultural symbols, and landmarks of Japan, along with common ph
This resource is great for introducing vocabulary and language for daily Japanese. Have this displayed on a bulletin board and make it part of your routine to practice stating simple information in Japanese.Included in this resource:★ Instructions★ Chart for day, month and weather★Card for each day
Get your students learning about how to read and understand numbers in Kanji, Hiragana and Romaji with this fun puzzle activity. How do I use this? These are quite large (2 x A4 sheet and still look fine printed 2 pages per sheet - roughly A5 size). Print, trim, laminate, cut out the pieces and le
This covers 32 common Japanese verbs that are used throughout high school and beyond. These are separated into the three types, Godan, Ichidan and Irregular verbs. I have also further colour coded each verb ending group within each type. For e.g. Godan verbs are separated into ki, mi, shi, bi, ri, i
Build content-area literacy as you explore the island nation of Japan with the five engaging activities and colorful photo poster in the Discovering Japan Activity Pack. Cross-Curricular Activities Included:Japanese Kamon Symbols describes the family crest called a kamon, used by most families in Ja
Beginning language studies not only enrich multicultural learning, but also have a positive impact on reading fluency and comprehension. Our Colorful World in Japanese is the perfect way to introduce the native language of Japan. Each book in the Our Colorful World language series includes a color c
This school lesson plan accompanies the book, Sushi: A Children's Book comes with a Japanese vocabulary character sheet, map to identify the country of Japan and the flag, Japanese facts, and a fun DIY Sushi craft consisting of only 3 materials (felt, cotton balls, electrical tape). The book can be
It’s more exciting than ever to learn a new language and open a whole new avenue of communication with friends, family, and fellow professionals. The basics of pronouncing the alphabet and learning a few phrases will make for a good introduction, but to truly have a conversation takes understanding.
This PowerPoint breaks down, differentiate and scaffold students through the grammar of likes/dislikes/love/hate in Japanese. The grammar structure have been colour-coded and animated for students to identify its patterns easier. Questions have been included within the PowerPoint too.
The bundle contains a 82-page PowerPoint, 6-page worksheet and a one hour test. It took be at least six 70-minute lessons to complete everything that is in here. Teaching materials have all been differentiated into three different levels and act as a scaffold to guide especially beginner students.
ALL ABOUT JAPAN!!Children of all ages LOVE learning about Japan and the Japanese culture. Designed to meet Common Core Standards, this set of activities touches on three different topics of the Japanese culture: location/geography, Japanese leadership/government, and new technology in Japan. _______
These Japanese body parts task cards can be used again and again if laminated. Included are full vocabulary lists and a basic grammar overview for describing people's physical appearances. This could also be used as a distance learning as a practice activity for junior and senior students. Included
This is a two page Word Document File that is editable for your classroom needs.The first page is information about Christmas in Japan.The second page is a 9 question multiple choice quiz/test on the child's reading comprehension.As a teacher I know how important it is to be able to edit documents,
This resource is for introducing and building on students understanding of Japanese grammar using questions and responses to describe likes and dislike. It uses my system of colour coding the parts of speech to create a visual learning experience for students, this is explained in more detail on my
If you’re looking for a resource that provides an overview of the country of Japan, then Snapshots of Japan is just the right size.Like all books in the Snapshots of the World series, it includes a world map showing the country’s location, the national flag, cultural symbols and landmarks, common ph
This material is intended to help students understand appropriate use of volume, including a voice level chart and a sorting activity (Japanese). 1. Voice Level ChartThe following voice levels are included:1- Voice Off2- Soft Voice (Whisper)3- Talking Voice4- Outside Voice5- Screaming Voice2. Sorti
This is the Power Point that goes along with the Japanese in an Hour presentation notes (separate purchase). Sample sentences that can be used for the presentation are included in the Power Point. The purpose of this presentation is to give the participants an overview of what it is like to learn
An outline of how to present the Japanese language to people who have never studied Japanese before. Although the presentation was intended for presenting at anime conventions, it works just as well as a first day lesson in Japanese I or a way to give prospective students an overview of the Japanes
Students can sing this simple and fun song, Shiritori Uta (Word-Chain Song), in Japanese in the first class! 'Kobuta Tanuki Kitsune Neko' is a beloved Japanese Shiritori Uta. Here is a version if you are not familiar with the song. Kobuta Tanuki Kitsune Neko This material is good for young begin
Word Chain Singing Game - ‘Ringo wa Marui’ A great way to learn Japanese words and expressions while having fun! Inspired by a traditional children’s folk song ‘Iroha ni Konpeito’, this singing game is circular and can be kept going for as long as you like. This material is good for Japanese l
This is the writing paper for students to writer's workshop.
This FREE ppt is designed to be used in conjunction with Aqua Belt Unit 3 of 4 "Mascot Maker"https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Aqua-Belt-Unit-3-of-4-Mascot-Maker-3227417This PowerPoint teaches;what an adjective isthe difference between "i" and "na" adjectiveshow to connect multiple adjecti

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