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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Japan?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Japan through the eyes of a Japanese girl named Aki. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Japan, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might do with
This booklet focuses on the country of Japan. Your students will learn facts about Japan while creating a booklet and working on different puzzles. Your students will begin this booklet by cutting out a passport stamp and pasting it on a passport that is included. Included: Instructions Passport S
Haiku Poetry Powerpoint Presentation Plus Student WorksheetThis four slide PowerPoint presentation demonstrates how Haiku poetry is created and gives examples of poems created by children. There is a Haiku worksheet included so student can create their own Haiku poems. Kid-friendly graphics have be
This engaging resource provides materials for a complete teaching unit.Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to name 8 farm animals and make sentences describing their colour.Students will be able to read and write animal names, read colour nouns and also read complete statements!This kit provide
These printable resources are designed for use with young students of the Japanese language, and centre on a simple action song titled ぱんだ、うさぎ、こあら. (YOUTUBE has various clips) Suggestions for use are provided for the various activity pages, but of course teachers may use the reso
This pack includes * 10 'game' sheets for students to colour and count individual hiragana symbols, in chart order sets ( 1. あーお, 2.か~こ etc). There are 2 game sheets per A4 page for cost-effective copying. * Answers for each game * Basic instructions for use
Sensei-tional Classrooms bring to you Black Line Masters for Japanese Language, Intercultural & Literacy Activities: Knowing 日本 Do you need to incorporate cross-curriculum areas into your units of work? Our latest Knowing 日本 BLMs provide a series of Japanese-themed printable scaffolds, graphic
A myth from ancient Japan with 9 accompanying comprehension questions and a context clue vocabulary activity. Kids love learning about Japan!
Asia Geography Worksheets for Australian Curriculum I designed this series of worksheets to be used as a general orientation to Asia for Middle School students. (This worksheet is available in a package with multiple worksheets here: Duffy's Asia Australia Geography Worksheets Package) I have be
Japanese Hiragana Worksheets. Students can practice each hiragana character with these worksheets
This is a handout to accompany the film Ponyo, by Studio Ghibli. It took approximately 2 hours to create and format. The handout features a synopsis, character list and a page of questions related to the film. Can be used as a stand-alone lesson or to accompany a screening of the film. Emphasises
These posters provide a summary of the 12 basic Japanese particles. They include example sentences of each in both hiragana and roomaji and can be used across a variety of year levels. They are brightly coloured and colour coded to aid understanding. They are extremely high resolution and can be pri
Sensei-tional Classrooms brings to you Black Line Masters for Japanese Language, Intercultural & Literacy Activities: Cultural 日本 A series of BLMs around cultural Japan, this resource can be useful for a number of intercultural activities, script practice, research skills, reading comprehension
Foundation year level Japanese I can statements based on the Australian Curriculum. (5/6 year olds approx.) New and improved* Each year level to be added to TPT over the next few weeks.
For classes who have not yet learned script, I made this sheet to help them learn their shapes and revise colours at the same time.
Hiragana desk display has the 46 Hiragana with Romaji underneath. Also the Kanji numbers from 1-10, with the Hiragana included. This is a great resource for laminating and placing on student desks or on their folders for use while they are studying.
Printable sheets to have students learning to write hiragana from memory - not merely copying! Instructions for use, with photos, included. 17 symbols requiring two line to write.
Sensei-tional Classrooms brings to you Black Line Masters for Japanese Language, Script & Intercultural Activities: Going Places. A series of BLMs around the theme of places to go and see in Japan, this resource can be useful for a number of intercultural activities, script practice, research s
This simple worksheet set will teach your students how to write the Japanese numerals one to ten. It can be used as extra finisher work, or as part of a unit on Japanese culture or language. It comes with a worksheet to practice writing the characters and a pronunciation sheet for learning to say
This resource includes printable pages which can be collated to make a workbook for student use. Activities aim to develop student ability to recognise and write the focus hiragana symbols. Workbook activities include: * Colour and count, * Partner dice games * Listening quizzes * Trace and write,
ひらがな:あ い う え お In this packet, students will learn the first five hiragana characters, a (あ), i (い), u (う), e (え), and o (お). This involves copying the character individually, and then practice using it in words that begin with the character. For example, for "a," in addition to practicing writing
I can Statements based on the ACARA curriculum for students aged 5-7 years old approx.
This activity involves using the internet (Kids Web Japan) and the attached worksheet to answer questions about Japan. Aimed at students ranging from middle/upper primary up to high school students.
These easily copied sheets help students become familiar with the appearance of basic Katakana symbols. There are 10 'game' sheets included, 2 per A4 page. Each starburst contains a random number of symbols, presented in chart order. ie Starburst 1: アーオ Starburst 2: カーコ etc Students are required t

showing 1-24 of 402 results

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