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Here are 15 pet and 15 animal words for your Word wall. There are 4 per A4 sheet, however the size can be enlarged or reduced when printing to suit your wall space and classroom requirements. Most words are Hiragana, モルモット、ライオン are in Katakana with the Hiragana above. Word Walls are a wonderful wa
23 Japanese Flash Cards• りんご / apple• バナナ / banana• パン / bread• ハンバーガー / burger• ケーキ / cake• さくらんぼ / cherry• フライドポテト s / chips• たまご / egg• めだまやき / fried egg• さかな / fish• アイスクリーム / ice cream• オレンジ / orange• なし / pear• いちご / strawberry• トマト / tomato• みず / water• ナイフ / knife• フォーク / forkスプーン / spoon•
29 Japanese Transport Flash Cards• bike / バイク• bicycle / じてんしゃ• boat / ボート• bus UK Double Decker / ダブルデッカー• bus USA School / スクールバス • car / くるま• helicopter / ヘリコプター• motorbike / オートバイ• airplane / ひこうき• train / でんしゃ• truck / トラック• ufo / ユーフォー• Airplane - passenger / ひこうき• ambulance / きゅう• bulldozer /
29 Flash Cards• ひじかけいす / armchair• おふろ / bath• ベッド / bed• ほん / book• ほんだな / bookcase• はこ / box• カメラ / camera• いす / chair• とけい / clock• コンピュータ / computer• つくえ / desk• ドア / door• はな / Easter flowers• はな / flower• はな / flowers• てぶくろ / globe• なか / inside• かぎ / key• どうぐばこ / kite• ランプ / lamp• そと / outside
This resource is great for introducing vocabulary and language for daily Japanese. I have it displayed on a bulletin board that students can interact with by moving the cards to make sentences then practice writing them. Sometimes I would build a sentence and then need to work out the translation fr
This is for leaning days of week in Japanese. The images of each card show meanings of Kanji letters. 日曜日=day of the sun, 月曜日=day of the moon, 火曜日=day of fire, 水曜日=day of water, 木曜日=day of wood, 金曜日=day of gold, 土曜日=day of soil,
Japanese Clothes and Clothing Flash Cards• apron / エプロン• belt / ベルト• bikini / ビキニ• blouse / ブラウス• boots / ブーツ• bow tie / ちょうネクタイ• cap / やきゅうぼう• coat / コート• dress / ドレス• dungarees / overalls / だんがりー• ear muffs / いやーまふ• glasses (reading) / めがね• gloves / てぶくろ• handbag / バッグ• hat / ぼうし• jacket / うわぎ• je
22 Japanese Colors Flash Cards• くろ / black• あお / blue• みずいろ / light blue• そらいろ / sky blue• あおみどり / cyan• ちゃいろ / brown• こげちゃいろ / chocolate• みどり / green• こいみどり / dark green• きみどり / verde clark• きんいろ / gold• はいいろ / grey• あいいろ / indig• あかむらさき / magenta• だいだいいろ / orange• ももいろ / pink• むらさき / purple• あか /
This resource is great for introducing vocabulary and language for daily Japanese. Have this displayed on a bulletin board and make it part of your routine to practice stating simple information in Japanese.Included in this resource:★ Instructions★ Chart for day, month and weather★Card for each day
This is an awesome survival tool to give to new ESL students who speak little to no English. You can place this on their desk and easily say words and point to things with quick understanding on behalf of the student. These can also be cut out and used as flash cards!
Japanese animal flash & concentration cards. The set of concentration cards allow students to do the following matching: a) match the animal card with the same animal card. b) match the animal card with the hiragana (katakana) card. c) match the animal card with the kanji card. d) match the ani
Brighten up boring stair wells and encourage reading skills. This set contains cards to be printed, laminated an attached to step risers. Alternately, the cards make useful flashcards too!. There are twelve cards written in kanji and hiragana, showing o'clock times. There are an additional twelve c
This is a word wall featuring animals in Japanese. All you need to do is print, laminate (optional) and put up on your wall as your students learn!What's included?Page format: A4 and LetterFormat: 5 cards per sheetStyle: Colour and BlacklineText: Hiragana, Hiragana/RomajiIncludes:* Picture and Hirag
useful japanese vocabulary list sorted by the index very useful and my students love using this. suitable for year 9 - 12 24 pages
Pink Belt Unit 1 of 4 [Cracking Characters] is a hiragana and sight word based unit.https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Pink-Belt-Unit-1-of-4-Cracking-Characters-DDJ-3136004 Students;◎Learn to read the first half of the chart◎Learn 10 sight words [A and K line based]This PowerPoint is the A
日本語フラッシュカード4 Cards• うわぎ - uwagi - jacket• シャツ - syatsu - shirt• くつ - kutsu - shoes• くつした - kutsushita - socksRelated products• Clothes Flash Cards in Japanese• Clothes Clip ArtUseful links• The Magic Crayons website - song videos, free games, lesson plans and crafts, blog• Follow me in TpT• Pinteres
This is a set of 32 printable Japanese/English body parts flashcards that students can use to learn and study Japanese in a fun way! I’ve included a list of 6 different games and fun activities the cards can be used for to meet the needs of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. I print these
2020 Updates and Additions• Furniture• Transport - Updated*• Colors• Clothes• Food• Shapes• Actions - NEW*• Days of the Week - NEW*• Weather - NEW**May 2020Related products• Clip Art - Weather• Clip Art - Furniture• Clip Art - Transport• Clip Art - Colors• Clip Art - Clothes• Clip Art - Food• Clip A
Get high resolution bilingual English Japanese flashcards .This flashcard bundle is perfect to use for teaching Japanese to English speakers or teaching English as Second Language ( ESL ) to Japanese speakers.There are 4 flashcards per A4 page.Each flashcard measures approximately 105 x 74 mm once b
Get your Japanese basics with this card set. Included are basic numbers, Hiragana, Katakana, colours, sentence structures, Genkoyoushi paper and a bonus counting people card set. Suitable for wall displays or use as flash cards, memory cards or snap cards to improve memory and recall of basic Japane
Included are particles, verbs, nouns, adjectives cut-outs to demonstrate basic and complex Japanese sentence structures to students.This packet would be best printed in colour and laminated so that it can be displayed on a classroom word wall, whiteboard, or wall. These could also be printed for use
This time and number bunting set includes days of the week, time, seasons and datesThe matching Hiragana, Kanji and English is on each bunting flagIn a variety of A3, A4 and A5 sizesNo prep required, ready to print! This includes:• 1 X A3 Calendar (Hiragana, Kanji & English)• 1 X 7 Days of the w
Japanese Days of the Week - Hiragana• 22 Flash Cards• 22 Calendar Cards• 1 PosterThe Days of the Week• Sunday にちようび• Monday げつようび• Tuesday かようび• Wednesday すいようび• Thursday もくようび• Friday きんようび• Saturday どようびAdditional vocabulary for sentence practice• Today きょう• Tomorrow あした• Yesterday きのう• Month がつ•
1 X Japanese counting card set (colour) 1-15, 20-25, 30-35, 100-105, 110-115, 200-205, 210-215, 300-305, 310-315, 1000-1005, 1010-1115, 1110-1115, 1200-1205, 1210-1215, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 30 000, 40 000 and 50 000.Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji and English are on each bunting/cardCan b

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