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Here is a set of 36 colourful cards for students to match up. The left side card has half of the word, the right side card has the pother half. The picture is on both cards, cut down the middle (see the preview if this is unclear). Simple Hiragana words, minimal use of tenten. To use the cards 1.
Students practice describing and guessing traditional Japanese objects and activities. 1. Print the cards and fold along the middle line. They can now be laminated in business-card size cards. Look very professional and the backing design hides the card's content. 2. Match one word from column A,
This resource is designed to support Orange Belt Unit 1 of 4 [Follow Your Dreams] *Step 2; each occupation flashcard has the question "おしごと は なん です か?", the picture [drawn by a Japanese artist] and the answer in script only [hiragana *& katakana when appropriate] At an Orange belt level, DDJ en
ひらがな・かたかなカードArranged for double-sided printingVideo Flashcards available.From ア/あ to ン/ん, plus ガキグゲゴ/がぎぐげご、ザジズゼゾ/ざじずぜぞ、ダヂヅデド/だぢづでど、バビブべボ/ばびぶべぼ、パピプペポ/ぱぴぷぺぽ、キャキュキョ/きゃきゅきょ、シャシュショ/しゃしゅしょ、チャチュチョ/ちゃちゅちょ、ニャニュニョ/にゃにゅにょ、ヒャヒュヒョ/ひゃひゅひょ、ミャミュミョ/みゃみゅみょ、リャリュリョ/りゃりゅりょ、ギャギュギョ/ぎゃぎゅぎょ、ジャジュジョ/じゃじゅじょ、ビャビュビョ/びゃびゅびょ、ピャピュピ
172 漢字 from よろしく Japanese Textbook ElementaryArranged for double-sided printingFree for a Limited Time Only!
97 漢字 from はじめまして Japanese Textbook Beginner.Arranged for double-sided printingFree for a Limited Time Only!
月・曜日・日にちArranged for double-sided printing.
形容詞カードArranged for double-sided printing
熟語 from はじめまして Japanese Texbook Beginner
Takarabako Self Access Task 02 Self Introduction Task 02 is called "Let me introduce myself" and is part of a collection of cards from the Takarabako Volume 01 series. The Takara Bako Junior series is a “treasure chest” of reading activities for Upper Primary and Year 7 to 9 students. Students c
動詞カード(和英)Arranged for double-sided printing
動詞カード(活用練習)Arranged for double-sided printing
動詞カード(英和)Arranged for double-sided printing

showing 1-14 of 14 results

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